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Some Related Sentences

However and relative
However, the invention of smaller, cheaper submachineguns around the 1950s rendered the tactic largely obsolete and it fell into relative obscurity.
However, although these enzymes can produce oxidants, the relative importance of the electron transfer chain to other processes that generate peroxide is unclear.
However the loss of Culloden, the relative sizes of Orient and Leander and the participation in the action by two of the French frigates and several smaller vessels, as well as the theoretical strength of the French position, leads most historians to the conclusion that the French were marginally more powerful.
However, Constantius realised that too many threats still faced the Empire, and he could not possibly handle all of them by himself, so on 6 November 355, he elevated his last remaining relative, Julian, to the rank of Caesar.
However the increasing use of cropmarks to identify sites in lowland areas has tended to diminish the relative value of these cairns in Neolithic studies.
However, what one sees as complex and what one sees as simple is relative and changes with time.
However, the reactions are reversible and the role of a particular electrode in a cell depends on the relative oxidation / reduction potential of both electrodes.
However, in 2009, this hypothesis was disproved when DNA analysis identified the Falkland Island wolf's closest living relative as the Maned Wolf ( Chrysocyon brachyurus )— an unusually long-legged, fox-like South American canid, from which it separated about 6. 7 million years ago.
However, its relative reactivity can be modified by nearby functional groups.
However, the cataclysm sets up an event horizon in time that prevents anyone from entering Gallifrey's relative past or travelling from it to the present or future.
However, much can also be inferred from its close, living relative, the Razorbill, as well as from remaining soft tissue.
However, hedge fund strategies are generally said to fall into four main categories: global macro, directional, event-driven, and relative value ( arbitrage ).
However, DNA evidence is inconclusive and the position of the jaguar relative to the other species varies between studies.
" However, it was largely Canby's proposed plan, written from a position of relative neutrality and created in hopes of defusing the situation, that Carleton and Carson ultimately carried out.
However, whether a specific meteoroid trail will be primarily composed of small or large particles, and thus the relative brightness of the meteors, was not understood.
However, the manufacturing sector has experienced a gradual decline since the early 1990s due to phasing out of the MFA quota system and the rising labour costs relative to mainland China and Southeast Asian countries.
However, these terms are relative ; " yangness " or " yingness " is only discussed in relation to other foods.
However, certain cosmic entities, such as Galactus, In-Betweener, Maelstrom, or The Stranger have demonstrated personality, motivations, or ( except for the first mention ) even ambitions beyond their functions, but often maintain the perspective that morality is entirely relative, or that destroying civilisations of " lesser " beings is no more evil than if these beings destroyed an anthill.
However, it actually stays in its original relative position within the mantle tissue.
However, the chart should not be regarded as an accurate representation of the relative prevalence of each mode in the present day, as it is not based on large-scale, formal surveys.
However, because of her relative small size and an inability to be trained to lead the team out of a tunnel, Faith was replaced by a augur hawk named Taima before the start of the 2005 season.
However, the relative position of the two images will remain steady, and as long as the user can determine when the celestial object touches the horizon the accuracy of the measurement will remain high compared to the magnitude of the movement.
However, the truth of any one of these statements is always relative to the whole theory.
However, modern reactors are only moderately enriched with U-235 relative to U-238, so the U-238 continues to serve as a denaturation agent for any U-235 produced by plutonium decay.
( However, digital networks offer an incidence of error extraordinarily small relative to that of analog networks.

However and differences
However, the differences in procedure are fundamental.
However, there are differences.
However, they may become aware of the differences if, for example, they contrast the pronunciations of the following words:
However, not all consoles are compatible due to differences in cart slots and cases.
However, there were important regional differences in plant succession.
However, as the performance differences between the CPU and peripherals varies widely, some solution is generally needed to ensure that peripherals do not slow overall system performance.
However, public opposition to increases in defence spending — during a period when economic constraints require reduced spending for social welfare — has created differences among the political parties regarding a broadly acceptable level of new defence expenditure.
However, there are also some psychological differences in regard to how problems are dealt with and emotional perceptions and reactions that may relate to hormones and the successful characteristics of each gender during longstanding roles in past primitive lifestyles.
However, the differences in the rules between the Hebrew and Gregorian cycles results in Passover falling about a month after Easter in three years of the 19-year cycle.
However, it is finding a significant amount of success in schools because of the inherent differences: student voice is central to the daily schooling experience because students spend all day there.
However, the differences between the various groups that make up the modern environmental movement tend to outweigh such similarities, and they rarely co-operate directly except on a few major global questions.
However, the differences between the structure of human brains and those of other apes may be even more significant than differences in size.
However, the Nazis later came to view corporatism as detrimental to Germany and institutionalizing and legitimizing social differences within the German nation.
However, there are some essential differences as follows:
However, he knows he would not be happily married to Scarlett because of their personality differences.
However, some people tan more easily than others, due to differences in their genotype: a striking example is people with the inherited trait of albinism, who do not tan at all and are very sensitive to sunburn.
However, the differences in behavioral, chronobiological, morphometrical, hematological and biochemical parameters are relatively small and fall into the expected range of interstrain variations in other laboratory animals.
However, these differences are extremely minor.
However, all exposures will have particular differences, which may lead to different premium rates.
However, these differences are usually seen as indications of the lack of tampering, given that an interpolator would have made the accounts similar.
However, when the differences between the speech of different regions at the extremes of the continuum are so great that there is no mutual intelligibility between them, the continuum cannot meaningfully be seen as a single language.
However, recent experiments suggest that physical differences among cells, that exist prior to infection, predetermine whether a cell will lyse or become a lysogen.
However the two terms have significant differences, stemming from intentions.
However, the differences are not so great as to eliminate other goods as substitutes.

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