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However and representing
However, in this case as elsewhere it was necessary to arrive at a single standard to be applied to all situations, representing an averaging of conditions, and thus to fix particular points in time which would be considered the dividing points between daytime and nighttime conditions.
However, for backward compatibility with early HTML authors and browsers that ignored this restriction, raw characters and numeric character references in the 80 – 9F range are interpreted by some browsers as representing the characters mapped to bytes 80 – 9F in the Windows-1252 encoding.
However, in 1991, as part of Major League Baseball's two-team expansion ( they also added the former Florida ( now Miami ) Marlins ), an ownership group representing Denver led by John Antonucci and Michael I. Monus were granted a franchise ; they took the name “ Rockies ” due to Denver's proximity to the Rocky Mountains, which is reflected in their logo.
However, the first proposal to use the clausal form of logic for representing computer programs was made by Cordell Green ( 1969 ).
However, this did not mean that their economic interests lay with the ' laissez-faire ' policies of those representing them politically.
However ( possibly representing an opposing literary strain ), Saul is said to be made a " king " ( melech ) at Gilgal ().
However, the party's MPs, mostly representing seats won from the Scottish Conservatives, were less keen to have the SNP viewed as a centre-left alternative to Labour, for fear of losing their seats back to the Conservatives.
However the term ' uniform ' is misleading because employees are not always fully uniform in appearance and may not always wear attire provided by the organization, while still representing the organization in their attire.
However, British imperial honours were discontinued in 1996, the Governor-General has taken a more active role in representing New Zealand overseas, and appeals from the Court of Appeal to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council were replaced by a local Supreme Court of New Zealand in 2003.
However, maximum naturalness typically require unit-selection speech databases to be very large, in some systems ranging into the gigabytes of recorded data, representing dozens of hours of speech.
However the oldest signed Portuguese sea chart is a Portolan made by Pedro Reinel in 1485 representing the Western Europe and parts of Africa, reflecting the explorations made by Diogo Cão.
However, during a subsequent meeting held at the offices of the AJC in New York City, leaders representing Japanese Americans and Jewish Americans reached an understanding about the use of the term.
However, UK Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin refused to hear the case against the bombing school in Wales, despite a deputation representing half a million Welsh protesters.
However, representing area ratios correctly necessarily distorts shapes more than many maps that are not equal-area.
However, by 1909 there were no resident palagi traders representing the trading companies, although both Fred Whibley and Alfred Restieaux remained in the islands until their deaths.
However, many corporate transactions are part-funded by bank debt, thus effectively also representing an LBO.
However, due to the historical association of the term droite (" right ") with monarchism, conservative or right-wing parties have tended to avoid officially describing themselves as representing the " right-wing ".
However, due to email lists, communication between graphologists representing different approaches has increased.
However, this was never achieved and his main intention was to create the broad-based political alliances necessary for the PRI's long-term survival, splitting the party into mass organizations representing different interest groups and acting as the political consciousness of the country in a more realistic level ( for example, the Confidential National, the farmer's group ).
However, he occasionally appeared in a compound image, depicting the elements, in which he, representing water, was shown as one of four heads of a man, with the others being, Geb representing earth, Shu representing the air, and Osiris representing death.
However, phonetic syllable signs are present also, representing syllables of the form V, CV, VC, CVC, where V is " vowel " and C is " consonant.

However and oneself
However, one might say that she has an external reason not to drink the poison because, even though she wants to die, one ought not kill oneself no matter what — regardless of whether one wants to die.
However, materialists have historically held that everything is made of matter, but physics has shown that gravity, for example, is not made of matter in the traditional sense of "' an inert, senseless substance, in which extension, figure, and motion do actually subsist '… So it is tempting to use ' physicalism ' to distance oneself from what seems a historically important but no longer scientifically relevant thesis of materialism, and related to this, to emphasize a connection to physics and the physical sciences.
However Peterson and Seligman maintain its distinctiveness, pointing out that perseverance “ is explicitly shown across time, whereas control and regulation of oneself have a more here-and-now flavor ”.
However, the same individuals also report " finding relief and protection in relationships " and " feeling worse and then feeling better about oneself with increased competencies " during the acculturative process.
However, the result suffers from the same difficulties as just intonation – for example, the wolf B-G here arises all too easily when availing oneself of the concordant schismatic substitutions just outlined – so it is not surprising that meantone temperament became the dominant tuning system by the early Renaissance.
However, various other " homosexual " practices in Greece and Rome were vehemently derided and stigmatized ( e. g. male effeminacy, the sodomitical penetration of an adult Roman citizen by another citizen, or allowing oneself to be penetrated by a slave, etc .).
However, Zhang Liao feared that long-running uncordial relationships among the three might jeopardize their mission, Li Dian assured him that affairs of the state should be placed before oneself.
However, it is not always possible to avail oneself of this solution concept in incomplete information games because such games contain non-singleton information sets and since subgames must contain complete information sets, sometimes there is only one subgame — the entire game — and so every Nash equilibrium is trivially subgame perfect.
However in some situations and cultures, feelings of self-worth are promoted by thinking of oneself as average or even worse than others.
However, action can be transcended by devoting oneself entirely to a being who has himself become One and living by his instructions.
However, he does use the short formula " to stay true to oneself " to characterize the modern ideal of authenticity and differentiates it from the older ideal of being a morally sincere person.

However and Professional
However, the University of Adelaide's Centre for Learning and Professional Development gave a slightly different range of Generation X birthdates, ranging between 1965 and 1982.
However, Brando left to study at the American Theatre Wing Professional School, part of the Dramatic Workshop of The New School with the influential German director Erwin Piscator and at the Actors Studio.
However, in Bush's manuscript draft of " Memex II " of 1959 ( also published in ), Bush says, " Professional societies will no longer print papers ..." and states that individuals will either order sets of papers to come on tape-complete with photographs and diagrams-or download ' facsimiles ' by telephone.
However, defense attorneys defended Feldman, and two ethics experts said there is absolutely no evidence Westerfield's attorneys committed any violations of the California Rules of Professional Conduct.
However, the meaning of " sex reassignment surgery " has been clarified by the medical subspecialty organization, the World Professional Association for Transgender Health ( WPATH ), to include any of a larger number of surgical procedures performed as part of a medical treatment for " gender dysphoria ", " transsexualism " or " gender identity disorder ".
However records indicate he may not have actually entered his team into the American Professional Football Association until 1921, the All-Americans are generally shown as the third-place team in league standings from that year.
However, in 2010 the IDSF Professional Division was created ( formerly known as the IPDSC ), which extended this focus to professional dancesport.
However, Association of Professional Engineering and Geoscience is primarily concerned with their responsibility for minimizing the risk of failure and protecting the public interest.
However, it was the " Professional Widow " remix that established him and became a dance hit around the world as well as a number-one hit in the UK.
However, the June 1960 issue of the IRE Professional Group on Information Theory had contained a long article on " Optical Data Processing and Filtering Systems " by members of the Michigan group.
However, beginning in 2013, it will be home to the Kansas City Renegades of the Champions Professional Indoor Football League.
However in any PEO relationship the client company would take the Professional Employer Organization's SUTA rate by law, in effect many times lowering their SUTA through SUTA Arbitrage, however the only time this wouldn't apply are in client reporting states.
However the license still means that anything produced using DarkBASIC Professional is royalty free.
However, Yonhi Professional School did not follow suit and opened courses on the study of Korean language in November, 1938.
However, on March 9, 2005, after a successful winter pitching in the Puerto Rican Professional Baseball League, Ankiel announced that he was switching to the outfield, after a spring training game in which he threw only three strikes out of 20 pitches.
However, he would announce his retirement after only one year, in January 2011, choosing to focus on being an assistant coach for the Western New York Flash of Women's Professional Soccer.
However, in 1982, Canadian touring pros formed the Tournament Players Division ( TPD ) within the Canadian Professional Golfers Association ( CPGA ) and proposed a reorganized circuit.
However, if you combine Kelly's and back up quarterback Todd Dillon's stats together, they threw for a combined 6, 118 yards ( Professional American Football Record ).
However Suzanne Poole, president of the Houston Professional Towing Association, says those numbers are misleading and actual crashes are actually higher.
However, hockey returned to the Civic Center in fall 2009 when the Pensacola Ice Flyers of the Southern Professional Hockey League began play.
However, it has effectively been put on hold pending a decision by the UK regulatory body, the Professional Oversight Board.
However a rival consortium known as the National Professional Soccer League also emerged and to avoid confusion Cooke renamed his consortium the United Soccer Association.
However a rival league, the National Professional Soccer League, announced it was ready to launch in 1967.
However, the Coliseum will not be without ice hockey entirely, as the Mississippi Surge has announced its membership in the Southern Professional Hockey League and will play at the Coliseum for the 2009-10 season.

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