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However and septic
However, the urban sanitation issues that have been flagged for action are: to ensure provision of flush toilets or latrines with proper septic tanks and soak pits in all new houses ; dismantling VIP latrines and long drop toilets ; to provide piped sewerage and wastewater treatment plants in all urban areas, allocation of funds for piped sewerage and treatment plant and awareness campaign on basic sanitation.
However, the use of septic tanks and other On-Site Sewage Facilities ( OSSF ) is widespread in rural areas, serving up to one quarter of the homes in the U. S. The most important aerobic treatment system is the activated sludge process, based on the maintenance and recirculation of a complex biomass composed by micro-organisms able to absorb and adsorb the organic matter carried in the wastewater.
However, septic synovial fluid can have white blood cell counts as low as a few thousand in the early stages, and therefore, differentiation of septic joints from " merely " inflammatory ones is not truly possible based on cell counts alone.
However even in the absence of any of these factors septic arthritis maybe present.
However, smaller ponds may need to be divided in much the same manner as septic tanks.
However, if sewer gas has a distinct “ rotten egg ” smell, especially in sewage mains, septic tanks, or other sewage treatment facilities, it may be due to hydrogen sulfide content, which can be detected by human olfactory senses in concentrations as low as parts per billion.

However and tanks
However, the small 37 mm gun would not be effective against the front armor of German tanks so as an armored car, designated M8 Light Armored Car, it was used for reconnaissance instead.
However, precisely because the French thought the Ardennes unsuitable for massive troop movement, particularly for tanks, they were left with only light defences which were quickly overrun by the Wehrmacht.
However, this did not mean that the Polish army chose to attack tanks with horse cavalry.
However, facing a similar threat in Post-invasion Iraq to that which prompted the Russians to convert tanks to APCs, the occupying armies have found it necessary to apply extra armor to existing APCs and IFVs, which adds to the overall size and weight.
However, his talents were limited to things like planes, tanks and battleships ; he had an especially hard time drawing people.
However, in 2001 the EPA shut the plant down due to the leaking of their underground hazardous waste storage tanks.
However, many modern tanks ( such as those operated by the US and NATO ) have onboard fire suppression systems.
However, the 4th Army was composed of 520 tanks, all of which were the obsolete T-26, as opposed to the authorized strength of 1, 031 newer medium tanks.
However, heavily armored vehicles such as main battle tanks are generally too well armored to be penetrated by an RPG, unless weaker sections of the armor are exploited.
However, East-Pakistan defended only by an understrength infantry division, the 14th Infantry Division, sixteen fighter jet and no tanks or no navy was established in the East-Pakistan.
However, this approach to the study and assessment of think tanks has been criticised by think tank researchers such as Enrique Mendizabal and Goran Buldioski, Director of the Think Tank Fund, supported by the Open Society Institute.
However, in the Chilean context, many think tanks during the 1990s appeared to support and maintain the legitimacy of policies implemented during the previous decade by the dictator Augusto Pinochet.
However the Jamat is a political party, and affiliations with reputable think tanks in Pakistan are not clear.
However, in the past decade the number of think tanks has increased substantially.
However, such a system is unlikely to be as effective against kinetic energy projectiles, making it a poor choice for fighting against tanks.
However, as General Abrams began to make preparations for the equipping of US Cavalry squadrons for the vehicle, the affected squadrons expressed their concerns that the new aluminum tanks were not only highly vulnerable to mines and anti-tank rocket fire, but they would not be as capable of " jungle busting " as the M48A3 medium tanks.
However, forced into conventional battles in the War in Somalia of 2006 – 07, the unarmored technicals of the ICU proved no match for the T-55 tanks, Mil Mi-24 helicopter gunships and fighter bombers employed by Ethiopia.
However the quality of the tanks produced during this era varied widely ; if the boron carbide was not available in time to meet production quotas, the tank would be shipped with any filler that could be found, and sometimes nothing at all.
However, the French had deployed large numbers of tanks in April ( 130 +), May ( 48 ) and October ( 92 ) 1917, and the British more than 200 in Flanders in June and July.
However, numerous studies by independent think tanks support the idea of addressing poverty through mixed-income developments, because these developments facilitate the bridging of social capital, and thus provide for a higher shared quality of life across socioeconomic cleavages.
However, on January 26, 1931, I. Khalepsky ( Head of the Department of Mechanisation and Motorisation of the RKKA ) wrote a letter to S. Ginzburg with information obtained via the intelligence service that the Polish government had decided to purchase Vickers 6-Ton light infantry tanks as well as Christie M1931 cavalry tanks and to mass produce them with the assistance of both the British and French.

However and remain
However, many herpetologists remain skeptical and would prefer a tentative maximum of about 30 feet.
However, as witnessed by the large corporate bond calendar at present, as well as the record amount of municipal bond issues approved by voters, the over-all demands for capital funds seem likely to remain high, so that any downward pressure on rates from reduced demand should not be great.
However, on some columns their hands remain.
However, P does not remain constant during an adiabatic process but
However, Amalric could not remain there indefinitely, and returned to Jerusalem after exacting an enormous tribute.
However, often it is most advantageous for the player selecting to choose to let the more expensive chains remain on the board ( and trade in their stock of the less expensive chain at the 2-to-1 ratio described below ).
However, it did not remain defeated long.
However, other songs, including " In Praise of Women ", " The Miller's Son " and " Liaisons ", were cut and remain heard only as background orchestrations.
However, in order to remain competitive they must keep margins usually quite low.
However, they remain very stiff even after thorough cooking, and if swallowed whole or in large pieces, they may pose a risk of scratching the digestive tract or even causing choking.
However, according to Coogan, considerable historical inaccuracies remain throughout the text, supporting the view that the book of Esther is to be read as a historical novella which tells a story describing historical events but is not necessarily historical fact.
However, Rindt's late decision to remain with Lotus meant that Brabham drove for another year.
However, a national unity government was not achieved due to the leftist AKEL and centrist Democratic Party rejecting the offer, preferring to remain opposition parties.
However, other professionals that play a more peripheral role in the field of professional sports ( e. g. coaches, general managers, referees, commentators and announcers, sports team owners and executives, sports commissioners ) who are more active in the internal aspects of field tend to remain in obscurity and are less likely to achieve celebrity status.
However, some nations haven't updated their information and assume reserves remain at the same levels even with withdrawals.
However, Crosley was adamant that the Reds remain in Cincinnati and tolerated worsening problems with the Crosley Field location, which were exacerbated by the Millcreek Expressway ( I-75 ) project that ran alongside the park.
However, there remain certain subfields where CGS is prevalent.
However, the Christian population of Alexandria knew that Ammonius had been killed for his assault and not for his faith, and Cyril was obliged to remain silent about the events.
However, on-board communications remain active in case the craft is needed in the future.
However, the conclusions that should be drawn from such evidence remain in debate.
However, although it is clear that lipid transport is a central process in organelle biogenesis, the mechanisms by which lipids are transported through cells remain poorly understood.
However, there was a catch: the land would remain independent of France until Eleanor's oldest son became both King of the Franks and Duke of Aquitaine.
However, courts and various levels of government have indicated that the right is not without limit, and restrictions such as a prohibition of certain persons from owning or handling a gun ( convicted felons, mentally ill persons, persons under a restraining order ), a ban on certain types of ammunition ( armor-piercing, incendiary / tracer, explosive ), registration and restriction of certain types of firearms ( automatic weapons, short-barrelled shotguns, certain types of modifications ), and licensing requirements for possession or for public carry, have often passed judicial scrutiny ( although some of these points remain untested and others are currently under challenge ).
However, unanswered questions remain, the most fundamental being how general relativity can be reconciled with the laws of quantum physics to produce a complete and self-consistent theory of quantum gravity.

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