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However and since
However, the conversion from mass to size is unreliable, since many photographic meteors give evidence of a fluffy, loosely bound meteorite structure with densities as low as Af.
However, since the pencil contains a secant of **zg it actually contains only Af singular lines.
However, the Attorney General of California, at the request of the Secretary of Labor, sought to have the jurisdiction over the issue removed to the Federal District Court, on grounds that it was predominantly a Federal issue since the validity of the Secretary's Regulation was being challenged.
However, the Federal Court held that since the State had accepted the provisions of the Wagner-Peyser Act into its own Code, and presumably therefore also the regulations, it was now a State matter.
However much football has been over-emphasized, the public likes to measure its collegiate favorites by the scoreboard, so, while Yale need never give its record a thought again since outscoring its opponents 694 to 0 in the season of 1888, Dartmouth had to wait until its championship team of 1925 for national recognition.
However, he thinks we should love God more than ourselves and our neighbours, and more than our bodily life — since the ultimate purpose of loving our neighbour is to share in eternal beatitude: a more desirable thing than bodily well being.
However, since no equipment existed to show the images in motion, such a series of images cannot be called animation in a true sense of the word .< ref >
However, since Anatolia is now often considered to be synonymous with Asian Turkey, its eastern and southeastern borders are widely taken to be the Turkish borders with the neighboring countries, which are Georgia, Armenia, Iran, Iraq and Syria, in clockwise direction.
However, international observers have questioned the fairness of Armenia's parliamentary and presidential elections and constitutional referendum since 1995, citing polling deficiencies, lack of cooperation by the Electoral Commission, and poor maintenance of electoral lists and polling places.
However, since some feel that being the children of the main characters is too limiting, it is fairly common to either start with King Oberon's death before the book begins and roleplay the Elder Amberites as they vie for the throne ; or to populate Amber from scratch with a different set of Elder Amberites.
However, since it is capable of being greatly altered and even discharged by heat, the color was believed by some authorities to be from an organic source.
However, since the discovery of extensive deposits in locations such as Brazil, it has lost most of its value.
However, he became gravely ill during the 1918 flu pandemic and, since Spain was neutral and thus under no wartime censorship restrictions, his illness and subsequent recovery were covered worldwide, giving the false impression ( in the absence of real news from anywhere else ) that Spain was the most-affected area.
However, other geographers have had access to the same data since 2001, and a consensus has yet to emerge to support the claims of these Brazilian scientists.
However, he thinks that these too occur out of necessity since an outside observer can see the same regularity that he would in a purely physical system.
However, virtually all major works of Greek and Latin prose possessed such clausulae ; and some scholars have rejected the identification of Libanius ' Marcellinus with Ammianus, since Marcellinus was a very common name and the tone suggests Libanius was addressing a man much younger than himself ( Ammianus was his contemporary ).
However, this operation may not be appropriate for all applications, since it is not associative.
However, legislating for alterations to the Act is a complex process, since the act is a common denominator in the shared succession of all the Commonwealth realms and the Statute of Westminster 1931 acknowledges by established convention that any changes to the rules of succession may be made only with the agreement of all of the states involved, with concurrent amendments to be made by each state's parliament or parliaments.
However, the temple was probably reconstructed since in 454 BC the treasury of the Delian League was transferred in its opisthodomos.
However, since Paul was from Cilicia and refers to himself using this name ( see Acts 21: 39, 22: 3 ), it seems very natural that the name Cilicia would have continued to be in colloquial use among its residents despite its hiatus in official Roman nomenclature.
However, although Apollonius came close to developing analytic geometry, he did not manage to do so since he did not take into account negative magnitudes and in every case the coordinate system was superimposed upon a given curve a posteriori instead of a priori.
However, brews made using DMT containing plants are illegal since DMT is a Schedule I drug.
However, these negotiations came to nothing, since the Bidwills insisted on retaining a controlling interest in the franchise and were unwilling move their team to a city where a previous NFL franchise had failed in 1952.
However, since the radio was slightly too big to fit in a shirt pocket, Morita made his employees wear shirts with slightly larger pockets to give the radio a " pocket sized " appearance.
However, since 1960 the population has fallen by 8 %.

However and bronze
However other alloys such as low tin bronze were also used and they vary depending on local cultural attitudes, the purpose of the metal and access to zinc, especially between the Islamic and Byzantine world.
However, if copper chlorides are formed, a corrosion-mode called " bronze disease " will eventually completely destroy it.
However, by learning to get copper and tin by heating rocks and combining those two metals to make an alloy called bronze, the technology of metallurgy began about 3500 BC with the Bronze Age.
However, by Period VIII, the quality and intricacy of designs seems to have suffered due to mass production, and due to a growing interest in bronze and copper vessels.
However, Nurmi returned to coaching three months later and the Finnish distance runners went on take three gold medals, three silvers and a bronze at the Games.
However during the Song Dynasty ( 960 – 1279 AD ), antiquarians collected bronze ritual vessels attributed to the Shang era, some of which bore inscriptions.
However, Deyts notes that the bronze Gallo-Roman statue of a woman in a short belted tunic, riding a boar sidesaddle and holding a knife ( Boucher fig. 292, or here ), bears no inscription, and was simply assumed to be Arduinna by the 19th century antiquarian who discovered it — perhaps because the modern symbol of the Ardennes region is also a boar ( Deyts 1992, pp. 46 – 47 ).
However, in 1982 a new industry was born as three bronze foundries opened in the local area.
However it has been rebuilt using bronze, and is on display again, surrounded by some thorny rosebushes to protect it.
However, as opposed to a tournament bracket after the games are completed, the teams with the best record from each group met in the gold medal game, the second place teams in each group for the bronze medal game, the third place teams play in the 5th place game, and the fourth place teams play in the 7th place game, guaranteeing that each team plays four games.
However, a small number of megalithic burials contain fine red-burnished pottery, bronze daggers, polished groundstone daggers, and greenstone ornaments.
However, seen to best effect most species are handsomely coloured with a sombre lustre of steely grey or bronze.
However, a local scholar, Jean-François Séguier, was able to reconstruct the inscription in 1758 from the order and number of the holes in the portico's facade, to which the bronze letters had been affixed by projecting tines.
However, the early bronze graphs for lǜ ( 慮 ) have the xīn ( 心 " heart ") semantic component and a lǚ ( 呂 " a musical pitch ") phonetic, also seen in early forms of lǔ ( 盧 " vessel ; hut ") and lǔ ( 虜 " captive ").
However, there are great differences between the highly pictorial Shang emblem ( aka " identificational ") characters on bronzes ( see " ox " clan insignia at left ), typical Shang bronze graphs, writing on bronzes from the middle of the Zhou dynasty, and that on late Zhou to Qin, Han and subsequent period bronzes.
However, despite having sparkling line-ups, their performance fluctuated, ending up winning " only " Finnish bronze in 1998.
However, prior to the 1966 final, The Football Association made an ( unauthorised ) replica in secret in gilded bronze for use in post-match celebrations due to security concerns – the genuine trophy was made out of close to 2 kg of pure gold.
However, CPS has had several nationally ranked chess players, including the California State chess champion and the bronze medalist at the World Youth Chess Championship.
However, Cynisca was honored by having a bronze statue of a chariot and horses, a charioteer and a statue of herself in the Temple of Zeus in Olympia, by the side of the statue of Troilus, made by Apelles, and an inscription written declaring that she was the only female to win the wreath in the chariot events at the Olympic Games.
However, also in 1912, the Mint saw its first competition as the Kings Norton Metal Company was also contracted to supply bronze blanks to the Royal Mint, and in 1914 struck coins for the colonies.
However, an ancient bronze sword ( called " spada di Riccardo "), found in 2009
However the winner, compatriot Irina Korzhanenko, tested positive for Stanozolol and was stripped of her title, promoting Svetlana to the bronze medal position.
However, unlike the other Capsule Monsters, these ones were made out of bronze or gold, and were shot out from a capsule shooter to battle.
However, the Celts did not possess their first bronze cauldrons, copied from Greek models, until the seventh century BC.

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