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However and Church
However, because of Church laws, lately more stringently enforced, which forbid the marriage of cousins closely related consanguineously, a means of facilitating the goal of in-group relations may be that of recourse to illegitimate unions.
) However, Ambrosian chant was named in his honor due to his contributions to the music of the Church ; he is credited with introducing hymnody from the Eastern Church into the West.
However, a percentage of the indigenous Assyrian population ( known as Ashuriyun by the Arabs ) resisted this process, Assyrian Aramaic language and Church of the East Christianity were still dominant in the north, as late as the 11th and 12th centuries AD.
However, since Cardinal Quignonez's attempt to reform the Breviary employed this principle — albeit with no regard to the traditional scheme — such notions had floated around in the western Church, and can particularly be seen in the Paris Breviary.
However, with the exceptions of Smith's translation of portions of the book of Book of Genesis ( renamed Selections from the Book of Moses ) and the translation of Matthew ( called Joseph Smith – Matthew ), no portions of the Joseph Smith Translation have been officially canonized by the LDS Church.
However, some critics of the Church complain that the verification guidelines are not strict enough.
However, with the 1991 publication of The Destiny of The Mother Church by the late Bliss Knapp, the church secured a $ 90 million bequest from the Knapp trust.
However, the Council is not accepted by several of the ancient eastern churches, including the Oriental Orthodox of Egypt, Syria and Armenia, and the Assyrian Church of the East.
However, the Church of Sweden conducts same-sex marriages, while the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America opens the ministry of the Church to gay and lesbian pastors and other professional workers living in committed relationships.
However, the church in communion with the Bishop of Rome, both in its Western form and in that of the Eastern Catholic Churches, has always considered itself to be the historic Catholic Church, with all others as " non-Catholics " and regularly refers to itself as " the Catholic Church ".
However, since he has risen, the Church teaches that his body and blood can no longer be truly separated.
However, following his death and in the late sixteenth century, Reformation supporters saw Erasmus's critiques of Luther and lifelong support for the universal Catholic Church as damning.
However, the Ethiopians had risen early for Church services, and upon learning of the Italian advance, swept forth to meet it, and crushed the Italians.
However, the powerful influence of the Roman Catholic Church made open homosexuality a matter of scandal.
However, without Grimthorpe's money, it seems reasonable to assume that the Abbey Church would now almost certainly be a ruin, like many other former monastic churches, despite the work performed under Sir George Gilbert Scott in the years 1860 to 1877.
However, John Paul also said, “ It is not right then to regard the moral conscience of the individual and the magisterium of the Church as two contenders, as two realities in conflict.
However, Western Medicine was introduced to China in the 19th Century, mainly by medical missionaries sent from various Christian mission organizations, such as the London Missionary Society ( Britain ), the Methodist Church ( Britain ) and the Presbyterian Church ( USA ).
However, Guarducci also states that in 1950 an ancient image of Mary at the Church of Santa Francesca Romana was determined to be a very exact, but reverse mirror image of the original circular icon that was made in the 5th century and brought to Rome, where it has remained until the present.
The Hagia Sophia architects innovatively combined the longitudinal structure of a Roman basilica and the central plan of a drum-supported dome, in order to withstand the high magnitude earthquakes of the Marmara Region,However, in May 558, little more than 20 years after the Church ’ s dedication, following the earthquakes of August 553 and December 557, parts of the central dome and its supporting structure system collapsed .” The Hagia Sophia was repeatedly cracked by earthquakes and was quickly repaired.

However and declared
However, no borough was actually created under law until 2005 – 2006, when Neve Monosson and Maccabim-Re ' ut, both communal settlements ( Heb: yishuv kehilati ) founded in 1953 and 1984, respectively, were declared to be autonomous municipal boroughs ( Heb: vaad rova ironi ), within their mergers with the towns of Yehud and Modi ' in.
However, Neve Monosson is the first example of a full municipal borough actually declared under law by the Minister of the Interior, under a model subsequently adopted in Maccabim-Re ' ut as well.
However December 16 is only the date on which the state celebrates the event, while the actual day on which the independence of Bahrain was declared was August 15, 1971 ( see Bahrain Independence Day )
However multiple external entities may be referenced ( in a space-separated list of names ) in attributes declared with type ENTITIES, and where each named external entity is also declared with its own notation ).
However, in 2010, Lomborg reversed his position and he now agrees with " tens of billions of dollars a year to be invested in tackling climate change " and declared global warming to be " undoubtedly one of the chief concerns facing the world today " and " a challenge humanity must confront ".
However, when Estonia declared independence, this " temporary obstruction " was resolved.
However, during times of emergencies when the Roman Republic declared a dictatorship ( dictatura ), lictors attending to the dictator kept the axe-blades even inside the Pomerium — a sign that the dictator had the ultimate power in his own hands.
However, the King of Castile, Henry IV, declared Gibraltar to be Crown property and not the personal property of the Guzman family.
However, conditions improved following a surge in U. S. troops in 2007-2008, and the war was declared formally over in December 2011, with the U. S. troops leaving the country.
" However he also declared, " But I also venerate the matter through which salvation came to me, as if filled with divine energy and grace.
However, in 1681, the Commons declared that they had the right to impeach whomsoever they pleased, and the Lords have respected this resolution.
" Richard Holmes, in 1998, declared the importance of the poem's Preface while describing the reception of the 1816 volume of poems: " However, no contemporary critic saw the larger possible significance of Coleridge's Preface to ' Kubla Khan ', though it eventually became one of the most celebrated, and disputed, accounts of poetic composition ever written.
However, when the ruling Basotho National Party ( BNP ) lost the first post-independence general elections to the Basotho Congress Party ( BCP ), Leabua Jonathan refused to cede and declared himself Tona Kholo ( Sesotho translation of prime minister ).
However, Sicard had opened up the south to the invasive actions of the Saracens in his war with Andrew II of Naples and when he was assassinated in 839, Amalfi declared independence and two factions fought for power in Benevento, crippling the principality and making it susceptible to external enemies.
However, the Navy declared for Parliament, and on 26 December 1659 the Rump was restored to power.
However the Burmese referee said the Burmese champion was too distracted by the dance, and declared the knockout invalid.
However, in 1960 Remey declared himself to be the successor of Shoghi Effendi, and expected the allegiance of the world's Bahá ' ís.
However, instead of continuing their fight, the city of Mecca surrendered to Muhammad and his followers who declared peace and amnesty for the inhabitants.
However, when Ferdinand Marcos declared martial law, he formed his own party, the Kilusang Bagong Lipunan ( KBL, New Society Movement ) composed mainly of his loyal allies from the Nacionalista Party and Liberal Party, as well as some other parties.
However, in 1161, King Géza II of Hungary signed an agreement and recognised Alexander III as the rightful pope and declared that the supreme spiritual leader was the only one who could exercise the rite of investiture.
However, in 1936 George VI had been declared " King of Ireland " and, under the External Relations Act of the same year, it was this king who represented the state in its foreign affairs.
However, Finland maintained that as long as the athlete is not declared a professional, he must have the right to participate in the race officially.
However, when in February 2009 the Holy See declared that the change should have awaited completion of work on the Missal, the bishops conference appealed, with the result that those parishes that had adopted the new translation were directed to continue using it, while those that had not were told to await further instructions before doing so.

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