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However and Directive
However, with the implementation of the European Working Time Directive limiting UK surgical residents to a 48-hour working week there are concerns that upon completion of training UK surgeons will not be confident enough to work independently.
However, the Federation observer refused to stand by, and violated the Prime Directive by saving a small group of that civilization.
However, several Star Trek: Voyager episodes specifically make references to the Temporal Prime Directive that suggest that it applies in the 24th century.
However electrically-heated stainless steel shell boilers are allowed under the European " Pressure Equipment Directive " for production of steam for sterilizers and disinfectors.
However, all seven principles were incorporated into the EU Directive.
However, in Europe, batteries are under the European Commission's 1991 Battery Directive ( 91 / 157 / EEC ), which was recently increased in scope and approved in the form of the new battery directive, version 2003 / 0282 COD, which will be official when submitted to and published in the EU's Official Journal.
However, Kirk suspects Gill may have been responsible for the technology introduction, which means he has violated the Prime Directive.
However, Jameson, in his interpretation of the Prime Directive, also supplied the warring tribes with an equal number of weapons.
However, this would have not applied to the professional rules ( where according to the Directive on the Recognition of Diplomas, the rules of the country where the services are provided apply ), nor-contrary to popular belief ( fearing for example that a Polish Plumber could work in France under Polish labour law )-to Social Legislation and to Health and Safety at Work ( HSW ).
However, modifications to the Directive were introduced within the normal course of the EU legislative process, at a later stage.
However, the UK was unable to retain the key liberalising aspects of the Directive and agreement in Council was not achieved during its Presidency.
However, they may if they wish postpone the application of the Directive to Internet access, Internet email and Internet telephony for a further 18 months after this date.
" However, there the Prime Directive was apparently no bar against Federation efforts to expose such outside interference.
However, like the Directive Principles, these are non-justifiable, without any legal sanction in case of their violation or non-compliance.

However and also
However, there is also much to be gained by making use of the abilities of the local people who are available and interested in recreation.
However, the possible absence of a center of symmetry not only moves the hydrogen atom off Af, but also allows the oxygen atoms to become nonequivalent, with Af at Af and Af at Af ( space group Af ), where Af represents the oxygens on one side of the Af layers and Af those on the other side.
However, the Federal Court held that since the State had accepted the provisions of the Wagner-Peyser Act into its own Code, and presumably therefore also the regulations, it was now a State matter.
However, it is also a Christian insight to know that unless charity interpenetrates justice it is not likely to be freedom that marches forward.
However, the wei books were also destroyed in a series of Orthodox Confucian purges which culminated in a final proscription in 605.
However, i ' thar is also still an Islamic ideal to which all Muslims should strive to adhere at all times.
However, the opposite can also be true-An opponent can turn a positive statement into a bad one, if the speaker uses ambiguity ( intentionally or not ).
However, many DSCs, and also go-to systems, can work in conjunction with laptop sky programs.
However, algorithms are also implemented by other means, such as in a biological neural network ( for example, the human brain implementing arithmetic or an insect looking for food ), in an electrical circuit, or in a mechanical device.
However, most modern abjads, such as Arabic, Hebrew, Aramaic and Avestan, are " impure " abjads, that is, they also contain symbols for some of the vowel phonemes.
However, metal formation for condensed-phase astatine has also been suggested.
However, the sarcophagus also contains Alhazred's personal, incomplete copy of the Necronomicon, written in the Arabic alphabet.
However, they also recognize charity and communal arrangements as part of the same voluntary ethic.
However, this tenfold increase in population over the course of a few generations could not be achieved by increased birthrate alone ; likely it also involved migrations of peoples from surrounding areas.
However, some alloys can also have their properties altered by heat treatment.
" However, parents can learn to recognize their baby's approximations of adult ASL signs, just as they will later learn to recognize their approximations of oral language, so teaching an infant ASL is also possible.
However, applets have very little control over web page content outside the applet dedicated area, so they are less useful for improving the site appearance in general ( while applets like news tickers or WYSIWYG editors are also known ).
However, Curie also worked with unshielded X-ray tubes during World War I, and analysis of her skeleton during a reburial showed a relatively low level of radioisotope burden.
However, Robert Rines, who previously made two underwater photographs allegedly showing the monster, countered with the fact that they can also be arranged into " Yes, both pix are monsters, R ."
However, there is also evidence that silent reading did occur in antiquity and that it was not generally regarded as unusual.
However, Andrew used the money to recruit followers among the barons and also sought the assistance of Leopold VI, Duke of Austria.
However, as Cornelius Castoriadis pointed out, other societies also kept slaves but did not develop democracy.
However, there were more ancient measures that were also farthingales.
However, this cell also has some disadvantages.
However, by this time, he had also witnessed the failures of his parents ' relationships as well as those of some of his friends.

However and gave
However, the god in Delphi gave the Heracleidae an oracle that it was better to bury Alcmene in Megara.
However, his training in Wolgemut's studio, which made many carved and painted altarpieces and both designed and cut woodblocks for woodcut, evidently gave him great understanding of what the technique could be made to produce, and how to work with block cutters.
However, Entertainment Weekly gave the film a " C +" rating and wrote, " This spoofy cast of thousands looks a little too much like a crew of bland Hollywood extras.
However, at the ToruĊ„ sejm of October 1576 he gave his support to the new monarch.
However, later evidence gave a much lower SF branching for < sup > 261 </ sup > Bh reducing confidence in this assignment.
However, she did not find technical illustration suitable for a career ( the extreme exactitude required gave her pains in the " solar plexus ").
However, the machine also extended the idea of multiple " General Purpose Registers " ( GPRs ), which gave the programmer flexibility to use these high-speed memory caches as they needed, potentially addressing the performance issues.
However, this gave no protection against the elements, was vulnerable to thieves and suffered from a lack of space at the quayside.
However, by the 1960s, scientific behaviourism met substantial difficulties and eventually gave way to the cognitive revolution.
However it gave him an opportunity to create cultural programmes with contributions from T. S. Eliot, Dylan Thomas, E. M. Forster, Ahmed Ali, Mulk Raj Anand, and William Empson among others.
However a later visit was made by Jack Harrison who claimed that Orwell gave him 25 % of the company.
However, the University of Adelaide's Centre for Learning and Professional Development gave a slightly different range of Generation X birthdates, ranging between 1965 and 1982.
However, he maintained that a certain ' materia pinguis ' or ' fatty matter ,' set into fermentation by heat, gave birth to fossil organic shapes, as opposed to fossil shells having belonged to living animals.
However, this deed, too, failed to make him the figure of tragic destiny he had hoped to become ; it merely gave his end a touch of repulsive irony.
However, from 1557 onwards, he could not find the time to continue this method, and he gave permission for his lectures to be published from stenographers ' notes.
However, Hungary gave the gold-winning Russian team its only defeat.
However, in general, the opinion was that Kemp was helpful to the ticket's chances of catching Bill Clinton, and Kemp's advocacy gave a clear picture of the tax reforms that would likely occur on the condition of a successful campaign.
However, Jacob had little taste for text editing, and, as he himself confessed, working on a critical text gave him little pleasure.
However, this is viewed as a fraction of the actual total volume trafficked and widespread corruption continues to hamper government anti-drug efforts ; Transparency International gave Kazakhstan a score of 2. 2, on a scale of 0-10 with 0 indicating a " highly corrupt " state.
However, the Royals gave this out back later when Orta was thrown out at 2nd after a botched sacrifice bunt.
However Luthor broke out of prison and gave her flowers he had developed that removed the bad memory from her mind.
However, the designers mainly focused on the future, or forward compatibility, which gave the M68K platform a head start against later 32-bit instruction set architectures.
However, he gave Mitchell an engagement ring.
However, the sex appeal West gave in these movies would also lead to the enforcement of the Production Code, as the newly formed organization the Catholic Legion of Decency threatened a boycott if it was not enforced.

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