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However and Hotaki
However, the current Afghan military dates back to when the Pashtun Hotaki dynasty rose to power in Kandahar and decisively defeated the Persian Safavid Empire at the Battle of Gulnabad in 1722.

However and dynasty
However, the rule of the dynasty was relatively short-lived and the Almoravids fell-at the height of their power-when they failed to quell the Masmuda-led rebellion initiated by Ibn Tumart.
However, as occurred so often in this region, the demise in 1030 of this military genius who had expanded the empire to its farthest reaches was the death knell of the dynasty itself.
However after tensions relating to Prussia, the dynasty was again ousted from the imperial throne.
However, lands gradually fell into the hands of private land owners, and standing armies were to replace conscription towards the middle period of the dynasty.
However, during the Joseon dynasty, a variety of swords were used uniformly by Korean soldiers, including but not limited to the hwando ( single edged sabre ), Hwandudaedo, Jedok geom ( literally, the " Admiral's " sword ), and the yedo.
However, the popular support for the proper Tudor dynasty – even a Catholic member – overruled Northumberland's plans, and Jane, who had never wanted to accept the crown, was deposed after just nine days.
However, this dynasty was short-lived.
However the Ilyas Shahi dynasty was restored by Nasiruddin Mahmud Shah.
However, as the previous 30 years since the approval of icon-veneration at the Synod of 787 had represented for the Byzantines a string of military catastrophes, Leo resolved to reach back to the policies of the more successful Isaurian dynasty.
However, many Chinese historians extend the starting point of this period back to various years during the collapse of the Han dynasty, such as to the Yellow Turban Rebellion in 184 ; the year after the beginning of the rebellion, 185 ; Dong Zhuo deposing and murdering Emperor Shao of Han and establishing Emperor Xian of Han in 189 ; Dong Zhuo sacking Luoyang and moving the capital to Chang ' an in 190 ; or Cao Cao placing the emperor under his control in Xuchang in 196.
However the word does not appear in the oracle bones, and seems to have been the Zhou name for the earlier dynasty.
However Amorite rule survived in Babylon itself for around 150 years, until the reign of the 15th king of the first dynasty, Samsu-Ditana, son of Ammisaduqa.
However, she was then married to Geoffrey, Count of Anjou in a union which her father hoped would produce a male heir and continue the dynasty.
However, since Uthman never named an heir, he cannot be considered the founder of a dynasty.
However, according to a survey of the extant Six Dynasties ' sculpture in the Nanjing and Danyang areas, only one of the extant Six Dynasties ' tomb sculptural groups has been securely identified as belonging to the Liu Song: the Chuning Tomb of the first emperor of the dynasty.
However, the American Bonapartes were not considered part of the dynasty and never used any titles.
However, foreign influences came to be negatively perceived towards the end of the Tang dynasty.
However, the Flyers didn't come close to a third straight championship without an injured Bernie Parent, as they ran into an up-and-coming dynasty in Montreal, and were swept in four straight games.
However, his enemies, especially the popes, prevailed, and his dynasty collapsed soon after his death.
However, when he was ten years old, his father unexpectedly succeeded his grandnephew Charles II of Savoy as duke and head of the Savoy dynasty, which had now also received the titles of the kingdoms of Cyprus, Jerusalem and Armenia.
However, the union under the Bernadotte dynasty was considerably more popular in Sweden than in Norway.
However, like the Kingdom of Sine, the royal dynasty survived up to 1969 when the last king of Saloum Fode N ' Gouye Joof died.
In < cite > The World of the Past </ cite > ( 1963, p. 444 ), archeologist Jacquetta Hawkes states: “ It is no longer thought that the Hyksos rulers ... represent the invasion of a conquering horde of Asiatics ... they were wandering groups of Semites who had long come to Egypt for trade and other peaceful purposes .” However, this view still makes it difficult to explain how “ wandering groups ” could have gained control of Egypt, especially since the twelfth dynasty, prior to this period, is considered to have brought the country to a peak of power.

However and came
However, when the time came, Anna quickly and surreptitiously mobilized the remainder of the family and took refuge in the Hagia Sophia.
However, Amos came to tell the people that " the Day of the LORD " was coming soon and that it meant divine judgment and justice for their own iniquity.
However, he came to " glory " as much as he did brutality by repelling invading Carthaginians and winning the loyalty of the denizens of his land.
However, nothing came of the offer.
However, for unknown reasons, the suggestion was not made through the formal process, so nothing came from this original request.
However, although Apollonius came close to developing analytic geometry, he did not manage to do so since he did not take into account negative magnitudes and in every case the coordinate system was superimposed upon a given curve a posteriori instead of a priori.
However, the term came into wide use only after the publication of a review article by O. Jacobsen in the chemical dictionary of Albert Ladenburg in the 1880s.
However, these negotiations came to nothing, since the Bidwills insisted on retaining a controlling interest in the franchise and were unwilling move their team to a city where a previous NFL franchise had failed in 1952.
However, as more people gradually moved from working the land to living in towns ( especially those who could read and write, the only people whose use of language we now know ), the word harvest lost its reference to the time of year and came to refer only to the actual activity of reaping, and autumn, as well as fall, began to replace it as a reference to the season.
However, the country came out of a recession in 2010, and stagnated for a short period of time.
However, some researchers have disputed the major league status of the Union Association, pointing out that franchises came and went and contending that the St. Louis club, which was deliberately " stacked " by the league's president ( who owned that club ), was the only club that was anywhere close to major league caliber.
However, a title came into usage from the first word of the book in Koine Greek: apokalypsis, meaning " unveiling " or " revelation ".
However, they were later overtaken in the polls by the Conservatives and at the 1983 general election the Conservatives triumphed by a landslide, with Labour once again forming the opposition, while the SDP-Liberal Alliance came close to Labour in terms of votes ( a share of more than 25 %) although it only had 23 MPs compared to Labour's 209.
However, the Panthers ' season came to a crushing end, as they lost to the Arizona Cardinals 33 – 13 at Bank of America Stadium in the NFC Divisional playoff game.
However, the season came to an end as the Indians went on to lose six of their last seven games, five of them by one run, missing the playoffs by only two games.
However, repeal of the Corn Laws came too late to stop Irish famine, partly because it was done in stages over three years.
However, his " sense of wonder " came from his father, who was a " quiet and soft-hearted escapee from the Czar ".
( However, the 1940 census was postponed to 1946, and the census after 1990 came in 2001.
However, Parliament and James came to blows when the issue of foreign policy was discussed, with James insisting that the Commons be exclusively concerned with domestic affairs.
However, it is not clear where the number 27 % of the GDP came from.
A common misconception is that Richard Childress Racing " owns the rights " to the No. 3 in NASCAR competition ( fueled by the fact that Kevin Harvick's car has a little No. 3 as an homage to Earnhardt and the usage of the No. 3 on the Camping World Series truck of Ty Dillon ), but in fact no team owns the rights to this or any other number: However, according to established NASCAR procedures, RCR would have priority over other teams if and when the time came to reuse the number.
However, this never came to be as the single peaked at number 36.
However, Zoff's greatest feat came in the 1982 FIFA World Cup, where he captained Italy to victory in the tournament at the age of 40, making him the oldest ever winner of the World Cup.
However, his endorsement came somewhat reluctantly because Goldwater had attacked the former president as " a dime-store New Dealer ".

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