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However and NCAA
However, that figure was reduced in later years when it was determined the survey also included people who play NCAA bracket pools, which are not exactly fantasy sports ( where you pick individual players ).
However, Butler lost 53-41 to Connecticut, shooting a historically low 18. 8 percent from the field — the worst in any NCAA title game and the worst in any NCAA tourney game since Harvard against Ohio State in 1946.
However, in 2009, an NCAA investigation revealed that Derrick Rose's SAT scores had been invalidated, making him retroactively ineligible to play for Memphis.
However, the NCAA tournament makes a significant amount of money selling seats for regional and championship games for the Men's basketball tournament.
However, ever since the school was founded in 1919 it has fielded athletic teams ( including football ) that compete against small college NCAA / NAIA teams.
However, these typical non-participation habits may slowly be evolving as more women take real interest in the games, for example Katie Hnida became the first woman ever to score points in a Division I NCAA American football game when she kicked two extra-points for the University of New Mexico in 2003.
However, the school has been heavily criticized, particularly by The New York Times, for incidents and behavior among the players and coaches on the 2008-09 basketball team related to substance abuse, sale of narcotics, NCAA recruiting violations, and abuse of admissions standards for under-performing student athletes.
However, that appearance was later vacated by the NCAA after two players were found to be ineligible — one of the few times a Final Four squad has had its record vacated.
However, he left under a cloud, as NCAA sanctions were levied against Kansas in the 1988 – 89 season as a result of recruiting violations that took place during Brown's tenure.
However, the Badgers lost to 3rd-seeded Pittsburgh in the second round of the NCAA Tournament.
However, the National Collegiate Association ( NCAA ) ruled in 1994 that neither the boys nor their families may receive any money from the sale of the film because they would lose their amateur status and scholarships .< ref > James, Caryn.
However, a traditional floor was used in the 2006 NCAA Women's Final Four and the 2009 NCAA Men's East Regional ( NCAA rules require a special NCAA-specification floor be used for all tournament games ).
However, UCLA was unable to advance from this level over the immediately ensuing seasons, finding itself unable to return to the NCAA Tournament as the Pete Newell-coached teams at the University of California, Berkeley took control of the conference at the end of the decade.
However, the team was ineligible for participation in the 1989 NCAA tournament due to NCAA sanctions for recruiting violations.
However, his previous trips to the tournament's last weekend, with Memphis ( 2008 ) and UMass ( 1996 ), have been vacated by the NCAA.
However, Webber was indicted by a federal grand jury and stripped of his All-American honors by the NCAA as a result of his direct involvement in the Ed Martin scandal.
However, as late as 1970, Coach Al McGuire of Marquette, the 8th-ranked team in the final AP poll of the season, spurned an NCAA bid in protest of his team's placement in the Midwest Region, where his team would have to play games farther away from home than it would if it were in the Mideast Region.
However, proponents of the NIT often point out that many of the NCAA Tournament participants likely would not win the NIT.
However, the battle of members had started, as schools whose men's teams were already participating in the NCAA started to integrate their women's teams.
However, several problems the NCAA was facing, then and now, began also to affect women's intercollegiate athletics.

However and does
However, one does not need to know very much.
However, this does not mean that a child's teeth or jaws must necessarily resemble those of someone in his family.
However, she really does not know how to match the quantity of dollars given away by a quality of leadership that is basically needed.
However the Indo-European component of Apollo, does not explain his strong relation with omens, exorcisms, and with the oracular cult.
However, B's example of his uncle does not contradict A's statement, which says nothing about non-Republicans.
However, Rieux does not function as a first-person narrator.
However, it is important to remember that changing the order of operations does not involve or permit moving the operands around within the expression ; the sequence of operands is always unchanged.
However, for quasi-equilibrium systems ( e. g. spins out of equilibrium with the electromagnetic field ) this argument does not apply, and negative effective temperatures are attainable.
However, P does not remain constant during an adiabatic process but
However, it does seem clear that his first notable work, Summa Quoniam Homines, was completed somewhere between 1155 and 1165, with the most conclusive date being 1160, and likely was developed through his lectures at the school in Paris.
However, if we look for the peoples in the region from the upper Main in the north, south to the Danube and east to the Czech Republic where the Quadi and Marcomanni were located, Ptolemy does not give any tribes.
However, Amesbury in Wiltshire is in a different dialect region and does not easily fit into the pattern of the Midland dialect place names.
However, he does not immediately show what this principle might be.
However, it does contain several galaxies.
However, evidence indicates that harmala alkaloids act only on MAO-A, in a reversible way similar to moclobemide ( an antidepressant that does not require dietary restrictions ).
However, this does not apply to Emsam, the transdermal patch form of selegiline, which due to its bypassing of the stomach has a lesser propensity to induce such events.
However apoptosis induced by CDV in HeLa cells does not involve the initiator protein caspase-8.
However, for many acts the " off season " does not mean a period of inactivity, they use time for maintenance and practice.
However, passage of a bill by the state assembly alone does not change the law and the state senate and governor had not yet endorsed the bill.
However, Davy failed to develop a new theory, concluding that " acidity does not depend upon any particular elementary substance, but upon peculiar arrangement of various substances ".
However, DSM-IV-TR does not break amok down into two official categories.
However, in " A Great Day " Todd does thank the duo for giving him some gas money, and he allows them to watch him beat up someone who bumped into his car.
However, unlike Hollywood, Bollywood does not exist as a physical place.
However, this does not clarify who wrote the Aramaic portions of chapters 2-7.
However, this argument does not necessarily apply to bacteria.

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