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However and Oilers
However, the Bills quest for a third consecutive Super Bowl suffered a major setback when they lost the final game of the season to the Houston Oilers.
However, the renamed Tennessee Oilers also played before sparse Memphis crowds, and thus spent the 1998 season playing at Nashville's Vanderbilt Stadium.
However, they had to play three straight games in Edmonton, where the Oilers managed to lock up the series.
However they could not overcome the odds a third time and eventually succumbed to the Oilers, 3 – 1, in Game 7.
However, game five saw the Oilers come back with a stunning 4 – 3 overtime win on a shorthanded breakaway by Fernando Pisani.
However, when the Broncos relocated to Cleveland, Ohio, before the WHA's first season began, the Oilers were renamed the Alberta Oilers.
However, Pocklington had signed him to a twenty-one year personal services contract in 1979 and Pocklington used the contract to force the NHL to admit the Oilers and allow the Oilers to keep Gretzky.
However, due to the fact that 16 of the 21 NHL teams made the playoffs at the time, the Oilers were still able to get their young players experience in the playoffs ( they would make the playoffs for their first thirteen years in the NHL ).
However, the Oilers were upset by the Los Angeles Kings in five games ( game three of this series, now known as the Miracle on Manchester, saw the Oilers take a 5 – 0 lead, only to lose 6 – 5 to the Kings in overtime ).
However, the Oilers failed to win their third straight Stanley Cup, as the Calgary Flames defeated them in seven games in the second round of the playoffs.
However, the Oilers and their fans were still upset.
However, the Oilers won the next three games to earn a rematch of the 1988 Stanley Cup Finals with Boston.
However, the Oilers unexpected run in the playoffs came to a crashing halt, as the Blackhawks dominated every game and swept the series 4 – 0.
However, the Oilers surprise playoff run failed to continue, as the Colorado Avalanche defeated them in the next round.
However, after trailing the series 2 – 0 and 3 – 1, the Oilers forced a seventh game.
" However, by starting with the words " We'll kick ," Haynes had made the Texans kick off and allowed the Oilers, not the Texans, to choose which end zone to defend.
However, his debut season with the Oilers was not the dream he imagined as injuries limited him to only 26 games.
However, only one of these former WHA teams, the Oilers, is still in its original market at the present.
However, the lights were on an automatic timer and could be turned back on this time with the game ending with a 3 – 2 triple overtime win for the visiting Oilers.
However, the two of them piled into Oilers goaltender Dwayne Roloson, causing Roloson to be injured for the remainder of the Finals.
However, both were declared free agents after a ruling by AFL commissioner Joe Foss, who declared that Oilers owner Bud Adams had tampered in trade dealings with the Chargers.

However and won
However, the Australians fought back and Bradman won his first series in charge 3 – 2.
However, in the run-up to the 1997 general election, Labour opposition Tony Blair was in talks with Liberal Democrat leader Paddy Ashdown about forming a coalition government if Labour failed to win a majority at the election ; however there was never any need for a coalition to be formed as Labour won the election by a landslide.
However, Cleveland only won a single pennant in the decade, in 1954, finishing second to the New York Yankees five times.
However, the Cubs have not won a World Series since 1908 ; this remains the longest championship drought in North American professional sports.
However, the Romans won a decisive victory at the Battle of Narasara, killing Shapur's brother, Narses.
However, in 1943, with Syd Howe and Mud Bruneteau scoring 20 goals apiece, Detroit won their third Cup by sweeping the Bruins.
However after the National Referendum that took place on the 5th of May in 2011, the proposition impulsed by the government of Mr. Correa won and now the Judiciary Council change its formation making a constitutional amendment.
However, both books went on to receive high acclaim and, in 1970, jointly won the Laura Ingalls Wilder Medal, a major prize in children's literature.
However, in the UK, the eurosceptic United Kingdom Independence Party achieved second place in the elections, finishing ahead of the governing Labour Party, and the British National Party ( BNP ) won its first ever two MEPs.
However, Ríos Montt won this partial victory at an enormous cost in civilian deaths.
However, because he failed to achieve a fifty percent majority, he won a runoff election on December 28, defeating the center-left candidate Álvaro Colom.
However, he and his colleagues were denied title glory as Liverpool also won their final league game of the season at Chelsea.
However, since there was no effective opposition party, these issues were contested mainly within the coalition government, which won all but one seat in the first post-independence Malayan Parliament.
However, he top scored in the one-day series that they won 6-1.
However, England won the Test, and the one at Headingley, to win the series 2-1, Cronje finished the series as South Africa's top scorer with 401 runs at 66. 83.
However, post-debate polls were mixed on whether Gore or Quayle had won.
" However, Hungary's women's team won the championship which was the first time it was not won by the Soviet Union.
However, in the European Teams Championship in Batumi, Georgia, also in January, she won the gold medal playing Board 2, scoring 6½ – 2½.
However, in 1835, Polk ran against Bell for Speaker again and won.
However, in the divisional round, the Jaguars fell to the then-undefeated New England Patriots ; the teams were tied at halftime, but the Patriots pulled ahead and won 31 – 20.
However, his iron rule of the House was broken, and Cannon lost the Speakership when the Democrats won a majority later that same year.
However, in the previous parliamentary elections in 2002, Tito's opponents won major victories, and in March 2003 he was ousted in a no-confidence vote ( having served the maximum three terms, he is barred by the constitution to run for another term ).
However, after Hitler won power, Gustav became enamoured with the Nazis ( Fritz Thyssen described him as " a super-Nazi ") to a degree his wife and subordinates found bizarre.

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