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However and Scottish
However, in 1908 with the Scottish and Irish unions refusing to be involved, the Anglo-Welsh side only sported red jerseys with a thick white band on their jerseys on tour to Australia and New Zealand.
However, the purchase of a Scottish estate by Victoria and Albert, and their adoption of Scottish architectural style, was very influential for the ongoing revival of Highland culture.
However on the confiscation of lands relating to Hugh Maguire, Fermanagh was divided in similar manner to the other five escheated counties among Scottish and English undertakers and native Irish.
However as Old Castilian became modern Spanish, the pronunciation of the sh sound changed, and came to be pronounced with a voiceless velar fricative sound like the Scottish or German ch and today the Spanish pronunciation of " Quixote " is.
However, four years after Robert's death in 1329, England once more invaded on the pretext of restoring Edward Balliol, son of John Balliol, to the Scottish throne, thus starting the Second War of Independence.
However, in general the Scottish economy stagnated leading to growing unemployment and political agitation among industrial workers.
However, in 1843, the Scottish surgeon James Braid proposed the theory of hypnotism as a radical alternative, in opposition to Mesmerism.
However, the earliest European reference to the kora in Western literature is in Travels in Interior Districts of Africa ( 1799 ) by the Scottish explorer Mungo Park.
However, by the time Scotland and England joined under a single parliament, English had lost the sound, so the Scots convention of using CH remained, hence the modern Scottish English loch.
However, the story of Macbeth as told by Shakespeare bears little relation to real events in Scottish history, as the historical Macbeth was an admired and able monarch.
However his actions of supporting alternately the English and Scottish armies had led to a great deal of distrust towards Bruce among the “ Community of the Realm of Scotland ”.
However, the Scots failed to win over the non-Ulster chiefs, or to make any other significant gains in the south of the island, where people couldn't see the difference between English and Scottish occupation.
However, the party's MPs, mostly representing seats won from the Scottish Conservatives, were less keen to have the SNP viewed as a centre-left alternative to Labour, for fear of losing their seats back to the Conservatives.
However, Scotland has a tradition of popular sovereignty as opposed to parliamentary sovereignty and the fact that the Scottish parliament was established following a referendum would make it politically difficult to significantly alter its powers without popular consent.
However, an opinion poll in April 2008 suggested the result of any referendum on Scottish independence could be close as support for independence had reached 41 % with just 40 % supporting retention of the Union.
However, it fails in its early promise to set up a new Scottish dramatic tradition.
However the " In Pinn ", as it is known colloquially within Scottish mountaineering, was only listed as a subsidiary top on his list ( despite being several metres higher than Sgùrr Dearg, which was listed as the main top ).
However, Scottish national parks have two additional aims which are not included in the legislation for the parks in England and Wales.
However, the army of Edward II was devastatingly defeated at Bannockburn, freeing Scotland from English control and allowing Scottish forces to raid unchecked throughout the north of England.
However, reforms in those parts of the United Kingdom were carried out by the Scottish Reform Act and the Irish Reform Act.
However, this superstition is not universal, notably in Scottish Gaelic culture:
However, Scottish practice allows the style Master / Mistress of X to an heir presumptive as well as to an heir apparent ; for example, the brother of the present Marquess of Tweeddale has the title Master of Tweeddale.
However, the plot ( called the " Relugas Compact " after the Scottish lodge where the men met ) collapsed when Asquith agreed to serve as Chancellor of the Exchequer under Campbell-Bannerman ( Grey became Foreign Secretary and Haldane Secretary of State for War ).

However and counterpart
However a comparable performing digital system is more complex and can require more bandwidth than its analog counterpart.
However, due to antiquated views of the Ordnance Department the weapons, like its more famous counterpart the Gatling Gun, saw only limited use.
However, a few areas are problematic, such as handling terminal resizing, since no counterpart exists in the old curses.
However, it lacked a definitive subject, being a combination of geography and ethnography created as the more concrete counterpart to the rather theoretical sociology.
However the ancient Kingdom of Champa in southern Vietnam became a major counterpart to Chinese invasions to its north.
The single woman can expect substantial net benefits, ranging from $ 142, 000 to $ 277, 000, However, these benefits are dwarfed by the estimated net benefits of her married counterpart.
However, its Czech counterpart wanted an even more centralised Czechoslovakia than was the case in 1992 or two separate countries.
However, the discovery of a corresponding myth about Inanna, the Sumerian counterpart of Ishtar, has thrown some light on the myth of Ishtar's descent, including its somewhat enigmatic ending lines.
However these GPUs do not perform as well as their desktop counterpart.
However, the Cadillac CTS gave rise to its wagon counterpart, the 2010 CTS Sportwagon.
However, the European Magpie is a member of the Corvidae, while its Australian counterpart is placed in the Artamidae family ( although both are members of a broad corvid lineage ).
However, there is no hard evidence that the character had a real-life counterpart.
However it is understood that these methods can never achieve the clarity or smoothness of its overcranking counterpart.
However, the Canadian version contains coconut oil, giving it a different taste from its American counterpart.
However, the Grand Marquis remained in production ; in contrast to the Dodge Charger selling nearly as well as its Chrysler 300 counterpart, the Montego sold only a fraction in comparison to its Ford Five Hundred counterpart and was also outsold by the Grand Marquis as well.
However the Liberal “ Daily News ” argued that Wilson must bear some responsibility for stirring up bloodshed in Belfast of which his death was part and the “ New Statesman ” claimed that in his “ fanatical Orangeism ” and devotion to “ force and force alone ” he was the British counterpart to Cathal Brugha.
However, the open source ffmpeg library ( and its DirectShow counterpart ffdshow ) can play RealVideo and does not require RealPlayer or any parts thereof.
However, a short scene of Mystique drawn to resemble her film counterpart ( albeit clothed ) appears in the Season 1 finale.
However, it is said to be the most detailed narrative in the Qur ' an and bears more details than the Biblical counterpart.
However the whole concept was based on the assumption that Swedish open sea fleet would be able to decisively defeat it's Russian counterpart.
However, the Warsaw Pact, Eastern Europe's counterpart to NATO, was not created until 1955, two years after Stalin's death.
However, the provincial party had its own internal problems which had to be resolved, and which may be a better explanation as to why it failed to reach anything near the level of support of its federal counterpart during that period.
However, the UK device is different to its American counterpart.

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