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However and Vikings
However, by then the Vikings were almost certainly well established in Orkney and Shetland, and it is probable that many other non-recorded raids occurred before this.
However, the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle for 1011 relates that Vikings overran " all Kent, Sussex, Surrey and Haestingas ", indicating the town was still considered a separate ' county ' or province to its neighbours 240 years after Offa's conquest.
However, the Vikings lost to the Dallas Cowboys in the playoffs, 17 – 14, on a controversial touchdown pass from the Cowboys ' quarterback Roger Staubach to wide receiver Drew Pearson that became known as the Hail Mary.
However, the Vikings lost a franchise-worst 13 games.
However, the Arizona Cardinals completed a game winning touchdown on 4th and 28 with 0: 00 left knocking the Vikings out of the playoffs.
However on third down and 4 at the 25-yard line, Vikings cornerback Earsell Mackbee broke up a deep pass intended for Taylor.
However, the Vikings also could not take advantage of the turnover.
However, White deflected Tarkenton's next pass attempt and Greene intercepted the ball, ending the Vikings ' best offensive scoring opportunity.
) However, Vikings running back Brent McClanahan fumbled the ball while being tackled by Raiders linebacker Phil Villapiano and linebacker Willie Hall recovered the ball for Oakland.
However, Æthelred returned to England and launched a surprise attack which defeated the Vikings and forced Cnut to flee England.
However, rather than dying from ingestion of spoiled fish, or of subsequent poisoning of the spoiled fish, the Vikings declared lutefisk a delicacy.
However, there are a number of bands, such as Enslaved and Einherjer, who are simply interested in Vikings and Norse mythology, and who entirely reject Satanism and write almost exclusively on Norse themes.
However, some academics also argue that the Vikings developed more tangible means of navigation.
However, the Vikings would not even consider playing at the University of Minnesota's Memorial Stadium, and demanded a brand-new stadium as a condition of staying in town.
However, when the NFL voted to expand in 1960 to the Twin Cities, Haugsrud was able to buy 10 % of the Minnesota Vikings ( 90 % of the team was owned by an ownership group that had originally planned to launch a separate team in the American Football League ).
However, according to legend, the " guardian thistle " ( see Scotch thistle ) played a vital part in the defence of the ancient realm of Scotland against a night attack by Norwegian Vikings, one of whom let out a yell of pain when he stepped on a prickly thistle, thus alerting the Scottish defenders.
However, any new settlement was soon burned to the ground by a rival band of Vikings under Tosti ( Tostig Godwinson ), Lord of Falsgrave, and Harald III of Norway.
However, given the area's natural harbour and fertile hinterland, it is likely that a small settlement existed before the Vikings landed.
However, all recorded forms show this N. That is the reason why Liam Price says it is probably a Norwegian place-name and A. Sommerfelt gives it as a former Vikinga-ló and understands it as " the Vikings ' meadow ".
However, only the Minnesota Vikings and the Miami Dolphins were considered as serious contenders.
However, there are some folklore called stalo or tales, about non-trading relations with a cruel warrior people, interpreted by Læstadius to be histories of Vikings interactions.
However, the Church was raided by the Vikings and fell into disrepair and is now maintained by the Environmental Heritage Service.
However, the Vikings would finish 6-10 after losing the last four games of the year.
However, the Aquitanians grew very unhappy with their king Pippin II, perhaps for his friendliness towards the Vikings who inflicted terrible damage on the population, and so in 848 they called Charles the Bald to topple Pippin II.

However and lacked
However the original kit version lacked many features that prevented its use as a serious computer system.
However, with his campaigns in India exhausting the state treasury, and with his troops stretched thin throughout Central Asia, Ahmad Shah lacked sufficient resources to check the advance of Qing forces.
However, based on skeletal details of the neck, at least some Borophaginae ( such as Aelurodon ) are believed to have lacked this ligament.
However, the spring offensives all failed, as the Allies fell back and regrouped, and the Germans lacked the reserves necessary to consolidate their gains.
However, even in the 18th century, the vast majority of people in Europe lacked formal schooling, which means they were homeschooled or received no education at all.
However by the time this was achieved the Luftwaffe lacked the fuel and trained pilots to make this achievement worth while.
However, it lacked the rate of fire of the longbow.
However, that agency had little power and lacked a centralized coordination mechanism.
However, these interim bodies lacked any independent authority or de jure sovereignty, which was still held by the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea based in China, but U. S. leaders chose to ignore its legitimacy, partly due to the belief that it was communist-aligned.
However, it lacked a definitive subject, being a combination of geography and ethnography created as the more concrete counterpart to the rather theoretical sociology.
However, Besser was not solely to blame for the lackluster quality of these final entries: the scripts were tired rehashes of earlier efforts ( 7 of the 16 films were remakes ) and Moe and Larry's performances lacked energy.
However, Harrison was seen as more of a reformer than his father, which helped him garner the middle class votes his father had lacked.
However, this solution was imperfect as it lacked the original abstractness.
However, he lacked the skills and experience to deal with these problems.
However, because they lacked capital and the planters continued to own the means of production ( tools, draft animals and land ), the freedmen were forced into producing cash crops ( mainly cotton ) for the land-owners and merchants, and they entered into a crop-lien system.
However, because of the predicted thousand years until the rise of the next Empire ( of which only a few hundred had elapsed ), the series lacked a sense of closure.
However, P ' yongyang ultimately lacked confidence in getting simultaneous help from Beijing and Moscow.
However, as plastids only appear in relatively derived ( as opposed to ancestral ) groups, others argue the alveolates originally lacked them and possibly the dinoflagellates and Apicomplexa acquired them separately.
However, it does not guarantee a decision by an independent court: on 23 October 1985 the European Court of Human Rights ruled that the Crown Appeal by the Council of State, then by exclusion the highest administrative appeal court, lacked the necessary independence.
However, the Hornets lacked the experience and depth to defeat the New York Knicks, falling in five games in the second round.
However, the Jews of the city lacked the necessary funds.
However, the NRC faced the same problems in obtaining accurate information as the state, and was further hampered by being organizationally ill-prepared to deal with emergencies, as it lacked a clear command structure and the authority to tell the utility what to do, or to order an evacuation of the local area.
However, such small political entities often survived only for short periods because they lacked the resources to defend themselves against incursions by larger states.
However, as the North American and PAL hardware lacked this chip, the releases outside of Japan feature only the PSG soundtrack.

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