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However and book
However, since some feel that being the children of the main characters is too limiting, it is fairly common to either start with King Oberon's death before the book begins and roleplay the Elder Amberites as they vie for the throne ; or to populate Amber from scratch with a different set of Elder Amberites.
However, Frazetta returned briefly a few years later to draw a public service comic book called Li ' l Abner and the Creatures from Drop-Outer Space, distributed by the Job Corps in 1965.
However, forgetting the last word, he tries to trick the book by mumbling / coughing the missing word.
However, in early Tiberian manuscripts such as the Aleppo codex and the Leningrad codex, Chronicles is placed as the first book in Ketuvim, preceding Psalms.
However, it is also possible to divide the book into three parts rather than four by combining the sections treating David and Solomon, since they both ruled over a combined Judah and Israel, unlike the last section that contains the chronicle of the Davidic kings who ruled the Kingdom of Judah alone.
However, from a conservative approach, Joyce G. Baldwin argued that " old, authentic stories would have provided comfort to sufferers of later generations far more convincingly than a book of new parables.
However, a title came into usage from the first word of the book in Koine Greek: apokalypsis, meaning " unveiling " or " revelation ".
However, according to Coogan, considerable historical inaccuracies remain throughout the text, supporting the view that the book of Esther is to be read as a historical novella which tells a story describing historical events but is not necessarily historical fact.
However, the strict acrostic style of four of the five poems is not found at all in the Book of Jeremiah itself and Jeremiah's name is not found anywhere in the book itself ( nor any other name, for that matter ), so authorship of Lamentations is disputed.
However, most modern scholars believe the book of Zechariah was written by at least two different people.
However Lewis Spence's 1937 book Boadicea-warrior queen of the Britons went so far as to include a map showing the positions of the opposing armies.
However, mendicant friars travelled around a lot and needed a shortened, or abbreviated, daily office contained in one portable book, and single-volume breviaries flourished from the thirteenth century onwards.
However, Ian Hacking noted that traditional Dutch book arguments did not specify Bayesian updating: they left open the possibility that non-Bayesian updating rules could avoid Dutch books.
However, to Cranmer is ' credited the overall job of editorship and the overarching structure of the book ' including the systematic amendment of his materials to remove any idea that human merit contributed to their salvation.
However, the 1552 book was used only for a short period, since Edward VI died in the summer of 1553 and, as soon as she could do so, Mary I, restored the old religion.
However, a similar resolution was defeated by thirty-three votes in the House of Commons on December 15, 1927 when the MPs William Joynson-Hicks and Rosslyn Mitchell " reached and inflamed all the latent Protestant prejudices in the House " and argued strongly against it on the grounds that the proposed book was " papistical " and was a restoration of the Roman Mass and implied the doctrine of Transubstantiation.
However, with the exceptions of Smith's translation of portions of the book of Book of Genesis ( renamed Selections from the Book of Moses ) and the translation of Matthew ( called Joseph Smith – Matthew ), no portions of the Joseph Smith Translation have been officially canonized by the LDS Church.
However, in recent times, leaders of the church have emphasized that Latter-day Saints should not restrict their study of the standard works to the particular book being currently studied in Sunday School or other religious courses.
However, the details of the story are at best uncertain ( see for discussion of the original Wolfgang Sartorius von Waltershausen source and the changes in other versions ); some authors, such as Joseph Rotman in his book A first course in Abstract Algebra, question whether it ever happened.
However sales of Jane Eyre continued to be strong, and may have increased as a result of the novel developing a reputation as an ' improper ' book.
However, in 1962 the London Beth Din and the Chief Rabbi Israel Brodie, who formed the leadership of the United Synagogue, the UK's Orthodox establishment, refused to allow his appointment on grounds of heresy because in his 1957 book We Have Reason to Believe, Jacobs had rejected the conception of a literal, verbal revelation of the Torah.
However it was only in 1927 that the shakta theory of seven main chakras, that has become most popular in the West, was introduced, largely through the translation of two Indian texts: the Sat-Cakra-Nirupana, and the Padaka-Pancaka, by Sir John Woodroffe, alias Arthur Avalon, in a book titled The Serpent Power.
However, in adherence to the ideas of Arab Nationalism, the Arab countries prefer to give preference to the Literary Arabic which is common to all of them, conduct much of their political, cultural and religious life in it ( adherence to Islam ), and refrain from declaring each country's specific variety to be a separate language, because Literary Arabic is the liturgical language of Islam and the language of the Islamic sacred book, the Qur ' an.
However, doublespeak might possibly have certain concepts taken from George Orwell's book, Nineteen Eighty-Four.

However and On
However, shortly after this positive result, Kurt Gödel published On Formally Undecidable Propositions of Principia Mathematica and Related Systems ( 1931 ), showing that in any sufficiently strong axiomatic system there are true statements which cannot be proved in the system.
" However, he maintained that " On the one hand we find those patients with irreversible dementia and severe cortical lesions.
However, there is a reference in Galen's treatise " On Theriac to Piso " ( which may however be spurious ) to events of 204.
However, the earliest known idea to indicate the possibility of diseases spreading by yet unseen organisms was that of the Roman scholar Marcus Terentius Varro in a 1st century BC book titled On Agriculture in which he warns against locating a homestead near swamps:
However, the philosopher Donald Davidson published a highly regarded essay in 1974, " On the Very Idea of a Conceptual Scheme ," arguing that the notion that any languages or theories could be incommensurable with one another was itself incoherent.
However, On Digital Media ( ODM ), have stated that they are on track to begin sale of their product in May 2010, and that prices will be significantly cheaper than their competitor DStv.
However, he later developed his theory of evolution in his 1859 book On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life, which offers an alternate explanation of biological order.
On 1950, Venezuela was the world's 4th largest wealthiest nation per capita However, from 1958 / 1959 onward, Romulo Betancourt ( president from 1959 to 1964 ) inherited an enormous internal and external debt caused by rampant public spending during the dictatorship.
However, the plot and cameos play second fiddle to the documentary-like look at The Greatest Show On Earth in its last years under canvas.
However, the existence of portable soups ( called " bouillons en tablettes " in French ) is thus mentioned, as early as 1690, in Antoine Furetière's Dictionnaire universel, under the article Tablette: " On a veu des consommés reduits en tablettes, ou des bouillons à porter en poche.
However, by 1815, with the publication of physician Gilbert Blane's On the Comparative Health of the British Navy from 1779 to 1814, the efficacy of portable soup for promoting the health of sailors was found lacking.
However, the verse melody of " Rock Around the Clock " does bear a very close similarity to that of Hank Williams ' first hit, " Move It On Over ", from 1947.
However, when " Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life " was adopted as a football chant in the late 1980s, Idle's then neighbour Gary Lineker suggested Idle re-record and release the popular track.
However, the group did work together to create a new version of the 1974 song " The Carpet Crawlers ", ultimately released on the Turn It On Again: The Hits album as " The Carpet Crawlers 1999 ".
However in March 2009, the UK Competition Commission ruled that BAA must sell Stansted within two years, a decision quashed within a year, but later upheld .. On 20 August 2012, after losing a case at the Court of Appeal, BAA announced they would sell Stansted.
However both On Deadly Ground ( 1994, which he directed ) and Under Siege 2: Dark Territory ( 1995 ) did poorly in theaters.
However, On the biblical festivals all 24 were present in the Temple for duty.
However, for his On the Erythraean Sea ( Peri tes Erythras thalasses ) in five books, almost the entire fifth book, a geographical treatise on the Horn of Africa and the lands around the Red Sea, has survived almost intact.
However, a peace agreement was reached wherein Tayasu Kamenosuke, the young head of a branch of the Tokugawa family, was adopted and made Tokugawa family head ; On April 11, Edo Castle was handed over to the imperial army, and the city spared from all-out war.
However, " Take On Me " is much more remembered today, at least in the US ( note that " The Sun Always Shines on TV " was a # 1 hit in the UK: higher than " Take on Me ")
However, he is most famous in Britain for his appearances in eleven Carry On films, a long-running series of comedy farces, generally playing the hapless romantic lead.
However 23 years later he appeared in the title role in the last 1992 ' Carry On ' film, Carry On Columbus.
However, in the 1980s, Norwegian popular music band, a-ha, had meteoric international success when the trio's 1985 debut Take On Me went to number one in the US and the UK.

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