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Some Related Sentences

However and confession
However, he says it rather lamely, and the confession obviously comes too late.
However, Isaac evidently ignored the woman's alleged confession in favor of the testimony of Joseph ben Todros and of Jacob, a pupil of Moses de León, both of whom assured him on oath that the work was not written by de Leon.
However, his statement may have been taken under torture, so the confession might not be genuine.
" However, at no time was Miranda told of his right to counsel, and he was not advised of his right to remain silent or that his statements would be used against him during the interrogation before being presented with the form on which he was asked to write out the confession he had already given orally.
" In a letter to the Pope defending himself he stated that " This free will is in all good works always assisted by divine help ," and in an accompanying confession of faith, " Free-will we do so own, as to say that we always stand in need of God ’ s help ," However, he affirmed that " We do also abhor the blasphemy of those who say that any impossible thing is commanded to man by God ; or that the commandments of God cannot be performed by any one man " ( which the pope approved of upon receiving the letter ), whereas Augustine famously stated " non possum non peccare " (" It is not possible to not sin ").
However confession to another is often encouraged and in some sects or denominations required when a wrong has been done to a person as well as to God.
However, the confession must be held in strict confidence unless the sinner grants permission to disclose it to the disciplinary council.
However Morgana, having overheard Uther's confession, attempts to kill him for lying to her and is only stopped by Merlin's swift intervention.
However, Western scholars continue to insist on the Calvinism of Cyril, referring not only to a confession, but also in his extensive correspondence with Protestant scholars ( especially the letters of 1618-20 to the Dutchman's Velgelmu ).
However, there was no physical evidence to substantiate his confession.
However, the two denominations share a confession of faith and cooperate in many common ministries.
However, a postponement in the execution would occur once again when the Mercer County Grand Jury, investigating the confession and arrest of Paul Wendel, requested Warden Mark Kimberling for a delay.
However, there was no physical evidence to substantiate his confession.
However, in the episode " The Naked Time ", when the Psi 2000 intoxication afflicted the crew of the Enterprise, Chapel openly admitted her love for Spock, despite the Vulcan's confession of his inability to return her feelings.
However, by his own confession, despite being especially fascinated by one family, the birds of paradise, Attenborough was not an expert in ornithology.
However, Hartford investigators raised doubts over his confession, as he had a history of mental illness, and it could not be proven he was anywhere within the state of Connecticut when the fire occurred.
However, it fell through after the confession of the murderer himself.
However, if that person retracts his / her confession, he / she is not punishable ( barring the presence of witnesses, as indicated below ), because there would no longer be any proof of the occurrence of the prohibited act, and alternatively,
However, Spiral had previously admitted in an emotional confession to Cable, when he demanded that she reveal all that she knew about the answers behind the mysteries of Shatterstar's origin immediately after Shatterstar and Benjamin Russell had been merged, that both young men " meant more than life itself to her " before teleporting away.
However, this confession did not match up to the facts.
However, no medical evidence was introduced either by the prosecution or the defence during the trial, in spite of bizarre symptoms experienced on the day of the murders which she described in her confession.
However Cuthbert Bardsley, who worked with Buchman for some years and later became Bishop of Coventry, said, ' I never came across public confession in house parties-or very, very rarely.
However, immediately after making this confession, the captured man was himself shot and killed by an unseen assailant, who was heard to cry " Justice is served!
However, Höss's testimony did not consist of merely a signed confession ; he also wrote two volumes of memoirs and gave extensive testimony outside of the Nuremberg proceedings.

However and which
However, just as all the buildings have not fallen and flowed back to their original mud, so the values which wanted them and saw that they were built have not all disappeared.
However, it was not of innocence in general that I was speaking, but of perhaps the frailest and surely the least important side of it which is innocence in romantic love.
However, it seems axiomatic that the government has an obligation `` to exercise its mandate reasonably, equitably and with full regard for the disruptions which it inevitably causes ''.
However, last night the tapes were not run at all during the evening hours and all we got on TV were a few snatches which Douglas Edwards and Huntley and Brinkley could squeeze into their programs.
However, only Illinois, Oregon, Louisiana and Rhode Island have a situation in which the sundry units of government vary widely in relation to fiscal uniformity.
However, the surface temperature gradient can produce erroneous vapor-pressure measurements for the bulk liquid helium unless precautions are taken to isolate the tube ( which passes through the surface to the vapor pressure bulb ) from the liquid helium surface.
However, in this case as elsewhere it was necessary to arrive at a single standard to be applied to all situations, representing an averaging of conditions, and thus to fix particular points in time which would be considered the dividing points between daytime and nighttime conditions.
However, because this vulnerability is mutual, it is to the advantage of neither side to destroy the opponent's cities, at least so long as the opponent has nuclear weapons with which to effect reprisal.
However, the aircraft which we have today are tied to large, `` soft '' airfields.
However, they do demonstrate the presence of large normal pressures in the presence of flat shear fields which were forecast by the theory in the first part of the paper.
However, any oxygen nonequivalence would shorten either the already extremely short Af interlayer distance of 2.55 A or the non-hydrogen-bonded Af interlayer interactions which are already quite short at 2.58 Aj.
However, because of Church laws, lately more stringently enforced, which forbid the marriage of cousins closely related consanguineously, a means of facilitating the goal of in-group relations may be that of recourse to illegitimate unions.
However, the regionally differentiated results, which appear below in tables, are interesting evidence of the problems of developing self-government under even the most favorable circumstances.
However, if Federal funds are used, it would be entirely appropriate to train workers for jobs which could be obtained elsewhere as well as for jobs in the area of chronic unemployment.
However, the monetary authorities will continue to be required to pay attention to the consequences of their actions with respect to our international balance of payments position and the outflow of gold, as well as with regard to avoiding the creation of excessive liquidity in the economy, which would delay the effectiveness of monetary policy measures in the next expansion phase of the business cycle.
However, in the actual assessment of the cutting force by instrumental methods for any thickness of coating a number of spurious effects occur which must be taken into account and which make the measured value larger than the true cutting force indicated by eqn. ( 1 ).
In a long commentary which he has inserted in the published text of the first act of the play, he says at one point: `` However, that experience never raised a doubt in his mind as to the reality of the underworld or the existence of Lucifer's many-faced lieutenants.
However, the wei books were also destroyed in a series of Orthodox Confucian purges which culminated in a final proscription in 605.
However well chosen and cleverly arranged, such memorabilia unfortunately amounted to more of an interruption than an auxiliary to the evening's main business, which ( considering the talent at hand ) should probably have been the gathering of fresh samples of the Chicago style.
However, i ' thar is also still an Islamic ideal to which all Muslims should strive to adhere at all times.
However, while Apollo has a great number of appellations in Greek myth, only a few occur in Latin literature, chief among them Phoebus ( ; Φοίβος, Phoibos, literally " radiant "), which was very commonly used by both the Greeks and Romans in Apollo's role as the god of light.
However, the Greek tradition is referring to the existence of vapours and chewing of laurel-leaves, which seem to be confirmed by recent studies.
However, this story may reflect a cultural influence which had the reverse direction: Hittite cuneiform texts mention a Minor Asian god called Appaliunas or Apalunas in connection with the city of Wilusa attested in Hittite inscriptions, which is now generally regarded as being identical with the Greek Ilion by most scholars.

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