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However and definitions
However, the first definitions of AIDS mentioned no cause and the first AIDS diagnoses were made before HIV was discovered.
However, focusing on this approach to defining euthanasia may also lead to counterexamples: such definitions may encompass killing a person suffering from an incurable disease for personal gain ( such as to claim an inheritance ), and commentators such as Tom Beauchamp & Arnold Davidson have argued that doing such would constitute " murder simpliciter " rather than euthanasia.
However, the definitions in category theory are somewhat technical.
However, it is similar to several definitions for open educational resources, which include resources under noncommercial and verbatim licenses.
However, definitions of ' orgasm ' vary and there is sentiment that consensus on how to consistently classify it is absent.
However, it could further be argued that the ability to conflict with truth is not an appropriate representation of accepted definitions of power, which negates the assertion that a deity does not have infinite powers.
However, Pascal also has many data structuring facilities and other abstractions which were not included in the original ALGOL 60, like type definitions, records, pointers, enumerations, and sets.
However Israel, Russia and Hungary would meet many definitions of the term republic.
However, the word " myth " itself has multiple ( and some contradictory ) definitions:
However, there are three factors that, although subject to differing interpretations, are common to all such definitions: a trade secret is information that:
However, authors disagree on the exact definitions.
However, an XHTML document is an XML document, which, while not having an explicit " document character " layer of abstraction, nevertheless relies upon a similar definition of permissible characters that cover most, but not all, of the Unicode / UCS character definitions.
However, small clusters do not exhibit sharp first order phase transitions such as melting, and at the boundary it is not possible to completely categorize the cluster as a liquid or solid, since these concepts are ( without extra definitions ) only applicable to macroscopic systems.
However, instead of comparing engine performance, the gross aircraft performance as complete systems can be compared using first principle definitions of power, force and work with the requisite considerations of constantly changing effects like drag and the mass ( of the fuel ) in both systems.
However, some of those extended definitions are incompatible, and may not be suitable for certain applications.
However, according to researchers at the National Library of the Netherlands: " The original inhabitants of the area were unfamiliar with the European notions and definitions of ownership rights.
However, sui generis statutes exist in many countries that extend intellectual property protection to matter that does not meet characteristic definitions: mask works, ship hull designs, fashion designs in France, databases, or plant varieties require sui generis statues because of their unique characteristics.
However, definitions are usually still phrased in terms of regularity, since this condition is more well known than any weaker one.
However, the two definitions cease to be equivalent when we consider subsets of more general metric spaces and in this generality only the latter property is used to define compactness.
However, obscure words are found in an unabridged dictionary instead of the definitions and meanings provided on cards.
However, this rejection of operationalism as a general project destined ultimately to define all experiential phenomena uniquely did not mean that operational definitions ceased to have any practical use or that they could not be applied in particular cases.
However, providing that the conditions of the first welfare theorem are met, these two definitions agree, and give identical results.
However, the boundaries and exact definitions are unclear due to the expansion of suburban development in the town during the latter half of the 20th century.
However, these definitions can be misleading because, even with no changes in spending or tax laws at all, cyclic fluctuations of the economy cause cyclic fluctuations of tax revenues and of some types of government spending, altering the deficit situation ; these are not considered to be policy changes.

However and
However, the name Artemis ( variants Arktemis, Arktemisa ) is most likely related to Greek árktos bear ( from PIE * h₂ŕ ̥ tḱos ), supported by the bear cult that the goddess had in Attica ( Brauronia ) and the Neolithic remains at the Arkouditessa, as well as the story about Callisto, which was originally about Artemis ( Arcadian epithet kallisto ).
However, due to the influence of Confucian Ren, the phrase Wo ai ni ( I love you ) carries with it a very specific sense of responsibility, commitment and loyalty.
However, some historians consider Trajan's Column to be inaccurate as a historical source due to its inaccurate and stylized portrayal of Roman armor: "... it is probably safest to interpret the Column reliefs as impressions ’, rather than accurate representations.
However, Ma strongly denied any wrongdoing and labelled the controversy a case of character assassination ’.
However, the bourgeois take this signified and apply their own emphasis to it, making wine a new signifier, this time relating to a new signified: the idea of healthy, robust, relaxing wine.
However, a similar objection was noted by Thomas Nagel in 1970 who claimed that consequentialism treats the desires, needs, satisfactions, and dissatisfactions of distinct persons as if they were the desires, etc., of a mass person .’ and even earlier by David Gauthier who wrote that utilitarianism supposes that mankind is a super-person, whose greatest satisfaction is the objective of moral action.
However, the next year, Uthman rebelled against the governor of al-Andalus, Abd-al-Raḥmân, who quickly crushed the revolt and directed his attention against Odo.
However, behind the curtain acceptance created a buzz within the national radio / TV promotional circuit and word-of-mouth discussion kept the book in stores for several years.
However, the presence of a sidewalk clearly has a strong beneficial effect of reducing the risk of a walking along roadway pedestrian / motor vehicle crash .” The study does not count crashes that happen when walking across a roadway.
However, it took another 20 years before Eugene P. Kennedy described the first enzymatic phosphorylation of proteins ’.
However, after the discovery of the original manuscript of Bashkirtseff s diary in the Bibliothèque nationale de France, it was found that her diary had been abridged and censored by her family.
However, the 20px 20px is not regarded as a highway in the Rzeszów area – it is by Western standards, just a regular, one-lane main A-road, although, it is being upgraded.
However, as soon as Dylan came in contact with his baptismal waters, he plunged into the sea and took on characteristics of a sea creature, moving through the seawater as perfectly as any fish, thus earning his new name, Dylan Ail Don Dylan second wave ’:
However, a cursory glance at the Proto-Celtic lexicon reveals that * belatu-is reconstructible for Proto-Celtic with the meaning death and that * kadro-is a reconstructible element meaning decorated .’ So the name Belatucadros may also be interpreted as a compound of two Gallic words descended from two Proto-Celtic elements * belatu-and * kadro-which together as a compound adjective would literally mean death-decorated .’ Indeed, this is hardly an original proposal for the meaning of the name of this god associated with Mars: MacCulloch as early as 1911 ( p135 ) glossed this god s name as comely in slaughter .
However, the Irish grian, sun is thought to be derived from Proto-Celtic * greinā sun and cognate with Welsh greian sun and the Proto-Celtic * greinā is unlikely to have developed into Grannos in Gaulish and other Continental Celtic languages.
According to Cook, the toponym Lydney derives from the Old English * Lydan-eġ, Lludd s Island .’ However, alternative etymologies of Lydney are offered in other sources.
However, IPN s finding of utter passivity shown by the majority of Jedwabne s population is very different from the statement on page 7 of Neighbors that “ half of the population of the town murdered the other half .” The majority of Jedwabne residents were “ utterly passive ,” IPN found, and they did not participate in the pogrom.

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