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However and flashover
However, since no accelerant was needed to create the results found, Willingham could well have been telling the truth when he said that he ran out without burning his feet, presuming he left before the fire achieved flashover.
However, The New Yorker writer David Grann says that fire investigators who reviewed the case told him that " Willingham ’ s first-degree and second-degree burns were consistent with being in a fire before the moment of ' flashover '— that is, when everything in a room suddenly ignites.

However and voltage
However, a tall building brings a lot of difficulties to structural and building services design, for example, excessive system static pressure for water systems, high line voltage drop and long distance of vertical transportation.
However, electrons are not easily released from the unheated anode surface when the voltage polarity is reversed.
LB is relatively new and is ineffective in resolving fragments larger than 5 kbp ; However, with its low conductivity, a much higher voltage could be used ( up to 35 V / cm ), which means a shorter analysis time for routine electrophoresis.
However if the region of air breakdown extends to another conductor at a different voltage it will create a conductive path between them, and a large current will flow through the air, creating an " electric arc ".
However, the engineer says he has another meter reading to 1000 volts, which he would have used if any voltage had been over 100.
However, CCFLs are less energy efficient then LEDs and require a somewhat costly inverter to convert whatever voltage the device uses ( usually 5 or 12v ) to the high voltage needed to light a CCFL.
However, this phenomenon is a special effect caused by the high voltage on the Leyden jar. In the dissectible Leyden jar, charge is transferred to the surface of the glass cup by corona discharge when the jar is disassembled ; this is the source of the residual charge after the jar is reassembled.
However, sodium is considered an extremely undesirable contaminant in MOSFET fabrication because it degrades the insulating properties of gate oxides ( specifically, sodium ions can migrate in and out of the gate, changing the threshold voltage of the transistor and making it harder or easier to turn the transistor on over time ).
However, the limited transmission speed, relatively large voltage swing, and large standard connectors motivated development of the universal serial bus, which has displaced RS-232 from most of its peripheral interface roles.
However they have relatively low switching current and voltage ratings.
However, when the voltage was reversed the electrons being pushed into the collector would quickly fill up the " holes " ( the electron-needy impurities ), and conduction would stop almost instantly.
However, when the voltage changes in a time interval comparable to the time it takes for the signal to travel down the wire, the length becomes important and the wire must be treated as a transmission line.
However, in some diode applications, the AC signal applied to the device is small and it is possible to analyze the circuit in terms of the dynamic, small-signal, or incremental resistance, defined as the one over the slope of the V – I curve at the average value ( DC operating point ) of the voltage ( that is, one over the derivative of current with respect to voltage ).
However, during the switching time both MOSFETs conduct briefly as the gate voltage goes from one state to another.
However, this is rare, as most devices compensate for the voltage drop of an alkaline as it discharges down to about 1 volt.
However modern bipolar transistors with high voltage ratings are now available cheaply, such as MPSA92 or MPSA42-an unusual example where an original IC design has been replaced by discrete transistors.
However, this resultant reduction in on-state forward voltage comes with several penalties:
However, power consumption by a chip is given by the equation P = C × V < sup > 2 </ sup > × F, where P is power, C is the capacitance being switched per clock cycle ( proportional to the number of transistors whose inputs change ), V is voltage, and F is the processor frequency ( cycles per second ).
However, if the voltage increases past a critical threshold, typically 15 mV higher than the resting value, the sodium current dominates.
However, the same raised voltage that opened the sodium channels initially also slowly shuts them off, by closing their pores ; the sodium channels become inactivated.
However, if metal was present when the machine fired, a small current would flow in the metal, and the time for the voltage to drop to zero would be increased.
However, it is winding current, not voltage that applies torque to the stepper motor shaft.

However and string
However, single words or a short string of words can sometimes be registered as a trademark instead.
However the mechanical strength of the unit is unchanged, so the insulator string will stay together.
However, since string theory also describes gravitational interactions, one expects the low-energy theory to describe particles moving in gravitational backgrounds.
However, when a string of letters is done with the same hand, the chances of stuttering are increased and a rhythm can be broken, thus decreasing speed and increasing errors and fatigue.
However, if too many individuals or corporations focus on saving or paying down debt rather than spending, lower interest rates have less effect on investment and consumption behavior ; the lower interest rates are like " pushing on a string.
However, it took him a month to surpass Carlton, as he had low run support in a string of five starts that produced one loss and four no-decisions.
However, if we know an object has only one reference ( as most do in many systems ), and that reference is lost at the same time that a similar new object is created ( as in the string append statement ), we can replace the operation with a mutation on the original object.
However, in Hawaiian music, Hawaiian guitar means slack string guitar, played in the conventional or Spanish position.
However, the term SMILES is also commonly used to refer to both a single SMILES string and a number of SMILES strings ; the exact meaning is usually apparent from the context.
However, this notion is problematic for a standing wave ( for example, a wave on a string ), where energy is moving in both directions equally, or for electromagnetic ( e. g., light ) waves in a vacuum, where the concept of medium does not apply and interaction with a target is the key to wave detection and practical applications.
However, if a vibrating string is examined, it will be seen that the string does not vibrate flush to the bridge and nut, but has a small “ dead length ” of string at each end.
However long a randomly generated finite string is, there is a small but nonzero chance that it will turn out to consist of the same character repeated throughout ; this chance approaches zero as the string's length approaches infinity.
However, as the previous 30 years since the approval of icon-veneration at the Synod of 787 had represented for the Byzantines a string of military catastrophes, Leo resolved to reach back to the policies of the more successful Isaurian dynasty.
However, the object as we defined it being the two rods and string is not in the same state as before, the strings are entangled and cannot be unentangled without applying again a rotation in any part of the system.
" However, both Haddon and Rivers were to use the string trick to scientific ends and they are also credited as inventing a system of nomenclature that enabled them to be able to schematise the steps required and teach a variety of string tricks to European audiences.
However, the customers data table should not use one field to store that concatenated string ; rather, the concatenation of the 7 fields should happen upon running the report.
However, suppose that the format of the string data must be varied.
However, horror remained Karloff's primary genre, and he gave a string of lauded performances in 1930s Universal horror films, including several with Lugosi, his main rival as heir to Lon Chaney, Sr .' s status as the top horror film star.
However, we can encode the action table of any Turing machine in a string.
However, the sounding of these notes in the arpeggio may be accomplished through any number of techniques, including a change in pick articulation ; double-picking notes ( which would then mean an additional upstroke or downstroke ); legato ; or in some instances sliding, though the latter is rarely enforced due to the acute control necessary to slide to a precise point on the string.

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