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Some Related Sentences

However and ρ
However, in this approach the question of the change in radius of curvature with s is handled completely formally, consistent with a geometric interpretation, but not relying upon it, thereby avoiding any questions the image above might suggest about neglecting the variation in ρ.
The nearest nebula to the Sun where massive stars are being formed is the Orion nebula, away .< ref > However, lower mass star formation is occurring about 400 – 450 light years distant in the ρ Ophiuchi cloud complex.
However, the density operator of a mixed state does not capture all the information about a mixture ; in particular, the coefficients p < sub > j </ sub > and the kets ψ < sub > j </ sub > are not recoverable from the operator ρ without additional information.
The weight w is the volume D multiplied by the density ρ and the acceleration due to gravity g. However, what is needed is the apparent weight.
However since GABA < sub > С </ sub > receptors are closely related in sequence, structure, and function to GABA < sub > A </ sub > receptors and since other GABA < sub > A </ sub > receptors besides those containing ρ subunits appear to exhibit GABA < sub > С </ sub > pharmacology, the Nomenclature Committee of the IUPHAR has recommended that the GABA < sub > С </ sub > term no longer be used and these ρ receptors should be designated as the ρ subfamily of the GABA < sub > A </ sub > receptors ( GABA < sub > A </ sub >- ρ ).
However, in a meta-analysis of the current research, De Drue and Weingart ( 2003 ) showed that these two concepts are related to each other ( corrected correlation, ρ =. 54 ).
However since GABA < sub > С </ sub > receptors are closely related in sequence, structure, and function to GABA < sub > A </ sub > receptors and since other GABA < sub > A </ sub > receptors besides those containing ρ subunits appear to exhibit GABA < sub > С </ sub > pharmacology, the Nomenclature Committee of the IUPHAR has recommend that the GABA < sub > С </ sub > term no longer be used and these ρ receptors should be designated as the ρ subfamily of the GABA < sub > A </ sub > receptors ( GABA < sub > A </ sub >- ρ ).

However and =
However, it's not injective in both variables simultaneously, because ( for example ) f ( 2, 4 ) = f ( 1, 2 ).
However, as 1 + ( k + 1 ) x + kx < sup > 2 </ sup > ≥ 1 + ( k + 1 ) x ( since kx < sup > 2 </ sup > ≥ 0 ), it follows that ( 1 + x )< sup > k + 1 </ sup > ≥ 1 + ( k + 1 ) x, which means the statement is true for r = k + 1 as required.
< cite id = disputedinjunction > The Vatican archives contain an unsigned copy of a more strongly worded formal injunction purporting to have been served on Galileo shortly after Bellarmine's admonition, ordering him " not to hold, teach, or defend " the condemned doctrine " in any way whatever, either orally or in writing ", and threatening him with imprisonment if he refused to obey .</ cite > However, whether this injunction was ever properly served on Galileo is a subject of much scholarly disagreement.
However, if A = DLOGTIME, then A < sup > SAT </ sup > may not equal A < sup > NP </ sup >.
However, early 1993 saw increasing tension between Yeltsin and the parliament over the | archivedate = 2008-03-05
However, at x = 0, the mass has momentum because of the impulse that the restoring force has imparted.
However the boat was so overladen that it sank, forcing the attack to be abandoned .< ref name = Piszkiewicz2003 >
However it is consistent with ZFC that a definable well-ordering of the reals exists — for example, it is consistent with ZFC that V = L, and it follows from ZFC + V = L that a particular formula well-orders the reals, or indeed any set.
However u = v in G if and only if uv < sup >− 1 </ sup >= 1 in G. It follows that to solve the word problem for P it is sufficient to construct a recursive function h such that:
However, this standard atmosphere is defined slightly differently: temperature =, air density
However, satellite data show that cloud optical thickness actually increases with increasing temperature .< ref name = tselioudis-1992 > Whether the net effect is warming or cooling depends on details such as the type and altitude of the cloud ; details that are difficult to represent in climate models.
However, some argue that zombies are inconceivable: we can no more imagine a zombie than we can imagine that 1 + 1 = 3.
However, when he explains in detail what he means, it is clear that he actually believes that his assertion is always true ; for instance, he shows that the equation x < sup > 4 </ sup > = 4x − 3, although incomplete, has four solutions ( counting multiplicities ): 1 ( twice ), − 1 + i √< span style =" text-decoration: overline "> 2 </ span >, and − 1 − i √< span style =" text-decoration: overline "> 2 </ span >.
However, the " if " part of this hypothesis is false: for example,, but 341 = 11 × 31 is a pseudoprime.
However, Fischer was in excellent form, and won the title match convincingly (+ 7 − 3 = 11 ), with one of the three losses by default.
However, these ratios apply to two different conditions, namely, x = 0 and x '= 0 respectively.
However, in reference to women, historically, it was sometimes used to refer to an engaged woman — parthenos autou ( παρθένος αὐτού, his virgin ) = his fiancée as opposed to gunē autou ( γυνή αὐτού, his woman )
However, in metric geometry the geodesic considered is often equipped with natural parameterization, i. e. in the above identity v = 1 and
However, natural polyploidy exists, particularly in Jasminum sambac ( 2n = 39 ), Jasminum flexile ( 2n = 52 ), Jasminum primulinum ( 2n = 39 ), and Jasminum angustifolium ( 2n = 52 ).
However, also offered is Bece-laes * ( Old English = Meadow by Stream ).

However and mv
However, Bernoulli's value is twice as large as Fatio's one, because according to Zehe, Fatio only calculated the value mv for the change of impulse after the collision, but not 2mv and therefore got the wrong result.

However and /
However, when volunteers generously placed the interests of others before their own by making charitable donations, another brain circuit was selectively activated: the subgenual cortex / septal region.
However, copyright is merely the legal reassurance that one owns his / her work.
However, during the tour of Australia in 2006 / 7, the MCC official accompanying the urn said the veil legend had been discounted, and it was now " 95 % certain " that the urn contains the ashes of a cricket bail.
However, its intermediate result storage mechanism, a paper card writer / reader, was unreliable, and when inventor John Vincent Atanasoff left Iowa State College for World War II assignments, work on the machine was discontinued.
However, forgetting the last word, he tries to trick the book by mumbling / coughing the missing word.
However, the 9 / 11 Commission found that although " former Sudanese officials claim that Sudan offered to expel Bin Laden to the United States ", " we have not found any reliable evidence to support the Sudanese claim.
However, response to the company's products at the CP / M-82 show in San Francisco showed that a U. S. company would be needed to reach the American market.
However, whereas Isaiah sees Jacob / Israel joining " the nations " under Yahweh's rule, Micah looks forward to Israel ruling over the nations.
However, a few scholars have hypothesised that Brahui is a remnant of a formerly widespread Dravidian language family that is believed to have been reduced or replaced during the influx of Iranian / Indo-Aryan languages upon their arrival in South Asia.
" However, it was as " Jim Rob Wills ," paired with Herman Arnspiger, that he made his first commercial ( though unissued ) recordings in November 1929 for Brunswick / Vocalion.
However, in the US, grilled / barbecued meat is the second highest contributor of the mean daily intake of
However, it has higher resistivity and dielectric strength than most insulators commonly available in microfabrication ( 10 < sup > 16 </ sup > Ω · cm and 10 MV / cm, respectively ).
However, their derivatives are known: f ′ is − 6. 5 ° C / km, and g ′ is 2. 5 km / h.
However, many other types are possible e. g. so-called " emotional blackmail ", which typically involves threats of rejection from or disapproval by a peer-group, or creating feelings of guilt / obligation via a display of anger or hurt by someone whom the victim loves or respects.
However, by identifying clusters of observable properties that are associated with core examples of clitics on the one hand, and core examples of affixes on the other, one can pick out a battery of tests that provide an empirical foundation for a clitic / affix distinction.
However, as an exception, the American shorthand " 9 / 11 " is widely understood as referring to the 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks.
However, Austrian consumer organizations ( Verein für Konsumenteninformation / VKI and the Federal Chamber of Labour / Bundesarbeitskammer ) have, in recent years, brought claims on behalf of hundreds or even thousands of consumers.
However, more commonly the unit mol / L (= mol / dm < sup > 3 </ sup >) is used.
However Newton's laws of motion apply only in the stationary frame and describe dynamics in terms of the absolute acceleration d < sup > 2 </ sup > r / dt < sup > 2 </ sup >.
However, booting CP / M was only supported from disks in the standard Commodore GCR format ; the MFM formats could only be used once the system was running.
However, recent work has shown that for languages which make this distinction, all clicks have a uvular, or even pharyngeal, rear closure, and that the clicks explicitly described as uvular are in fact clusters / contours of a click plus a pulmonic or ejective component, in which the cluster / contour has two release bursts, the forward ( click ) and then the rearward ( uvular ) component.

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