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However and idea
However, for convenience we will stick to the idea that information can be classified according to Table 1.
" However, as Stocking notes, Tylor mainly concerned himself with describing and mapping the distribution of particular elements of culture, rather than with the larger function, and he generally seemed to assume a Victorian idea of progress rather than the idea of non-directional, multilineal cultural development proposed by later anthropologists.
However, as has been pointed out by Alexis Manaster Ramer and Paul Sidwell ( 1997 ), Strahlenberg actually opposed the idea of a closer relationship between the languages which later became known as " Altaic "..
However, the idea of capital punishment disgusted him.
However, as in Cantor's argument ( above ), this idea leads to difficulties.
However, to Cranmer is ' credited the overall job of editorship and the overarching structure of the book ' including the systematic amendment of his materials to remove any idea that human merit contributed to their salvation.
However, the observational evidence began to support the idea that the universe evolved from a hot dense state.
However, the use of advanced nuclear magnetic resonance methods to directly measure the mobility of water in living cells contradicts this idea, as it suggests that 85 % of cell water acts like that pure water, while the remainder is less mobile and probably bound to macromolecules.
However, as discussed below, many of his letters show he was fairly open to the idea of evolution.
However, Brian Wilson has stated that the idea of the record being a " concept album " is mainly within the way the album was produced and structured.
However, Compaq had little idea what to do with its acquisitions, and soon found itself in financial difficulty of its own.
However, the machine also extended the idea of multiple " General Purpose Registers " ( GPRs ), which gave the programmer flexibility to use these high-speed memory caches as they needed, potentially addressing the performance issues.
However this idea is still pursued for certain applications by some companies like Netezza and Oracle ( Exadata ).
However, Dyson was not the first to advance this idea.
However, that would convey the idea of the physical body of people, whereas using the name of the language as the basis of the word gives it the more abstract connotation of a cultural sphere.
However, fame was still eluding him, and partly out of desperation, Coppola bought the rights to the David Benedictus novel You're a Big Boy Now and fused it with a story idea of his own, resulting in You're a Big Boy Now ( 1966 ).
However he concedes that " the idea of felony is indeed so generally connected with that of capital punishment, that we find it hard to separate them ; and to this usage the interpretations of the law do now conform.
However, this idea can be understood as a basis for the following proof of the Lemma.
However, even though the implementation of the Australian Citizenship Act in 1948 established the concept of an independent Australian citizenship, the idea of Australian-born persons being appointed governor of New South Wales was much earlier.
However, the model of iron in Hb-O < sub > 2 </ sub > being Fe ( III ) is more correct than the classical idea that it remains Fe ( II ).
However, for linear acceleration, Newton expressed the idea of undetectability of straight-line accelerations held in common:
However, the commonly held idea that Japan was entirely closed is misleading.
However, from the beginning, László was against the idea that his daughters had to participate in female-only events.

However and electrons
However, the hydrogen-1 atom has no neutrons and a positive hydrogen ion has no electrons.
However, physicists distinguish between atomic physics — which deals with the atom as a system consisting of a nucleus and electronsand nuclear physics, which considers atomic nuclei alone.
However, if the excited atom has been previously ionized, in particular if one of its inner shell electrons has been removed, a phenomenon known as the Auger effect may take place where the quantity of energy is transferred to one of the bound electrons causing it to go into the continuum.
However, this did not explain similarities between different atoms, as expressed by the periodic table, such as the fact that helium ( 2 electrons ), neon ( 10 electrons ), and argon ( 18 electrons ) exhibit similar chemical behavior.
These he interpreted as " negative-energy electrons " and attempted to identify them with protons in his 1930 paper A Theory of Electrons and Protons However, these " negative-energy electrons " turned out to be positrons, and not protons.
However, once the applied electric field approaches the breakdown value, free electrons become sufficiently accelerated by the electric field to create additional free electrons by colliding, and ionizing, neutral gas atoms or molecules in a process called avalanche breakdown.
However, metal electrode surfaces can cause a region of the vacuum to become conductive by injecting free electrons or ions through either field electron emission or thermionic emission.
However, as the temperature of a semiconductor rises above absolute zero, there is more energy in the semiconductor to spend on lattice vibration and on exciting electrons into the conduction band.
However, electrons are not easily released from the unheated anode surface when the voltage polarity is reversed.
However, the electrons do not arrive at the screen in any predictable order.
However, it is not clear what should be considered to be valence electrons for the d-and f-block elements, which leads to an ambiguity for their electronegativities calculated by the Allen method.
However, most chemists followed Kekulé's lead in pursuing and developing what some have called " classical " structure theory, which was modified after the discovery of electrons ( 1897 ) and the development of quantum mechanics ( in the 1920s ).
However in materials with a filled electron shell, the total dipole moment of the electrons is zero because the spins are in up / down pairs.
However, this is a specific property of hydrogen and is no longer true for more complicated atoms which have a ( effective ) potential differing from the form 1 / r ( due to the presence of the inner electrons shielding the nucleus potential ).
However, according to quantum physics, individual molecules ( and atoms, electrons, protons etc.
However, the action of the anion accepting the cation's valence electrons and the subsequent attraction of the ions to each other releases energy and thus lowers the overall energy of the system.
However, quantum mechanical effects force electrons to take on discrete positions in orbitals.
However, in paramagnetic and ferromagnetic substances, the diamagnetic effect is overwhelmed by the much stronger effects caused by the unpaired electrons.
However, in addition to the electrons ' intrinsic magnetic moment's tendency to be parallel to an applied field, there is also in these materials a tendency for these magnetic moments to orient parallel to each other to maintain a lowered-energy state.

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