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However and junior
However, in their junior and senior years, they generally forego their athletic pursuits, presumably in the interest of better academic achievement.
However, the term " junior college " has evolved to describe private two-year institutions, whereas the term " community college " has evolved to describe publicly funded two-year institutions.
However, the nearly 78-year-old Hughes decided to let the Country Party leader, Arthur Fadden, become Prime Minister even though the Country Party was the nominal junior partner in the Coalition.
However, his sophomore and junior years were marred with mediocre grades, mostly Bs, Cs and even an F in nuclear physics.
However the junior line of the dukes of Vendôme remained, the ruling house of the Dukedom of Vendôme.
However, the rank is junior to the three-star rank vice-admiral and four-star rank admiral, who is generally a Chief of Naval Staff of the Navy.
However, as a junior, George became the team's starting running back and went on to rush for 1, 442 yards and 12 touchdowns.
However, this education usually focuses on the officer leadership training and basic information about employment of military theories, concepts, methods and systems, and graduates are not military scientists on completion of studies, but rather junior military officers.
However, all played at a junior level and it was considered an anomaly that Richmond, one of Melbourne's biggest locales, didn't boast a senior team.
However, the scheme of four tutors in their respective angles was reduced to two, and cheaper junior fellows took over some of the burden of tutoring.
However, her nocturnal adventures as a performer began to overwhelm her academic pursuits and Vaughan dropped out of high school during her junior year to concentrate more fully on music.
However, retired junior cavalry officers whose civilian work involves equestrianism may continue to use their rank.
However, Eormenred may have been a junior king under Eorcenberht, and the St Mildrith legend's version of events may have been an attempt to discredit royal claimants from Eormenred's line.
However, it is considered a good manner to address junior E-8 by their full rank, time allowing, or always when they request it.
However, it turned out that the Habilitation is held in great esteem in the academia, and that former junior professors are eager to call themselves Privatdozent or ( außerplanmäßiger ) Professor in case they did not attain a regular chair.
However, he was the oldest junior officer at the age of thirty-two.
However, in several other countries, such as Canada, Italy and Norway, corporal is a junior rank, indicating a more experienced soldier than a private, and also on a higher pay scale, but having no particular command appointment corresponding to the rank, similar to specialist in the U. S. Army.
However, in August 1968, they were renamed " nationals ' middle school " often translated " junior high ") when they became free of charge and compulsory.
However, the junior coalition partner, the Green Party, expressed outrage that they had not been consulted about the reshuffle.
However this does not necessarily affect their future transfer prospects: a junior college graduate with good grades can generally transfer to a four-year school and go on to obtain a full bachelor's degree ; and there is a growing movement of students who are attending junior colleges to save significant sums of money in the first two years of a four year education.
However, Macmillan's sudden illness and announcement of his resignation in October 1963 came at a time when Maudling was considered too junior.
However, he had never received a formal musical education, and because his father had collapsed when Ken was in junior high school and was unable to work there was difficulty in finding the money for tuition.
However, on submarines, where the deck department may only have a few junior sailors, the first lieutenant may be a senior enlisted member, such as a first-class petty officer or chief petty officer.

However and partners
However, it also has some features of covalent bonding: it is directional, stronger than a van der Waals interaction, produces interatomic distances shorter than sum of van der Waals radii, and usually involves a limited number of interaction partners, which can be interpreted as a kind of valence.
However, bonobos, dolphins, and chimpanzees are known to engage in sexual intercourse even when the female is not in estrus, and to engage in sex acts with same-sex partners.
However, their partners and the public did not respond well.
However, this law did not permit adoption by same-sex partners ; and as birth within a same-sex marriage did not imply affiliation, the same-sex spouse of the biological parent had no way to become the legal parent.
However, it is to be noted that there is no concrete explanation on how individuals pick partners because of the scarcity of theoretical and experimental researches that assess the importance of choice ; theoretically, models indicate that evolution of behaviors associated with altruism involving partner choices rarely occur due to variability of costs and benefits between multiple individuals.
However, in the interests of reducing costs and improving efficiency, most networks have attempted to standardize on relatively few locations within these individual regions where they will be able to quickly and efficiently interconnect with their peering partners.
However, at this time in England divorce by mutual consent was illegal ; it was only possible to divorce if one of the partners admitted or was found guilty of adultery.
However, in the same study, the authors noted that " nongenetic alternative explanations cannot be ruled out " as a reason for the heterosexual in the homosexual-heterosexual twin pair having more partners, specifically citing " social
However, the collaboration of JVC and its partners was much stronger, and eventually lead the MITI to drop its push for an industry standard.
However, in later stories, the two mature and learn leadership and eventually settle down with new female partners on the Iceland-like Rime Isle.
However, little research has been conducted to date about the conflicts between partners, professionals, and the mother.
However, it does not include the contributions made by the equity participants, i. e., proprietor, partners and shareholders.
However, since training entirely consists of pain compliance and cooperation between training partners, many of the staple responses of a Bujinkan student would be inappropriate in most competitions.
However, Fine Gael, the Labour Party, the Green Party, the Socialist Party and Ahern's coalition partners, the Progressive Democrats, all opposed the idea, as did some Oireachtas members from Fianna Fáil.
However, recent developments in robotics and artificial intelligence, such as those seen in the Actroid or EveR-1 can only lead to the production of more advanced synthetic partners.
However there is a large restructuring plan ongoing and about 10, 000 new jobs are expected to be lost outright and partners will be regrouped into larger entities.
However, this expansion was beginning to cause friction ; Chrysler saw their overseas markets for subcompacts as being directly encroached by their Japanese partners, while MMC felt the Americans were demanding too much say in their corporate decisions.
However, its members, coalition partners, board and volunteers are based across the United States.
However, the City Council did not create a registry for domestic partners until 1991.
However, in 2011, Samoa decided to skip a day to be moved westward across the international dateline, to align with trade partners, and its capital Apia thus can now claim that title.
However, after announcing that the UK government had not offered any substantial assistance in either grants or loans, Nanjing Automobile was also reported to have begun negotiations with at least two other potential partners, including " a wealthy San Francisco family ", and, in early November, Nanjing committed to making every effort " to resume production Longbridge at the beginning of 2007 ".
However, this figure was misleading, as most of the development, operations and sales employees were employed by the company ’ s strategic partners.
However, in November of that year, CURCC approved the subject of football partners who were not employees of the railway.
However, it appears that the third ' point ' was to be Trident's non-television interests and that Anglia were never considered as partners in the enterprise.

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