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However and litter
However, the intact forest floor, with its layers of leaf litter and organic matter, is still able to absorb the impact of the rainfall.
However — with the rights come responsibilities ; that is, an obligation neither to harm, disturb, litter, nor to damage wildlife or crops.
However, their dense canopies and thick litter do reduce overland flows compared to grazed grasses.
However, honeypots can suffer from problems of overcrowding, including litter, crime, and strain on facilities and transport networks .. Honeypots attract tourists because of parking spaces, shopping centres, parks and public toilets.
However some litters may contain more this, one of which was a Westie called Isobel who gave birth to a litter of eleven puppies in April 2012.
However, he also warned the club of a build-up of litter beneath the stand because of a gap between the seats.
However, litter traps are only effective for large or floating items of litter and must be maintained.
However, upon arrival, Ben confesses the shattering information that they are not special genetically enhanced animals as previously told, but ordinary ones Ben took in and trained for the team ( Juarez has a delicacy in a unknown location, Blaster was found at a hair and cosmetics place where a hair gel was being tested, Speckles was found before his home was destroyed by humans, and Darwin's parents abandoned him because he was the runt of the litter ).
However, as conifers allelopathically reduce competition by producing a thick O horizon of mor ( acidic and poisonous leaf litter that is slow to decompose ), the primary form of plant-soil interactions is that of the conifers themselves.
However, females are known to have a second litter if their first is unsuccessful.
However, when the first litter was born in May 1969, kittens were dark self-colors with no points and pinkish paw pads, the opposite of traits that identify Burmese.
However, the Spanish noticed that Atahualpa was drunk and so left him sitting on the litter while they fought a large group of Inca, at which time a large number of Inca rushed to place themselves between the litter and the Spanish, deliberately allowing themselves to be killed.

However and remained
However, his subject matter and basic themes have remained surprisingly consistent, and these, together with certain key poetic images, may be traced through all his work, including the new jazz experiments.
However, only a very small percentage of all these people has remained in Angola, either for personal reasons ( intermarriage ) or as professionals ( e. g. medical doctors ).
However, in a decision of great historic significance, the Persian king Darius the Great decided that, despite successfully subduing the revolt, there remained the unfinished business of exacting punishment on Athens and Eretria for supporting the revolt.
However, " Bryozoa " has remained the more widely used term for the latter group.
However, he would take office with a group of men who possessed little or no official experience, who had rarely felt moved to speak in the House of Commons before, and who, as a group, remained hostile to Disraeli on a personal level, his assault on the Corn Laws notwithstanding.
However, the parting was amicable as Kahn remained on the Borland board until November 7, 1996, when he resigned from that position.
However, certain Zarubintsy elements remained, found scattered throughout neighbouring areas of eastern Europe.
However, they remained sitting on the government benches supporting it in Parliament, though in the country local Liberal activists bitterly opposed the government.
However, the Ionian Revolt had directly threatened the integrity of the Persian empire, and the states of mainland Greece remained a potential menace to its future stability.
However, during the 16th and 17th centuries, Cairo remained an important economic and cultural centre.
However, the success did not last and Lajoie resigned during the 1909 season as manager but remained on as a player.
However, the anti-terrorist measures of it remained in force.
However, as mentioned above, unemployment has remained high at over 40 percent in recent years.
However, it remained poor and neglected, particularly in contrast with its western, French neighbor Saint-Domingue, which became the wealthiest colony in the New World and had half a million inhabitants.
However, construction remained focused on putting the biggest possible engines into a small hull, resulting in a somewhat flimsy construction.
However, relations with Moscow have remained strained primarily because Russia decided not to ratify the border treaty it had signed with Estonia in 1999.
However, the Union complex as a whole remained in rebel hands.
However with the signing of the Treaty of Paris in 1814 the region was handed back to the French, though a Portuguese presence remained until 1817.
However there remained multiple ideologies and governments that were ideologically related to fascism.
However, Fujiwara princes remained close advisors, regents and ministers to the emperors for centuries, even until the 20th century ( Prince Konoe and Morihiro Hosokawa ).
However, Price and Coleman married in 2007 ; and while they divorced in 2008, Price claimed in a court petition that she remained Coleman's common-law wife, sharing bank accounts and presenting themselves publicly as husband and wife, until his death ; an assertion that, if validated by the court, would make her the lawful heir.
However, these internal departments remained and the Gestapo continued to be a department under the RSHA umbrella.
However, the southern provinces ( present day Belgium ) remained under Habsburg rule, Holland benefiting greatly from the resulting eclipse of Flemish cities and massive influx of refugees.
However, sufficient numbers of moriscos stayed that Muslim culture remained influential in Spain.

However and augmented
However this has been augmented by out-of-town developments such as the Springkerse Retail Park on the city bypass to the east of Stirling, and the development of a large Sainsbury's in the Raploch.
However, accentors have thin sharp bills, reflecting their diet of ground-dwelling insects in summer, augmented with seeds and berries in winter.
However, while the brains of the dead augmented its knowledge, it had limited creativity — Father was indeed a sponge.
However, the guidance hypothesis postulates that provision of too much external, augmented feedback ( e. g., KR ) during practice may cause the learner to develop a harmful dependency on this source of feedback ( Salmoni et al., 1984 ).
However, one of the commentators on the podcast, Justin Haywald, found this odd, calling it “ horrible .” The podcast discussed briefly the prospects of a Pokémon Snap sequel, feeling that the Nintendo 3DS ' gyroscope and augmented reality cards could be used, citing Steel Diver for its use of the former feature.
However, the complete graph has no 2-basis: is six-dimensional, each nontrivial vector in has nonzero coordinates for at least three edges, and so any augmented basis would have at least 21 nonzeros, exceeding the 20 nonzeros that would be allowed if each of the ten edges were nonzero in at most two basis vectors.
However, there must be other mechanisms than heterochromatin to ensure an augmented cohesion at centromeres, because S. cerevisiae lacks heterochromatin next to centromeres, but the presence of a functional centromere induces an increase of cohesin association in a contiguous region, spanning 20-50kb.
However, the U. S. Centers for Disease Control state clearly that people with HIV / AIDS should not receive FluMist and that advice is augmented by the suggestion that close household contacts or caregivers of severely immunocompromised individuals should not receive FluMist due to transmission risks from individuals immunized with FluMist.
However, Culp underestimates the Shade, and is tricked into allowing a small shadow imp loyal to Shade to be absorbed into his own shadow, leading to a battle of wills in which Shade draws all the darkness into himself ( adding Culp's shadow's might to it, augmented by the Wise Fools ritual ), leaving Culp powerless.
However, Mr. Fantastic correctly guesses that Kl ' rt's powers are augmented by an energy beam directed from the Skrull home world after he detects it.
However, in the seventh century, the Jewish population was significantly augmented by Spanish Jewish immigrants fleeing from the persecutions of the Visigothic king Sisebut and his successors.
However, all of these can be augmented to full strength with the addition of TF volunteer companies as needed.
However, the daily lectionary, devised by the Roman Catholic Church and adopted by the Church of England ( among others ), provides more material and the Church of England has augmented the RCL by the provision of readings for second and third services.
However, it has generated some interest in the augmented reality world.
However there is reason for optimism about up and coming fighters like lightweight Jean Silva has augmented their talent.
However, in this case there is no difference in meaning between these forms and the normal augmented forms.
However, the aftermath of all of this was an atmosphere tremendously saturated in magical power, which the villain Simon Culp sought to use in conjunction with his own augmented power to create an impenetrable dome of shadow matter over the city, blocking all outer interference.
However, from a philosophical perspective where all or most of the observable " low hanging fruit " has already been plucked, examining the phenomenological world more closely than the senses alone ( even augmented senses, e. g. via microscopes, telescopes, bifocals etc.

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