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However and original
However, just as all the buildings have not fallen and flowed back to their original mud, so the values which wanted them and saw that they were built have not all disappeared.
However, for unknown reasons, the suggestion was not made through the formal process, so nothing came from this original request.
However there is a chance that the original stock will fall in value too, so by shorting it one can hedge that risk.
However, the original accounts mention only a light in the sky, without specifying the moon.
However, the arms are the result of an 18th-century restoration, as the original had the arms cut off in order to allow water to flow out.
However, subsequent models removed this and the " Graphics Synthesizer " GPU, thus removing support for PS2 titles, but still able to play most original PS games.
However the resulting braille is not as easily readable as braille that has been freshly embossed, in much the same way that a poor-quality photocopy is not as readable as the original.
However, legal title to all land in the City of Berkeley remains based on the original Peralta land grant.
However, after 1998, it began to describe the drink as Cuba Libre – literally translated as " Free Cuba " which is the original name of the drink and how it's mostly called in Latin America.
However, following bad sales of Dark Void and Bionic Commando, the company's management has decided to limit outsourcing to sequels and newer versions of installments in existing franchises, reserving the development of original titles for its in-house teams.
However, the term is applied to multidimensional data as well as to univariate data and in situations where a transformation of the data values for some or all dimensions would usually be considered necessary: in the latter cases, the notion of a " central location " is retained in converting an " average " computed for the transformed data back to the original units.
However, the details of the story are at best uncertain ( see for discussion of the original Wolfgang Sartorius von Waltershausen source and the changes in other versions ); some authors, such as Joseph Rotman in his book A first course in Abstract Algebra, question whether it ever happened.
However, the Coes write that xicalli referred to the gourd out of which the beverage was consumed and that the use of a frothing stick ( known as a molinollo ) was a product of creolisation between the Spanish and Aztec ; the original frothing method used by the indigenous people was simply pouring the drink from a height into another vessel.
However, the original Counter-Strike is still available and played by many people via Steam, as the two variants are quite different, and players inevitably prefer one variant over the other.
However, this understanding of original sin is what lies behind the Christian emphasis on the need for spiritual salvation from a spiritual Saviour, who can forgive and set aside sin even though humans are not inherently pure and worthy of such salvation.
However, he cannot permanently ' reprogram ' human minds to believe what he might want them to believe even if he wanted to do so, explaining that the mind is an organism that would always recall the steps necessary for it to reach the present and thus ' rewrite ' itself to its original setting if he tried to change it.
However, in the original article on Young from the first edition of the Rolling Stone Illustrated History of Rock and Roll and a subsequent article in the 1983 Rolling Stone Record Guide, critic Dave Marsh used this album to accuse Young of deliberately manufacturing a self-mythology, arguing that while his highlights could be seen to place him on a level with other artists from his generation like Bob Dylan or The Beatles, the particulars of his catalogue did not bear this out.
However the new version of the second Superman film ( known as The Richard Donner Cut ) restores as much of the original director's conception as possible, making it a considerably different picture.
However, it is more questionable if he indeed was carrying the " original " flag.
However, the term dharma can also be transliterated from its original form.
However, the original trial judge, Judge David Burnett, disallowed presentation of this information in his court.
However, a French court ruled, in June 1990, that a special lighting display on the tower in 1989, for the tower's 100th anniversary, was an " original visual creation " protected by copyright.
However, certain conditions must be met before the replication of the experiment is commenced: the original research question has been published in a peer-reviewed journal or widely cited, the researcher is independent of the original experiment, the researcher must first try to replicate the original findings using the original data, and the write-up should state that the study conducted is a replication study that tried to follow the original study as strictly as possible.

However and kit
However, the design has become so popular that several fabricators have begun producing the chassis in kit car form.
However, a company named Zero G released a " jungle construction kit " containing an exact copy of the Amen break, slightly sped up, to which Zero G claims copyright.
However, he does use a double bass pedal as part of his kit, as seen in various drum magazines.
However, the kit soon changed to plain red shirts with white shorts in 1923, a look which lasted until 1934, where the white shirt, black shorts and socks kit once again was adopted.
However, upon learning that using open-source software is forbidden by Nintendo for use with the Wii software development kit, the developers challenged the legality of the reverse engineering methods used by the ScummVM team, claiming that they therefore had no rights over the resulting code.
However, when Starr began to play, the loud noise frightened him so much that he ran out of the room screaming and never used his drum kit again.
However, after a brief transitional season in red on returning to the Welsh pyramid, they adopted their yellow change kit ( deemed lucky for the success it brought in Welsh Cup competition ) as the club's home strip.
However, this can be difficult for a pet bird owner to do on a larger bird, so it is recommended owners have the necessary tools on hand in a first aid kit.
However, for much of the 1950s and early 1960s, recreational scuba diving was a sport limited to those who were able to afford or make their own kit, and prepared to undergo intensive training to use it.
However, hybrids between the two occur naturally where their ranges overlap, and some mammalogists classify the two as subspecies of a single species, usually treated as Vulpes velox ( with the swift fox being described as V. velox velox and the kit fox as V. velox macrotis ).
However, the team sometimes wears all white kit even at home.
However, it is possible to test any ecstasy pill that is bought with a pill testing kit before it is consumed to determine its content, and to monitor reported results from drug testing laboratories and avoid any pills that are reported to contain PMA.
However blue remained one of Dynamo's colours and is still a main colour of the club's away kit.
However, Robin gives back some money to the rabbits, giving his hat and archery kit to the young rabbit Skippy for his birthday.
However the crest was green and white from the beginning, the team's first ever home kit was blue.
However, in recent times, the home and away kit has either been all-blue, all-red or all-white.
However, when ROTR strips returned in Match of the Day Magazine in 1997, a new kit had been introduced.
However, according to his Columbia Studios press kit biography, his studies were interrupted when he was knocked down a flight of stairs during a " student rush ," which resulted in a three-month hospital stay.
However, the kit remained there in storage until 1895, presumably because the IBEAC did not succeed in starting to build the railway that would deliver the kit to the lake.
However, in order to achieve these levels of power it is necessary to make quite a number of changes-exchanging the intercooler for a larger version and relocating it to the front bumper, installing a revised exhaust and induction kit, plus a number of electronic engine management devices to alter the fuelling and turbo boost safety points.
However, even in cases where the operating system cannot be modified, still components may be available that enable many of the significant performance advantages of paravirtualization ; for example, the XenWindowsGplPv project provides a kit of paravirtualization-aware device drivers, licensed under the terms of the GPL, that are intended to be installed into a Microsoft Windows virtual-guest running on the Xen hypervisor.
However, the previous kit had been BB 295.

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