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However and smooth
However, this does not guarantee that the rasterized output looks sufficiently smooth, because the points may be spaced too far apart.
However, motion may not be as smooth as interlaced video which uses 50 or 59. 94 fields per second, particularly if they employ the 24 frames per second standard of film.
However, for abundant caution, several foreign jurisdictions adopted legislation to ensure a smooth transition.
However, dextropropoxyphene is still prescribed for the short term relief of opiate withdrawal symptoms, particularly when the aim of treatment is to smooth detoxification to a drug free state rather than a switch to maintenance treatment.
However, eggs are laid on a flat piece of slate or other smooth hard material, to which they adhere.
However, the most important contribution of Minkowski's geometric viewpoint of spacetime turned out to be in Einstein's later development of general relativity, since the correct description of the effect of gravitation on space and time was found to be most easily visualized as a " warp " or stretching in the geometrical fabric of space and time, in a smooth and continuous way that changed smoothly from point-to-point along the spacetime fabric.
However, a smooth solid copper shield would be heavy, inflexible, and expensive.
However, it is often the case that the function we are trying to integrate is not smooth over the interval.
However the transfer was not smooth and peaceful.
However, unlike a fluid, traffic flow is often affected by signals or other events at junctions that periodically affect the smooth flow of traffic.
However, animals will readily lean on mild steel smooth wire, stretching it out of shape or loosening it from the posts, and for this reason it is often used in high-tensile form, which more easily springs back to its original length.
However it does when a suitable form of Poincaré duality holds, for example if f is smooth and proper, or if one works with perverse sheaves rather than sheaves as in.
However, a distinct and drastic change occurs at one point where the water transitions from a series of small connected pools with pebbled / mud bottoms to a smooth and fast slide over bedrock.
However, they do not find it easy to make their way up extremely smooth surfaces such as glass.
However the work of Latham and others showed that emission could also be associated with the presence of semiconducting inclusions in smooth surfaces.
However, in the case of the Icelandic horse, where the pace is known as the skeið, " flying pace " or flugskeið, it is a smooth and highly valued gait, ridden in short bursts at great speed.
However, smooth muscle containing tissue tend to demonstrate greater elasticity and function within a larger length-tension curve than striated muscle.
However, the higher and lower parts of such a keymap may sound unnatural, and, when arranging a pitched instrument over several keymaps, the transition from one to another may be too noticeable for realistic imitation of the instrument-the art is to make transitions as smooth as possible.
However, Whitebark Pine needles are entire ( smooth when rubbed gently in either direction ), whereas Western White Pine needles are finely serrated ( feeling rough when rubbed gently from tip to base ).
However, bundles can have equivalent smooth structures ( and thus the same first Chern class ) but different holomorphic structures.
However, his relations with Justinian II, the Byzantine Emperor, were far from smooth.
However, if pumping is done quickly enough, the end result is a virtually smooth stream.
However all 1080 backbone node owners are obliged to accept responsibility for the smooth running of their node, follow the basic rules of the community and follow basic network neutrality rules.

However and muscle
However, both cnidarians and ctenophores have a type of muscle that, in more complex animals, arises from the middle cell layer.
However, it is now known that only around 10 % of a dose of PCP is removed by the kidneys, which would make increased urinary clearance of little consequence ; furthermore, urinary acidification is dangerous, as it may induce acidosis and worsen rhabdomyolysis ( muscle breakdown ), which is not an unusual manifestation of PCP toxicity.
However, it has one distinct advantage, H-FIRE does not cause muscle contraction in the patient and therefore there is no need for a paralytic agent.
However, under the direction of a physiotherapist, participation in physical activity can be safe and has been proven beneficial for persons with MS. Research has supported the rehabilitative role of physical activity in improving muscle power, mobility, mood, bowel health, general conditioning and quality of life.
However, a ring of muscle fibres is present within the mesoglea around the rim of the dome, and the jellyfish swims by alternately contracting and relaxing these muscles.
However, others will eventually require extra-ocular muscle surgery to resolve their problems.
However, reliance on clinical trials can be misleading indications of real-world adverse effects – for example, the statin cerivastatin was withdrawn from the market in 2001 due to cases of rhabdomyolysis ( muscle breakdown ), although rhabdomyolysis did not occur in a meta-analysis of cerivastatin clinical trials.
However, recent studies have shown that this is not so: any apparent muscle mass gained solely from the presence of hormones will be lost over time after the horse is gelded, and in the meantime, the energy spent developing muscle mass may actually take away from the energy a young horse might otherwise put into skeletal growth ; the net effect is that castration has no effect on rate of growth ( although it may increase the amount of fat the horse carries ).
However, general anaesthesia is not without risks, including post-anaesthetic myopathy ( muscle damage ) and neuropathy ( nerve damage ), respiratory dysfunction ( V / Q mismatch ), and cardiac depression.
However, opinions vary as to whether high-performance full-size cars, compacts, and pony cars qualify as muscle cars.
However, after a few weeks the infant sometimes becomes irritable and has increased muscle tone ( hypertonia ).
However, it can be tested for by gauging the pressure within the muscle compartments.
However, more recent research has shown that brown fat is related not to white fat, but to skeletal muscle.
However, in contrast to skeletal muscle, cardiac muscle cells may be branched instead of linear and longitudinal.
However, an inward flux of extracellular calcium ions through L-type calcium channels sustains the depolarization of cardiac muscle cells for a longer duration.
However, non-central-nervous-system tissue meat can be processed and is considered meat, as are the muscle cuts.
However, if done improperly and / or on an unsuitable tongue a person can suffer nerve damage ( both subtle and extensive, sometimes even severing the nerve within the tongue ), inability to swallow or in extreme cases breathing difficulties due to severe swelling of the tongue, paralysis of the tongue muscle, a spreading tingling feeling, numbness and infection.
However, the arterioles of skeletal muscle, cardiac muscle, and pulmonary arterioles vasodilates in response to these hormones acting on beta-adrenergic receptors.

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