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However and timing
However, the timing of agrarian festivals can vary widely, given regional variations in climate.
However, the precise timing of the " take-over " is unclear, and different authors have conflicting interpretations of the fossil record.
However, the timing of the various developmental processes is critical to successful development of an apomictic seed, and the timing can be affected by multiple genetic factors.
However, there has been some debate as to whether or not Thorp's covert timing device is a wearable computer in the modern sense of " computer " as a general-purpose device.
However, Sitchin's proposed series of rogue planetary collisions differ in both details and timing.
However the first attempt to synchronize the sound with the animation was a disaster with the timing being all wrong.
However, the timing of these latter series was almost as poor as in the ' 70s, as about 3 years after Mattel bought the Matchbox brand, development of the Collectibles range was effectively halted, and Matchbox Collectibles Inc. was mothballed.
However, even analogue uses of the scan, such as operating instruments directly, benefits from the recreated master because of the way it removes timing errors from the basic scan, and in so doing allows the accuracy of the scanner itself to be calibrated.
However, the timing of the election was thwarted twice by external events, in particular the hunger strikes of IRA volunteers for political status.
However, the type of timing in this instance is somewhat different from the timing noted in The Ground Book since this variety of timing requires looking at the various physical factors which affect an enemy during battle, such as determining if strength is waning or rising within a group of troopers.
However, Mason argued that the timing of a such a war was determined by domestic political pressures, especially as relating to a failing economy, and had nothing to do with what Hitler wanted.
However, the absence of the studio audiences made it more difficult for the actors to judge the timing of the laughs.
However, the firmware failed to take into account that the Doppler shift would have changed not only the carrier frequency, but also the timing of the payload bits, coded by phase-shift keying at 8192 bits per second.
However, low duty cycle operation with long beacon intervals requires precise timing, which can conflict with the need for low product cost.
However, that point of view came under substantial criticism circa in the wake of various security scandals including mutual fund timing episodes and, in particular, the backdating of option grants as documented by University of Iowa academic Erik Lie and reported by James Blander and Charles Forelle of the Wall Street Journal.
However Coleman announced on January 17, 2010 that he would not run, saying " The timing on this race is both a bit too soon and a bit too late.
However for the low speed and the low compression of such early engines, this imprecise timing was acceptable.
However, as the DMCA allows websites 24 hours to comply with the take-down notice or file a counter notice, careful timing may mitigate the take-down notice.
However, imperfection being inevitable, the timing of the playback always differs to some extent from the original signal.
However, the timing has now been reset so that the tip must be depressed for at least 15 milliseconds before the lights will be triggered.
However, parrying requires precise timing.

However and availability
However, the availability of commercially farmed abalone has allowed more common consumption of this once rare delicacy.
However, as of 2010, it has limited availability.
However, the availability of a back catalogue of films on video also allowed for a different relationship between the viewer and an individual film, while private TV channels brought new money into the film industry and provided a launch pad from which new talent could later move into film.
However, as more Westerners were able to view the original version of the film ( especially after its availability on home video during the late 1980s ), and gain access to Japanese publications about the film, the myth was dispelled.
However, with increasing availability, people lower down the social scale and women began to have access to books on magic ; this was often incorporated into the popular folk magic of the average people, and in particular that of the cunning folk, who were professionally involved in folk magic.
However, he changed his press policies after the 1929 stock market crash, screening reporters and greatly reducing his availability.
However, availability is not guaranteed ; one is most likely to find it in stock in early December.
However, with limited availability of financial data on Railtrack, the political implications of owning the company and the very obvious preference of the government that the national railway network should go to Network Rail, no bidders apart from Network Rail were forthcoming, and Network Rail bought Railtrack plc on 3 October 2002.
However, stellarators, unlike tokamaks, do not require a toroidal current, so that the expense and complexity of current drive and / or the loss of availability and periodic stresses of pulsed operation can be avoided, and there is no risk of toroidal current disruptions.
However, court cases such as U. S. v. Schoon have greatly curtailed the availability of the political necessity defense.
However, typical availability values are specified in decimal ( such as 0. 9998 ).
However, no system can guarantee 100. 000 % reliability ; and as such, no system can assure 100. 000 % availability.
However, when it's more important to minimize cost and increase component availability, such as with manufacturing equipment, a more bottom-up approach would be taken, and as many off-the-shelf components ( bolts, gears, bearings, etc ) would be selected as possible.
However, atmospheric nitrogen has limited availability for biological use, leading to a scarcity of usable nitrogen in many types of ecosystems.
However, the availability today of worldwide, high-bandwidth optical fibre networks makes it possible to do VLBI in real time.
However, the decreasing availability of large ponderosa pine and high transportation costs have resulted in a significant decrease in importance of this economic sector.
However, as the internet grew in availability and speed, fansub groups were able to host and distribute fansubs online easily.
However, advances in technology and the greater availability of lower mass piggyback slots on more launch vehicles led to a redesign similar to NanoSail-D, called LightSail-1, announced in November 2009.
However, he decided it was time to find a new studio based in Los Angeles that might be more suitable to his skills, and began spreading the word of his availability.
However, the easy availability of software samplers / synthesizers and sequencers has caused some professional musicians to adopt other music software.
However, the family and the BBC cannot agree on the availability of the show after its weekly broadcast.
However, the immediate sales lift due to improved availability is a countervailing factor.
However, the availability of light, the source of energy for photosynthesis, and mineral nutrients, the building blocks for new growth, play crucial roles in regulating primary production in the ocean.
However, due to the availability of more advanced anti-ship missile with similar range, such as the C-602, the future of XW-41, like others in the Silkworm missile family, is uncertain despite its successful trials.

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