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However and vast
However, traditional cakes made at home have a vast directory of revenue, according to the habits and customs of each family.
" However, the vast majority of evolutionary biologists, anthropologists and paleontologists completely dismiss the possibility of the existence of sasquatch.
However, on 14 May, with considerable skill Marshal Tallard managed to bring 10, 000 reinforcements and vast supplies and munitions through the difficult terrain, whilst outmanoeuvring Baron Thüngen, the Imperial general who sought to block his path.
However, today the IUPAC system of chemical nomenclature allows chemists to specify by name specific compounds amongst the vast variety of possible chemicals.
However, the plantations, both under their previous private ownership and under government administration, proved consistently unprofitable due to the introduction of new oils and lubricants in the international marketplace, and the establishment of vast coconut plantations in the East Indies and the Philippines.
However, the vast majority has yet to be classified and assigned to genera and higher taxa.
However, the vast majority regarded the state's Communist ideals to be a nothing more than a deceptive method for government control.
However, even in the 18th century, the vast majority of people in Europe lacked formal schooling, which means they were homeschooled or received no education at all.
However, this vast land had a population of only 14 million.
However, the vast majority of its seats were lost at the 2009 council elections, including its entire traditional Dublin base, where-with the exception of a Town Council Seat in Balbriggan-it now holds no council seats at all in Dublin and only three County Council seats in total.
However, the vast majority of women in the Greco-Roman world very likely received their maternity care from hired midwives.
However, it proved costly to keep, consumed a vast amount of money and subsequently led to other parts of the French Armed Forces being underfunded.
However, notaries public in the U. S., of which the vast majority are lay people, require only a brief training seminar and are expressly forbidden to engage in any activities that could be construed as the practice of law unless they are also qualified attorneys.
However, the rapid development ( 8 % of increase of passengers served at Polish airports in 2008 compared to 2007 ) of the unsaturated market and the existence of vast areas of land, not covered by airports within 100 kilometers of journey, allow to assume that many new airports could be necessary to properly serve this land pupulated by appox.
However, the 20th century witnessed a vast expansion of the use of executive agreements, and critics have challenged the extent of that use as supplanting the treaty process and removing constitutionally prescribed checks and balances over the executive in foreign relations.
However, the vast majority of events in professional wrestling are entirely preplanned or improvised within accepted boundaries.
However, the cost of building such vast modern fortifications was incredibly high, and was often too much for individual cities to undertake.
However, even within present-day states there are vast areas of wilderness, like the Amazon Rainforest, which are uninhabited or inhabited solely or mostly by indigenous people ( and some of them remain uncontacted ).
However, since the majority of hauling is done on the interstate system, the vast majority of trucks and trailers made in the U. S. are built to the specifications of the Department of Transportation ( DOT ), which governs the use of the interstate system.
However, these methods cannot address all use case scenarios for the vast number of peripheral types being put to use today.
However, the Dauphin, as heir apparent to the French throne, was a problematic choice: he would have unified the French and the Spanish crowns and controlled a vast empire that would have threatened the European balance of power.
However, his great rival Thucydides promptly discarded Herodotus's all-embracing approach to history, offering instead a more precise, sharply focused monograph, dealing not with vast empires over the centuries but with 27 years of war between Athens and Sparta.
However, the vast majority of Americans did not live in New York City, and the decision-makers who did live there probably relied more on staid newspapers like the Times, The Sun, or the Post.
However, the continuously built-up area trespass by far the city limits and forms a vast urban agglomeration with the large residential suburs of Assago, Opera, San Donato Milanese, San Giuliano Milanese, Cologno Monzese and Segrate to the south and east, the industrial towns of Sesto San Giovanni, Cinisello Balsamo, Paderno Dugnano, Rho, Legnano and Busto Arsizio to the north and west, up to including Monza and many other lesser settlements.

However and majority
However, in drafting opinions, the Chief Justice enjoys additional influence in case disposition if in the majority through his power to assign who writes the opinion.
However, the Taimanis, Ferozkohis, and Jamshidis are of Iranian origin, and refer to themselves as Tajik ; the majority of the Aimaqs in Afghanistan are of these latter three sub-groups.
However, in private, many British officials agreed with the interpretation of the Zionists that a state would be established when a Jewish majority was achieved.
However, in the run-up to the 1997 general election, Labour opposition Tony Blair was in talks with Liberal Democrat leader Paddy Ashdown about forming a coalition government if Labour failed to win a majority at the election ; however there was never any need for a coalition to be formed as Labour won the election by a landslide.
However, when refined by the removal of the bran and germ, the remaining endosperm is mostly carbohydrate and lacks the majority of the other nutrients.
However, Sovnarkom, in which the majority belonged to the representatives of RSDLP ( b ) retained the right to approve members of the collegium of the VCheKa.
However, since the majority of Urdu-speakers settled in the cities and few settled in rural Cholistan, the countryside maintains a strong Saraiki community.
However, the majority of the important decisions are held not in the main meetings themselves, but at the informal ' retreats ': introduced at the second CHOGM, in Ottawa, by Prime Minister of Canada Pierre Trudeau, but reminiscent of the excursions to Chequers or Dorneywood in the days of the Prime Ministers ' Conferences.
However, the majority of the conflict's impact was felt in the shipping industry since diplomatic tensions between Britain and the Unionist North had deteriorated after Britain expressed support for the secessionist Confederate South.
However the great majority of families were headed by farmers, fishermen, craftsmen and laborers.
However, since the contras failed to win widespread popular support or military victories within Nicaragua, since opinion polls indicated that a majority of the U. S. public was not supportive of the contras, since the Reagan administration lost much of its support regarding its contra policy within Congress after disclosure of CIA mining of Nicaraguan ports, and since a report of the Bureau of Intelligence and Research commissioned by the State Department found Reagan's allegations about Soviet influence in Nicaragua " exaggerated ", Congress cut off all funds for the contras in 1985 by the third Boland Amendment.
However, a majority of the former Soviet Republics have not yet reached pre-collapse levels of economic development.
However, a majority coalition between the KMT, People's First Party, and New Party ( collectively known as the Pan-Blue Coalition ) prevented it from taking control of the chamber.
However, the majority are solved via ad hoc methods such as Størmer's theorem or even trial and error.
However, the majority of modern scholars view them as Jewish Christians, who taught that in order for pagans to belong to the people of God, they must be subject to some or all of the Jewish Law, ( i. e. Judaizers ).
However the majority of civilian casualties were killed by indirect fire from artillery, heavy machine guns and incendiary shells.
However, because he failed to achieve a fifty percent majority, he won a runoff election on December 28, defeating the center-left candidate Álvaro Colom.
However, due to larger losses of the SPD, the previous coalition no longer had a majority in the Bundestag.
However, a gerrymander may also be used for purposes that some perceive as positive, such as in US federal voting district boundaries that produce a majority of constituents representative of African-American or other racial minorities ( these are thus called " majority-minority districts ").
However the majority of East Germans over time increasingly regarded the state's ideals to be hollow, though there was also a substantial number of East Germans who regarded their culture as having a healthier, more authentic mentality than that of West Germany.
However, the elections were marred by controversy in the Senate race over the calculation of whether Senate candidates had achieved the majority required to avoid a run-off election ( in Haiti, seats where no candidate wins an absolute majority of votes cast has to enter a second-round run-off election ).

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