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However and turnout
However, following the November 2008 referendum on increased autonomy, which attracted significant popular support ( 72 % turnout, 75 % vote in favor ) the governments of Greenland and Denmark have agreed to a 30-point package that will begin to reverse these particulars.
However the gap between women and men voter turnout is diminishing and in some cases women are becoming more prevalent at the ballot box than their male counterparts.
However, political scientists today suggest that moving elections to a day such as Sunday might increase voter turnout, as the employed would have an easier time voting.
However, probably due to low voter turnout, the party managed to cross the required 5 % threshold in the 2004 European Parliament elections, receiving 7 % of votes and 4 out of 54 seats reserved for Poland in the European Parliament as part of the European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party, of which it is a member.
However, the Simon-Davis race led in the lowest turnout percentage in modern gubernatorial history, allowing a lower than normal amount of signatures required for a recall.
However according to Lyons, the Senators had a poor fan turnout due to a snowstorm and said they would only pay the Jefferson team roughly $ 200.
However, an attempt to amend the Constitution failed in 1939, as the turnout in the referendum was insufficient to validate the result.
However, the turnout of 48. 84 % represented an unprecedented high abstention in Catalonia's democratic history.
However, voter turnout was well under 10 %.
However, Australia's voter turnout as a percentage of eligible voters is only 81 %.
However, some political scientists question the view that high turnout is an implicit endorsement of the system.
However, except for a slightly lower turnout in the Eastern Province, Sri Lanka and allegations of fraud in the North, the election was calm and orderly.
However, in the 24 countries with compulsory voting, voter turnout is often already very close to 100 %, so if the major parties are roughly balanced in popularity, swing voters can have a marked influence on the outcome.
However, the parliament elected on the same day ( with a turnout of about 53 %) delivered a stunning rebuke to his neoliberal economic program.
However, they tend to focus on regions with low populations, low voter registration, low voter turnout and high sympathy for the project's goals.
However, apart from one ward in Hull where the election had to be re-run, the pilot elections were completed successfully and the turnout in the four regions doubled compared to 1999.
However, exit polls indicated that most voters opposed impeaching Clinton, and predictions of high Republican or low Democratic turnout due to the scandal failed to materialize.
However, Häupl has also presided over a period of increased voter apathy, with turnout dropping from 68. 46 % in 1996 to 60. 81 % in 2005.
However, there may be countervailing factors that produce a " donkey vote " even with voluntary turnout.
However, as with other by-elections, turnout was lower than at the general election at 71. 3 %.
However, should a bus attempt to enter the turnout often those using the turnout must make way.
However, testimonial matches for players who have given many years of service to the club ( i. e. one club men ) and are popular with fans have a higher turnout.
However because the province required 35 % turnout for the result to be valid, the city was merged regardless of the wishes of those who voted.

However and at
However, the General Court at Boston ordered the purchasers of Shawomet to appear before them to answer the sachems' claim.
However, despite the insight of many of his observations, his own conclusions are open to suspicion because of his failure to employ at all times the correct research methods.
However, at eighty-five, he had still been busy writing articles, reviewing and speaking, and I had never before known an Englishman who had visited and lectured in three quarters of the United States.
However, last night the tapes were not run at all during the evening hours and all we got on TV were a few snatches which Douglas Edwards and Huntley and Brinkley could squeeze into their programs.
However, in this case as elsewhere it was necessary to arrive at a single standard to be applied to all situations, representing an averaging of conditions, and thus to fix particular points in time which would be considered the dividing points between daytime and nighttime conditions.
However, because this vulnerability is mutual, it is to the advantage of neither side to destroy the opponent's cities, at least so long as the opponent has nuclear weapons with which to effect reprisal.
However, after you've seen all the historical piazzas and plazas, the places and forums, the churches and museums, the palaces and castles, and begin to feel at home in the capitals of Europe, you'll want to change your course and follow the by-roads at will, far from the market places.
However one looks at it, therefore, I'd say that your horoscope for this autumn is the reverse of rosy.
However, technical difficulties arise by melting at local hot spots.
However, the possible absence of a center of symmetry not only moves the hydrogen atom off Af, but also allows the oxygen atoms to become nonequivalent, with Af at Af and Af at Af ( space group Af ), where Af represents the oxygens on one side of the Af layers and Af those on the other side.
However, any oxygen nonequivalence would shorten either the already extremely short Af interlayer distance of 2.55 A or the non-hydrogen-bonded Af interlayer interactions which are already quite short at 2.58 Aj.
However, as witnessed by the large corporate bond calendar at present, as well as the record amount of municipal bond issues approved by voters, the over-all demands for capital funds seem likely to remain high, so that any downward pressure on rates from reduced demand should not be great.
However, the Attorney General of California, at the request of the Secretary of Labor, sought to have the jurisdiction over the issue removed to the Federal District Court, on grounds that it was predominantly a Federal issue since the validity of the Secretary's Regulation was being challenged.
However, Peterson, president of Bell & Howell, warned 800 U.S. marketing leaders attending a national conference at the Ambassador, that the future will belong to the industrialist of creative and `` unconventional wisdom ''.
In a long commentary which he has inserted in the published text of the first act of the play, he says at one point: `` However, that experience never raised a doubt in his mind as to the reality of the underworld or the existence of Lucifer's many-faced lieutenants.
However, even if the latent demand for demythologization is not nearly as widespread as we are claiming, at least among the cultured elements of the population there tends to be an almost complete indifference to the church and its traditional message of sin and grace.
However well chosen and cleverly arranged, such memorabilia unfortunately amounted to more of an interruption than an auxiliary to the evening's main business, which ( considering the talent at hand ) should probably have been the gathering of fresh samples of the Chicago style.
However, at the same time Montgomery selects as his hero De Gaulle, who is a militarist dominated by political ambitions.
However, lacking requested reinforcements from McClellan, now commanding the Army of the Potomac, Pope was soundly defeated at the Second Battle of Bull Run in the summer of 1862, forcing the Army of the Potomac to defend Washington for a second time.
However, i ' thar is also still an Islamic ideal to which all Muslims should strive to adhere at all times.
However, traditional cakes made at home have a vast directory of revenue, according to the habits and customs of each family.
However, while usually Greek festivals were celebrated at the full moon, all the feasts of Apollo were celebrated at the seventh day of the month, and the emphasis given to that day ( sibutu ) indicates a Babylonian origin.

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