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However and various
However, it is essential that the various mathematical symbols used in the equations be understood so that the mathematical processes can be done properly and in their correct order.
However, the various preconditions for the development at Ford stretched far back into the 19th century, from the gradual realization of the dream of interchangeability, to the concept of reinventing workflow and job descriptions using analytical methods ( the most famous example being scientific management ).
However, much of southeastern Europe and central Europe, including many of the Goths and Vandals respectively, had embraced Arianism ( the Visigoths converted to Arian Christianity in 376 ), which led to Arianism being a religious factor in various wars in the Roman Empire.
Thus there are alignments in all directions which would suggest there is little of astronomical significance, However, ethnohistorical records show that the various directions do have cosmological and astronomical significance with various points in the landscape being significant at different times of the year.
However, Davy failed to develop a new theory, concluding that " acidity does not depend upon any particular elementary substance, but upon peculiar arrangement of various substances ".
However, it reacts with molten metals, hydrogen, halogens, chalcogens and pnictogens to form various binary compounds.
However, Patterson and Gimlin claimed that they sought various experts to examine the film.
However, there are detailed records of various fist-fighting sports that were maintained in different cities and provinces of Italy between the 12th and 17th centuries.
However, breathy-voiced and aspirated stops are acoustically similar in that in both cases there is an audible period of breathiness following the stop, and in the history of various languages ( e. g. Ancient Greek, Mandarin Chinese ), breathy-voiced stops have subsequently developed into voiceless aspirated stops.
However, he also often relied on help from his closest collaborators, such as his long-time cinematographer Roland Totheroh, brother Sydney Chaplin and various assistant directors, such as Harry Crocker and Charles Reisner.
However, in more abstract and complicated CPUs and ISAs, a microprogram is often used to assist in translating instructions into various configuration signals for the CPU.
However, those terms have a wide range of meanings in various parts of the world.
However, much of later liberal thought was absent in Locke's writings or scarcely mentioned, and his writings have been subject to various interpretations.
However, little headway has been made to institute a playoff tournament, given the entrenched vested economic interests in the various bowls.
However, several CND members and supporters have stood for election at various times as Independent Nuclear Disarmament candidates.
However, many other classification schemes, some of which are completely unrelated, also use colons and other punctuation in various functions.
However in cold nights of winter they huddle indoor and engage themselves in various arts and crafts such as textiles, weaving, leatherwork, and pottery.
However, this reason was abandoned almost as quickly as it was introduced, since it had various flaws ( such as stories where Batman would disguise himself as Clark Kent, among others ).
However, it would not be until the early 1970s that courses began to crop up in various places in the Midwest and the East Coast ( some perhaps through Sappenfield's promotion efforts, others probably independently envisioned ).
However, it would soon come around to a more moderate standpoint and while preserving a hard-line attitude to armed struggle, the party began theorizing on various compromise solutions.
However, the legislation has not been implemented, although it remains on the Statute book and could be implemented subject to approval by the various Christian churches.
However, the claims of such cultural universalism have been criticized by various 19th and 20th century social thinkers, including Marx, Nietzsche, Foucault, Derrida, Althusser and Deleuze.
However, the differences between the various groups that make up the modern environmental movement tend to outweigh such similarities, and they rarely co-operate directly except on a few major global questions.
However, courts and various levels of government have indicated that the right is not without limit, and restrictions such as a prohibition of certain persons from owning or handling a gun ( convicted felons, mentally ill persons, persons under a restraining order ), a ban on certain types of ammunition ( armor-piercing, incendiary / tracer, explosive ), registration and restriction of certain types of firearms ( automatic weapons, short-barrelled shotguns, certain types of modifications ), and licensing requirements for possession or for public carry, have often passed judicial scrutiny ( although some of these points remain untested and others are currently under challenge ).

However and scientific
However, as of 2011 adoption of the new terms has been slow and usage has been limited in the marketplace and in the press, with notable exceptions such as Linux operating systems, several textbooks and scientific research papers.
However, the Census Bureau notes that these classifications are socio-political constructs and should not be interpreted as scientific or anthropological.
However, there is no scientific evidence that ORAC bears any biological significance in the human body.
However, sometimes scientific and philosophical terms are difficult to define without obscurity.
However, Darwinism is also used neutrally within the scientific community to distinguish modern evolutionary theories, sometimes called " NeoDarwinism ", from those first proposed by Darwin.
However, cold fusion by this mechanism has not been generally accepted by the scientific community.
However, the current consensus among the scientific community is that the extinction was triggered by the Chicxulub impact event in Central America ( which would have produced a sunlight-blocking dust cloud that killed much of the plant life and reduced global temperature, called an impact winter ).
However, epiphenomenalism flourished primarily as it found a niche among methodological or scientific behaviorism.
However, by the 1960s, scientific behaviourism met substantial difficulties and eventually gave way to the cognitive revolution.
However, the Britannica has also staunchly defended a scientific approach to emotional topics, as it did with William Robertson Smith's articles on religion in the 9th edition, particularly his article stating that the Bible was not historically accurate ( 1875 ).
However, it has proven extremely difficult ( perhaps impossible ) to replicate such extraordinary experiences under controlled scientific conditions.
However, abiotic mechanisms for stromatolitic growth are also known, leading to a decades-long and sometimes-contentious scientific debate regarding biogenesis of certain formations, especially those from the lower to middle Archean eon.
However, presently, there is no scientific consensus on whether Hydra undergo senescence, as discussed hereinafter.
However, scientific consensus is that there are at least two subspecies of the common carp, one from Western Eurasia ( Cyprinus carpio carpio ) and another from East Asia ( Cyprinus carpio haematopterus ).
However, liquid crystals were not popular among scientists and the material remained a pure scientific curiosity for about 80 years.
However, Dirac never formulated a complete theory, and so his speculations found no acceptance by the scientific community.
However, some schools of contemporary philosophy such as the pragmatists and naturalistic epistemologists argue that philosophy should be linked to science and should be scientific in the broad sense of that term, " preferring to see philosophical reflection as continuous with the best practice of any field of intellectual enquiry ".
However, their work rejects terraforming and Mars has been designated as a " planet for science ", analogously to Antarctica's current status as an ecologically preserved site for managed scientific experimentation.
" However, on May 11, 1987, the APA's Board of Social and Ethical Responsibility for Psychology ( BSERP ) rejected the DIMPAC report because the report " lacks the scientific rigor and evenhanded critical approach necessary for APA imprimatur ", and concluded that " after much consideration, BSERP does not believe that we have sufficient information available to guide us in taking a position on this issue.
However, when decimal representation is used for the rational or real numbers, such numbers in general have an infinite number of representations, for example 2. 31 can also be written as 2. 310, 2. 3100000, 2. 309999999 …, etc., all of which have the same meaning except for some scientific and other contexts where greater precision is implied by a larger number of figures shown.
However, although American evangelicals are overwhelmingly opposed to such things, other evangelicals are increasingly willing to consider that the views of the biblical authors may have been culturally conditioned, and they may even argue that there is room for change along with cultural norms and scientific advancements.
However the notion that a person should consume eight glasses of water per day cannot be traced to a credible scientific source.
However, lack of research and scientific testing compromises its status as an effective treatment.
However, evidence of hybrids between polar bears and brown bears, and of the recent evolutionary divergence of the two species, does not support the establishment of this separate genus, and the accepted scientific name is now therefore Ursus maritimus, as Phipps originally proposed.

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