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However and years
However, the last few years of your life, things seem to be changing.
However, in their junior and senior years, they generally forego their athletic pursuits, presumably in the interest of better academic achievement.
However, they were generally occupied for a mere 30 years or less.
However, the rail link between Abkhazia and Georgia proper has been closed for a number of years, forcing Armenia to receive rail cars laden with cargo only through the relatively expensive rail-ferry services operating between Georgian and other Black Sea ports.
However, the idea that electrons might revolve around a compact nucleus with definite angular momentum was convincingly argued at least 19 years earlier by Niels Bohr, and the Japanese physicist Hantaro Nagaoka published an orbit-based hypothesis for electronic behavior as early as 1904.
However, Sargon took this process further, conquering many of the surrounding regions to create an empire that reached westward as far as the Mediterranean Sea and perhaps Cyprus ( Kaptara ); northward as far as the mountains ( a later Hittite text asserts he fought the Hattite king Nurdaggal of Burushanda, well into Anatolia ); eastward over Elam ; and as far south as Magan ( Oman ) — a region over which he reigned for purportedly 56 years, though only four " year-names " survive.
However, Wolfram points out that at the time " Clovis got no farther than the Seine ; only after several more years did the Franks succeed in occupying the rest of the Gallo-Roman buffer state north of the Loire.
However, Mary II died childless in 1694, after which William III did not remarry, and Princess Anne's last surviving child, Prince William, Duke of Gloucester, died six years later, after which it was unlikely she would have any more children due to her age and the large number of miscarriages she had previously suffered.
However, the resurgence of expeditionary warfare in the past twenty years has seen the emergence of gun-armed wheeled vehicles, sometimes called protected gun systems, which may bear a superficial resemblance to tank destroyers, but are employed as direct fire support units typically providing support in low intensity operations such as Iraq and Afghanistan.
However, the resurgence of expeditionary warfare in the past twenty years has seen the emergence of gun-armed wheeled vehicles, sometimes called protected gun systems, which may bear a superficial resemblance to tank destroyers, but are employed as direct fire support units typically providing support in low-intensity operations such as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
However, one consequence of this shift in emphasis was that during the last years of his life, Dürer produced comparatively little as an artist.
However, Frazetta returned briefly a few years later to draw a public service comic book called Li ' l Abner and the Creatures from Drop-Outer Space, distributed by the Job Corps in 1965.
However, batteries need to be replaced every few years.
" However, he also added, " Another movie ... the problem is it takes a year and half, two years, two and a half years — maybe — to do that right.
However, two years earlier, Umlauf had watched as the composer's attempt to conduct a dress rehearsal of his opera Fidelio ended in disaster.
However, they then went into one of the longest championship droughts in baseball history, called by some the " Curse of the Bambino " after its alleged beginning with the Red Sox's sale of Babe Ruth to the rival Yankees two years after their world championship in 1918, an 86-year wait before the team's sixth World Championship in.
However, after a gap of 150 years, there is a final mention of Bastarnae in the mid 5th century.
However, 40 % went on to experience a new episode of mania or depression within 2 years of syndromal recovery, and 19 % switched phases without recovery.
However, owing to project delays, groundbreaking took place in March 1985, almost two years late.
However, when a national trade imbalance expands beyond prudence ( generally thought to be several percent of GDP, for several years ), adjustments tend to occur.
However, in more recent years, since the end of the Bretton Woods system in 1971, with the increasing influence of Monetarist schools of thought in the 1980s, and particularly in the face of large sustained trade imbalances, these concerns — and particularly concerns about the destabilising effects of large trade surpluses — have largely disappeared from mainstream economics discourse and Keynes ' insights have slipped from view.
However, according to another of their papers, no large releases of gas hydrates are believed to have occurred in the Bermuda Triangle for the past 15, 000 years.
However, due to concerns over the previous Cuban leader Fulgencio Batista the company had started foreign branches a few years prior to the revolution ; the Company moved the ownership of the Company's trademarks, assets and proprietary formulas out of the country to the Bahamas prior to the revolution as well as constructing plants in Puerto Rico and Mexico after the prohibition era to save in import taxes for rum being imported to the US.

However and activism
However, there have been moves recently to try to increase shareholder activism among both institutional investors and individuals with small shareholdings.
However, due to the escalating tension of the political scene Yeats distanced himself from the core political activism in the midst of the Easter Rising, even holding back his poetry inspired by the events until 1920.
However, as a co-founder of SANE, Fromm's strongest political activism was in the international peace movement, fighting against the nuclear arms race and US involvement in the Vietnam War.
However, he is too self-involved and therefore unaware that Carol herself has become caught up in an escapist addiction of her own: student activism, her own attempt to pay tribute to her friendship with Bobby Garfield and a call to action to stop the war.
However, conservative critics charge that the clinics have been used instead as an avenue for the professors to engage in left-wing political activism.
However, social movement activism is, like in the case of deprivation theory, often the only indication that there was strain or deprivation.
However, the school administrators took the photos down before they got the chance to be viewed, an act of censorship that prompted what Hanna refers to as her " first foray into activism "— the creation of an independent feminist art gallery called Reko Muse with friends Heidi Arbogast and Tammy Rae Carland.
However, a significant faction of the OPC, led by Carl McIntire, was strongly committed to a bare Fundamentalism, distinguished by such things as total abstinence from alcohol, premillennialist eschatology, opposition to the ecumenical movement, and political activism against the Communist Party.
However, the NUS was designed to be specifically outside of " political and religious interests ", reducing its importance as a centre for student activism.
However, it was not until the 1960s that student activism became important in British universities.
However, student activism did not begin on a large scale until the mid-1960s.
However, the intensification of his political activism would prevent Pérez from ever completing his law degree.
However, the tension between Faria and Moraes ' joint Catholic activism and Faria's homosexual attraction toward Vinícius was eventually to generate a cooling in their mutual friendship-Faria having even attempted suicide because of his unrequited love for Vinicius.
However, that which propaganda ennobled as activism was, especially at the grass-roots level, often only blind action for action's sake.
However the criteria for membership was somewhat laxed, the sole remaining criteria was activism in the base level organization.
However, activism for union per se was largely held off until after World War I and the Treaty of Trianon, with Romania itself oscillating between alliances with the Central Powers and the Entente, and with the parallel offer made by Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria ( the heir apparent ) to negotiate for a compromise ( see United States of Greater Austria ).
However, if activism is about arousing awareness of people, changing people's minds, and influencing opinions across the world, then ' the revolution will be indeed be tweeted '.
However, despite the historical reputation for left-wing activism amongst Keele students which once had the campus labelled " The Kremlin on the Hill " by local people, the university has more recently been a centre of apoliticism, with political groups struggling to recruit on campus.
However his early activism was confined to Fianna Éireann and then the Irish Republican Army ( IRA ) and as a result he was interned in Crumlin Road Gaol during the Second World War.
However, student activism continued at a reduced level despite these measures.
However, company spies had been present at the meeting and soon Kilbom was told he would not only lose his job, but also that his family, who lived in a house owned by the company, would be evicted, if he didn ’ t quit political activism.
However, Ranger Rick has taken this disinterest into account and has made some changes in its content to attract children and therefore promote environmental activism. NWF also publishes two companion magazines, Big Backyard, which is aimed at ages 3 – 7, and Wild Animal Baby, which is aimed at kids 12 months old to 4 years old.

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