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Hub and with
Botswana, however, continues to benefit along with its neighbours in the region from USAID's Initiative for Southern Africa, now based in Pretoria, and USAID's Southern Africa Global Competitiveness Hub, head-quartered in Gaborone.
In 2010, Caltech, in partnership with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and headed by Professor Nathan Lewis, established a DOE Energy Innovation Hub aimed at developing revolutionary methods to generate fuels directly from sunlight.
The airport has aligned itself as the Air Cargo Hub of the Rio Grande Valley and works closely with carriers such as UPS, DHL, FedEx, BAX Global, Continental Express Cargo, and Southwest Airlines Cargo.
The whole plot of Look to Windward relies on a Hub Mind not reading an agent's mind ( with certain precautions in case this rule gets violated ).
On September 16, 2002, the Vault Disney block was discontinued in favor of same-day repeats of the channel's original and off-network series, primarily to contribute to the network's then-upcoming " hip " image ; the removal of the block resulted in Disney Channel not featuring any programming targeted at adult audiences for the first time in the channel's history – with the only programming that intentionally targets the entire family being the channel's primetime feature films ; as of June 2011, Disney Channel is the only one of the largest American children's cable networks that does not target both kids during the daytime, and a family / adult audience at night ( Nickelodeon, The Hub and Cartoon Network each feature program blocks that target such a dual audience ).
Orbital illustration, with no apparent Hub
Responsibility for day-to-day administration of one of the Culture's Orbitals and the management of its complex systems mainly rests with a Mind, which is situated in a structure in space at the centre of the Orbital, known as the Hub.
The Streatham Hub project involves the demolition of Streatham Ice Arena, Streatham Leisure Centre and the former Streatham Bus Garage, and their replacement with a new leisure centre and a Tesco store with 250 flats above it.
** Proper full-speed ( 12 Mbit / s ) hardware & Hub controller with embedded AVR.
The Hub does not have the extensive cable reach or cultural impact as the other three channels ( although with the rise of the " brony " subculture, the channel's popularity has begun to increase ).
Publishers Henry and Clara Palmer moved their press for the Laidlaw Chronicle to Redmond, competing with the existing Oregon Hub and Enterprise newspapers, now defunct.
It was launched in March 2005 by the Hub City Writers Project with assistance from private donors and the city of Spartanburg.
Golfers have two courses to choose from in the Hub City, with the Alice Municipal Golf Course being the larger with 18 holes, long fairways and water hazards.
The building is a three-storey building of 4350 m < sup > 2 </ sup > ( gross capacity ), with the third floor accommodating the Innovation Hub.
* In the Discworld story The Last Hero by Terry Pratchett, Cohen the Barbarian plans to detonate an explosive called Agatean Thunder Clay at the Hub, to show the gods how annoyed he is with them.
He parted company with the manufacturer of ' The Hub ' but had signed away to them the intellectual rights to his future gear designs.
* Hub gears completely avoid the danger of collision with the spokes and wheel-collapse that derailleur systems can suffer.
* Hub gears provide a means for shifting gear ratios on drivetrains incompatible with external deraileurs such as belt drives and shaft drives.
* Hub gears tend to be heavier than derailleur systems with equivalent gearing characteristics, and the additional weight is concentrated at the back wheel.
* Hub gears are generally incompatible with quick release mechanisms / skewer axles.
It is also fondly known as the " Hub, Tub, and Pub City " because of its association with the bathtub racing and the numerous " watering holes " in Old Nanaimo.
The university also hosts many public events such as monthly lectures in the areas of physics and astronomy in collaboration with Astronomy Ireland, held in " The Venue " complex in The Hub ( DCU Student Centre ), Irish Inventor Association seminars held at the Invent Centre, the Gay Rugby World Cup and even an exhibition of rare 2500-year-old Shakyamuni Buddha relics at the University Interfaith Centre.
Although this plan failed, the area retains a strong link with sustainable energy and hosts the main offices for the National Energy Foundation ( which occupies a low energy building on the intended site of the National Energy Centre ), the Zero Carbon Hub, United Sustainable Energy Agency and the National Home Energy Rating Scheme.

Hub and What
* What is dry socket at Dental Hub
Later, Walter notices Hub lecturing the four toughs, using what Garth calls Hub's " What Every Boy Needs to Know About Being a Man " speech.
What is now " The Hub " was built for the Church of Scotland both as a parish church and as a purpose-built General Assembly Hall.

Hub and Every
Every week, the Hub gets a new Featured Member.

Hub and speech
Seeing how much Hub misses his Jasmine, Walter asks Hub to promise that he will be around to give Walter the rest of the speech when he's old enough, to which Hub grudgingly agrees.
The four greasers that Hub beat up also make an appearance at the funeral, showing that Hub's speech did have an impact, as the men are now mature and respectable.

Hub and truth
* Sea Battle Hub, a tutorial introduction to the discussion of the truth status of future events from De Interpretatione 9.

Hub and is
* Hub, in video games is a type of level that serves as direct access to all other levels
Hub lake is 50 kilometers away from Karachi near Kirthar National Park.
Miles is shipped off to the Hegen Hub after being accused of treason at home, and finds himself having to rescue his friend and Emperor, Gregor Vorbarra.
The classic John Updike essay " Hub Fans Bid Kid Adieu " chronicles this event and is often mentioned among the greatest pieces of sports writing in American journalism.
Also part of the plans, is the World Trade Center Transportation Hub, which will replace the temporary PATH station that opened in November 2003.
Notably, Star FM's south eastern network is programmed out of the Albury / Wodonga Hub, going to centres around New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and into South Australia.
Hub addresses are in the following form: dchub :// example. com, where 411 is an optional port.
* The Hub is the newest children's television channel, founded in 2010.
In addition to styling itself " The Peanut Capital of the World ", Dothan is also the self-proclaimed " Hub of the Wiregrass ".
Crestview is now known as the " Hub City ", because of the convergence of Interstate 10, Florida State Road 85, U. S. Highway 90, the CSX railroad, and the Yellow River and Shoal River in or near the city.
Because of its location, Crown Point is known as the " Hub of Lake County ".
It is believed by some area residents that the town got its nickname " The Hub City " because the two railroads intersected near the Ohio and Indiana state line.
Henry Hub is an important junctioning of natural gas pipeline systems located in Erath.
Dundee is nicknamed the " Hub of the Highways " due to the intersection of major historic thoroughfares at the village's center.
Dundee is also known as the " Hub of the Highway " due to the intersection of major thoroughfares at the village's center.
Westwood ( nicknamed " The Hub of the Pascack Valley ") is a borough in Bergen County, New Jersey, United States.
Belen is Spanish for Bethlehem, and over time has gained the nickname " Hub City " because of the Belen Cutoff of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway.
Alice is called the " Hub City " due to its geographical location between Corpus Christi, McAllen, Laredo and San Antonio.
Lubbock's nickname is the " Hub City ," which derives from it being the economic, education, and health care hub of a multi-county region commonly called the South Plains .< ref >
It is also known as the " Hub of Carbon County ".
The FrontRunner commuter rail is now open and runs between Salt Lake City and Pleasant View, just north of Ogden, and includes a stop at the Ogden Intermodal Hub.
Due to the confluence of I-77, I-81 and several U. S. Highways, and its location in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Wytheville is known as " The Hub of Southwest Virginia " and " the Crossroads of the Blue Ridge ".
From the Castle Esplanade, the short section of the road entitled Castlehill is dominated by the former Tolbooth Highland St John's Church ( on the south side at the foot of this section ), now the headquarters of the Edinburgh International Festival society-The Hub, and on the north side by the Camera Obscura & World of Illusions, one of the oldest tourist attractions in the city after the Scott Monument.

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