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Hugh and Petrie
The disguised airmen led by the pilots ( Hugh Burden ) and ( Eric Portman ) bicycle through the countryside to a football match, accompanied by many of the Dutch, where they are passed along to the local burgomeister ( Hay Petrie ).

Hugh and argues
Hugh Luke argues that " By ending her story with the picture of the Earth's solitary inhabitant, she has brought nearly the whole weight of the novel to bear upon the idea that the condition of the individual being is essentially isolated and therefore ultimately tragic " ( xvii ).
The musicologist Hugh Macdonald argues that Bizet's best orchestral music is found in the suites that he derived respectively from the piano work Jeux d ' enfants and the incidental music for L ' Arlésienne.
In the Hugh Nibley books There were Jaredites and The World of the Jaredites, he argues for the Pacific Ocean.
Hugh Nibley argues the Jaredites are essentially similar to peoples such as the Mongols in culture.
He argues that the political spectrum identifying the Left as progressive and the Right as reactionary was ( in the words of Franklin Hugh Adler ) a dishonest way of " privileging purported movements of the Left and demonizing movements of the Right ".
Historian Séan Duffy argues that the Bissets ( later known as the " Bissets of the Glens ") helped Hugh de Lacy, and probably ended up with Donnchadh's territory as a reward.

Hugh and more
In the Second World War, Hugh Cott worked to persuade the British army to use more effective camouflage techniques, including countershading.
Other historians have been more cautious in interpreting this material, noting that chroniclers also reported John's personal interest in the life of St Wulfstan of Worcester and his friendships with several senior clerics, most especially with Hugh of Lincoln, who was later declared a saint.
Although Jack Worrall claimed that he had invented the term " bodyline ", it is more likely that it was coined by Sydney journalist Hugh Buggy who worked for The Sun in 1932, and who happened to be a colleague of Jack Fingleton.
In addition to these smaller ceremonies, Hugh Hancock of Strange Company worked to add an award for machinima to the more general Bitfilm Festival in 2003.
The Ashbourne portrait of William Shakespeare, which hangs in the Folger Shakespeare Library was analysed by Charles Wisner Barrell, director of Photography at Bell, who concluded it was an overpainting of the Earl of Oxford, though more recent research identifies it as a portrait of Hugh Hamersley.
Perhaps even more damaging to Macdonald was when the Liberals discovered a telegram, through a former employee of Sir Hugh Allan, which had been stolen from the safe of Allan's lawyer, Sir John Abbott.
David Brady describes a " lull before the storm " in which, in the early 17th century, " reasonably restrained and systematic " Protestant exegesis of the Book of Revelation was seen with Brightman, Mede and Hugh Broughton ; after which " apocalyptic literature became too easily debased " as it became more populist, less scholarly.
He later became more independent and strayed from Hugh ’ s influence.
Hugh of St. Victor and Alexander of Hales alone express doubt, and characterize creationism as the more probable opinion.
Some of these names have additional meanings, like that of Brian Hugh Warner, more commonly known as Marilyn Manson: Marilyn coming from Marilyn Monroe and Manson from convicted serial killer Charles Manson.
These ideas were replaced by more complex " maps " of affinities in works by Hugh Edwin Strickland and Alfred Russell Wallace.
* High relief and low relief illustrations of the Aten show it with a curved surface ( see for example the photograph illustrating this article ), therefore, the late scholar Hugh Nibley insisted that a more correct translation would be globe, orb or sphere, rather than disk.
Edward began to take revenge on his enemies, using an ever more brutal alliance with the Despenser family, in particular his new lover, Hugh Despenser the younger.
By Hugh X, Isabella had nine more children.
The cautious and penurious Ickes won out over the more imaginative Hugh S. Johnson as chief of public works administration.
Literary critic Hugh M. Richmond notes that Richard's beliefs about the Divine Right of Kings tend to fall more in line with the medieval view of the throne.
Hugh Gravelle and Ray Rees argue that more fundamentally, the underlying cause of market failure is often a problem of property rights.
Deems Taylor's scenes were deleted and a much briefer voiceover narration was recorded by Hugh Douglas as the studio felt the modern audience " is more sophisticated and knowledgeable about music.
Several thousand more Cuban immigrants built West Tampa, another cigar-centric suburb founded a few years later by Hugh MacFarlane.
Wildeblood had been convicted and sent to prison, while Winter and Trevor-Roper were more respectable: Winter was director of the Fitzwilliam Museum and Trevor-Roper was a distinguished eye surgeon and brother of the famous historian Hugh Trevor-Roper.
Lydia's crush on the Earl's son, Hugh, creates more friction between her and Nanny Collins.
Hugh Trenchard | Trenchard's struggle with the Admiralty resulted in the Air Ministry focusing more on strategic bombing, at the expense of ASW.
The association was then officially launched on 1 July 1967, the 100th anniversary of the formation of Canadian Confederation, with Governor General Roland Michener being the first inductee to the order — to the level of Companion — and on 7 July of the same year, 90 more people were appointed, including Vincent Massey, Louis St. Laurent, Hugh MacLennan, David Bauer, Gabrielle Roy, Donald Creighton, Thérèse Casgrain, Wilder Penfield, Arthur Lismer, M. J. Coldwell, Edwin Baker, Alex Colville, and Maurice Richard.
Parnell made it his business to cultivate Fenian sentiments both in Britain and Ireland and became associated with the more radical wing of the Home Rule League, which included Joseph Biggar ( MP for Cavan from 1874 ), John O ' Connor Power ( MP for County Mayo from 1874 ) ( both, although constitutionalists, had links with the IRB ), Edmund Dwyer-Gray ( MP for Tipperary from 1877 ), and Frank Hugh O ' Donnell ( MP for Dungarvan from 1877 ).

Hugh and is
Hugh Downs is heard interviewing Wright, for an added prestige fillip.
A Little Night Music is a musical with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and book by Hugh Wheeler.
In the series, E. Blackadder Esquire is the butler to the Prince Regent, the Prince of Wales ( the prince is played by Hugh Laurie as a complete fop and idiot ).
Blackadder is joined by his batman Private S. Baldrick ( Tony Robinson ) and idealistic Edwardian twit Lieutenant George ( Hugh Laurie ).
It is set on the turn of the millennium, and features Lord Blackadder placing a bet with his friends – modern versions of Queenie ( Miranda Richardson ), Melchett ( Stephen Fry ), George ( Hugh Laurie ) and Darling ( Tim McInnerny ) – that he has built a working time machine.
The Capetian dynasty (), also known as the House of France, is the largest and oldest European royal house, consisting of the descendants of King Hugh Capet of France in the male line.
The dynastic surname now used to describe Hugh Capet's family prior to his election as King of France is " Robertians " or " Robertines.
Only in the time before Hugh Capet took the crown for himself and after the reign of Charles X is the term necessary to identify which.
However, since primogeniture and the Salic Law provided for the succession of the French throne for most of French history, here is a list of all the predecessors of the French monarchy, all the French kings from Hugh until Charles, and all the Legitimist pretenders thereafter.
It is important to note that historians class the predecessors of Hugh Capet as Robertians, not Capetians.
According to Hugh S. Pyper, the biblical " founding myths of the Exodus and the exile, read as stories in which a nation is forged by maintaining its ideological and racial purity in the face of an oppressive great power ", entered " the rhetoric of nationalism throughout European history ", especially in Protestant countries and smaller nations.
This pattern was formulated by Hugh Rank and is a simple tool designed to teach some basic patterns of persuasion used in political propaganda and commercial advertising.
The town's oldest building is the Maguire's stone castle, built by Hugh the Hospitable who died in 1428.
The original relative state formulation is due to Hugh Everett in 1957.
Although several versions of many-worlds have been proposed since Hugh Everett's original work, they all contain one key idea: the equations of physics that model the time evolution of systems without embedded observers are sufficient for modelling systems which do contain observers ; in particular there is no observation-triggered wave function collapse which the Copenhagen interpretation proposes.
Many-worlds is often referred to as a theory, rather than just an interpretation, by those who propose that many-worlds can make testable predictions ( such as David Deutsch ) or is falsifiable ( such as Everett ) or by those who propose that all the other, non-MW interpretations, are inconsistent, illogical or unscientific in their handling of measurements ; Hugh Everett argued that his formulation was a metatheory, since it made statements about other interpretations of quantum theory ; that it was the " only completely coherent approach to explaining both the contents of quantum mechanics and the appearance of the world.
The film follows the adventures of a group of friends through the eyes of Charles ( Hugh Grant ), a debonair but faux pas-prone Englishman, who is smitten with Carrie, an attractive American ( Andie MacDowell ), whom Charles repeatedly meets at weddings and at a funeral.
* Hugh Tabbagh is the editor of videos, who is almost always seen editing in the audio-visual room whilst sitting, smoking cigarettes and coughing wildly.
Hugh Capet, the first Capetian king, is not a well documented figure, his greatest achievement being certainly to survive as king and defeating the Carolingian claimant, thus allowing him to establish what would become one of Europe's most powerful house of kings.
The tuning of the gravikord is an extended version of the " G " major / " E " minor tuning system of the Hugh Tracey kalimba while its overall physical structure is derived from the African kora.
Fresh water is supplied to London from Ware, using the New River built by Hugh Myddleton and opened in 1613.

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