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Page "Natural Capitalism: Creating the Next Industrial Revolution" ¶ 12
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# and Human
# REDIRECT An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding
# REDIRECT Abdomen # Human abdomen
# REDIRECT An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding
# REDIRECT Human factors and ergonomics
# REDIRECT Human – computer interaction
Timely's first publication, Marvel Comics # 1 ( cover dated Oct. 1939 ), included the first appearance of Carl Burgos ' android superhero the Human Torch, and the first generally available appearance of Bill Everett's anti-hero Namor the Sub-Mariner, among other features.
# Planning, preparing and servicing sessions / meetings of the Human Rights Council, the Subcommission on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities and related working groups and of the committees established by human rights treaty bodies and their working groups ;
# Managing the Voluntary Fund for Technical Cooperation in the Field of Human Rights ;
# Implementing the Plan of Action of the United Nations Decade for Human Rights Education, including the development of information and educational materials ;
# Providing substantive and administrative support to human rights fact-finding and investigatory mechanisms, such as special rapporteurs, representatives and experts and working groups mandated by the Commission on Human Rights and / or the Economic and Social Council to deal with specific country situations or phenomena of human rights violations worldwide, as well as the General Assembly's Special Committee to Investigate Israeli Practices Affecting the Human Rights of the Palestinian People and Other Arabs of the Occupied Territories ;
# Human law or specific rules applicable to specific circumstances.
# Human behavior, experience, and cognition
# REDIRECT Human subject research
# REDIRECT Human subject research
# redirect Human subject research
# REDIRECT Human sexual activity
# REDIRECT Human sexual activity
# REDIRECT Human sexual activity
# REDIRECT Human sexual activity
# REDIRECT Human sexual activity

# and welfare
# The Absolutist View rejects all compromise and believes that, if obeying the scripture costs the welfare of the believer, then that is a reasonable sacrifice for salvation.
# reserves managed for the welfare of a particular village, town or tribe ( see also ḥaram, although that term usually refers more to water protection measures )
# Refinement refers to methods that alleviate or minimize potential pain, suffering or distress, and enhance animal welfare for the animals still used.
# SGI shall contribute to peace, culture and education for the happiness and welfare of all humanity based on Buddhist respect for the sanctity of life.
# Emunah of America: Chapters and divisions around the United States support Israel ’ s largest Religious Zionist educational and social welfare organizations.
# there was to be global economic cooperation and advancement of social welfare ;
# REDIRECT Corporate welfare
# The ideal Social-Democratic welfare state is based on the principle of universalism granting access to benefits and services based on citizenship.
# Christian-democratic welfare states are based on the principle of subsidiarity and the dominance of social insurance schemes, offering a medium level of decommodification and a high degree of social stratification.
# Change in social welfare policies and focus on economic development and job creation at the macro level.
# Developing social services: health, education, housing, welfare, culture, and sports
# Preference for the welfare and collective well-being of the community over individual rights
# Our common welfare should come first ; personal recovery depends upon A. A. unity.
# Decreasing dependency on welfare
# institutions organised to protect the community against what are felt to be intentional dangers to it, with the welfare of the people thus sequestered not the immediate issue: concentration camps, P. O. W.
# Promote the welfare of my profession ;
# that the ultimate test of an action is its tendency to promote the general harmony or welfare ;
# Animal welfare is generally improved because animals are not kept in stifling conditions.
# We demand an expansion on a large scale of old age welfare.
# Everyone contributes to the upkeep and welfare of the village and works to become a productive member of the community.
# No disruptive behavior of any kind that disturbs the general peace and welfare of the village.
# the divine revelation as well as the moral and social welfare of all the nations.
# Kesejahteraan Sosial ( Social Welfare ), influenced by the idea of the welfare state, an emphasis on populist Socialism
# To make Pakistan a true Islamic welfare state to ensure justice to people and eradicate corruption whatsoever.

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