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Huyton-with-Roby and Huyton
Huyton was an ancient parish in the county of Lancashire which, in the mid-19th century, contained Croxteth Park, Knowsley and Tarbock, in addition to the township of Huyton-with-Roby.
By convention, Huyton-with-Roby contains Huyton Park, Roby, Longview, Huyton Quarry, Page Moss, Woolfall Heath, Bowring Park, Fincham, and Court Hey.
It is administratively linked with its neighbour Huyton by the Huyton-with-Roby civil parish.

boasts and two
It now opens at 10 A. M. and boasts a coffee cart and two computers.
The current " Precentor " ( Head of Music ) is Tim Johnson, and the school boasts eight organs and an entire building for music ( performance spaces include the School Hall, the Farrer Theatre and two halls dedicated to music, the Parry Hall and the Concert Hall ).
The area also boasts two regional high schools, Tri-Tech and Delta High.
Basketball-Bundaberg boasts two professional teams, both competing in the Australian Basketball Association's Queensland Conference ( QBL ).
New York boasts a few similar sections, as well as two short expressway sections near Albany.
Downtown Americus boasts two prominent examples of historic restoration: the Windsor Hotel, built in 1892, and the Rylander Theatre, which originally opened in 1921.
Cluj-Napoca also boasts other newspapers of local interest, like Făclia and Monitorul de Cluj, as well as two free dailies, Informaţia Cluj and Cluj Expres.
The city also boasts one of Ireland's two swimming pools, at The University of Limerick Sports Arena, as well as one of Ireland's top basketball teams, the Limerick Lions, whose home is also at the world class facilities on the University Campus.
Strabane boasts two brass bands: Strabane Concert Brass, five times national champions, and St Joseph's Brass Band, current NIBA Grade 2 Champions.
The town also boasts the two closest surf beaches to Nowra and is home to the Culburra Beach and Nowra Surf Club whose clubhouse is located at the northern end of Warrain Beach.
Tehachapi boasts two local orchestras.
Portola Hills boasts two separate club houses.
It boasts two picnic shelters, a tennis court and playground equipment.
The city now boasts two elementary schools, its own community center, hotel, church, industrial park, and expanding neighborhoods.
Ironwood boasts a rich cultural life that includes two theater organizations Theatre North and Ironwood Theatre.
The town boasts two traditional Dutch wind mills, two historic churches, two canals, and one of the Netherlands ' oldest taverns.
In her writing of " Our Town, Halltown as I knew it ," Matilda Winfrey gave the following report: " In 1925 our town boasts three churches, three general stores, one drug store, one bank, one feed mill, one telephone exchange, one canning factory, one blacksmith shop, two garages, one lumber yard, two barber shops, nine filling stations, three private homes in which one can procure rooms and comfortable beds at reasonable prices, two cafes, and Harvey's Chili Hut.
Columbia Park boasts tennis courts, two baseball fields, basketball courts, and a large children's play area.
In keeping with its seafaring heritage, Port Jefferson also boasts two recent America's Cup winners.
The town boasts two parks — Redwood Park features a beautiful playground with children's slides / activities, a swimming pool and several ballfields.
The borough boasts two churches, the Baptist Church on Elm Street and the Methodist Church on Laurel Street.

boasts and 18
North Rocks also boasts an 18 hole competition Golf Course and club facilities.
It also boasts a low student / faculty ratio of 18: 1, a highly respected Honors program, championship athletic teams and devoted faculty.
The park like environment boasts 33 individual indoor and outdoor venues within the 18 hectare site.
* According to Ask Wizards, Nassif also boasts the highest-ever constructed rating at 2318 in round 18 of Pro Tour – Kobe in February 2004.
Prime examples from association football are: German goalkeeper Lutz Pfannenstiel, who represented 24 different clubs, and he is currently the only athlete to have played professionally on all six inhabited continents ; Trevor Benjamin, who has represented 29 different clubs since 1995 ; Drewe Broughton, who has made 18 transfers in his career ; John Burridge, who played for 29 different clubs in a career spanning almost 30 years ; there is Jefferson Louis who, since the 1990s, has represented 29 clubs and his native Dominica once ; and Richard Pacquette who boasts 19 different clubs and even international honours in 10 seasons.
At 18, his parents died in a car accident, which he arranged and boasts about even while trying to say it was an accident.

boasts and hole
Bumpattabumpah now boasts the largest unfenced hole in the world.
Mtunzini boasts, among other attractions, pristine beaches, a 9 hole golf course at the Mtunzini Country Club, AA-Event and Guest House, numerous Bed-and-Breakfast establishments as well as a range of camping, caravanning and other self contained holiday accommodations.
The town also boasts a nine hole grass green golf course ( Valleyview Golf Course ).
The roof boasts the largest opening — a hole to the sky — of all current and planned NFL stadiums with retractable roofs.

boasts and golf
The hotel boasts a pool, spa, health club, and golf course.
Quimby boasts a 9-hole golf course, a rarity for towns in the area of relative size.
NCHS also boasts programs in girls tennis, girls volleyball, boys golf, cross country, and track and field.
In addition to the water, the park boasts of public trails and 27 holes of golf.
Österåker boasts several golf courses, many possibilities for canoeing, horse riding, fishing and other nature activities.
The city boasts a four-star golf course, a water park, and the Carl Hubbell Museum featuring memorabilia from a famous early to mid 1900s New York Giants left-handed pitcher.
The municipality boasts nature areas and is suitable for fishing, canoeing or playing golf.
It boasts world famous golf courses, the All Saints Parish Church, the Waccamaw School cluster, and several restaurants.
Due to the town's well-to-do, out-of-state summertime residents, Blowing Rock boasts top-quality restaurants, hotels, golf courses, and other attractions.
Sue Ellen appears in four episodes: in " The Caddy ", she struts down the street wearing a bra as a top, causing Kramer to crash George's car ; in " The Bottle Deposit ", Elaine spends $ 20, 000 on a set of golf clubs ( owned by John F. Kennedy ) for Mr. Peterman when she is caught in a vicious bidding war with Sue Ellen at an auction ; in " The Abstinence ", Elaine boasts to Sue Ellen about dating a doctor but then is made to look foolish when her boyfriend is completely useless during an emergency at the coffee shop ; finally, in " The Betrayal ", Elaine is so unhappy at receiving an " Unvitation " ( a super-last-minute invitation ) to Sue Ellen's wedding, that she travels all the way to India just to show up.
It boasts a Recreation Hall, a small golf course and ' Pangarap ,' a guesthouse where Dona Josefa Edralin Marcos lived for some time.
Mandurah boasts many golf courses in the area including the Mandurah Country Club, Meadow Springs Golf Club, Secret Harbour.
Above Hope Beach is the esplanade which boasts some traditional seaside attractions including an amusement arcade, a crazy golf course, and a children's play area, with slides, ball pools, bouncy castles, rigging, swings etc.
The region boasts large green spaces bordering rivers and lakes, bike trails, nature parks, museums, cross-country ski trails, ecological farms, golf courses and cultural sites.
The town boasts several sports clubs including Ramsey Rugby Club, Ramsey Football Club and Ramsey Youth Centre Football Club as well as a hockey team, a Gaelic football team, Ramsey Ravens swimming team and a golf club.
The Golf Club boasts three championship standard golf course configurations.
The Village also boasts a magnificent golf course.
It also boasts a rainbow trout fishery and an 18-hole championship golf course.
Recently the town has also become a preferred destination among golfers, as the town boasts several world class golf courses including Pezula Golf Course, Simola Golf Course and the well established Knysna Golf Course situated on the lagoon.
Leven boasts two golf courses, Scoonie and Leven Links-the latter being used as a qualifying course for The Open when the tournament is being played at the Old Course at St Andrews.
The casino boasts an impressive golf course, hotel, conference rooms, restaurants, gambling, slot machines, go-karts, and entertainment for children in the form of a small arcade room.
Krugersdorp also boasts an 18-hole golf course and Many Extreme Sport Facilities.

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