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from Brown Corpus
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I'm and hopeful
" I'm a very hopeful person and I think we can accomplish a lot through film in the ' 90s.

I'm and from
As far as I'm concerned, it was a separate matter from the general Committee study of Bang-Jensen's conduct.
I'll bet he wouldn't be pleased if a rumdum like me were to ask his daughter for a date -- I mean, after I'm out of the hospital, a month or so from now ''.
`` Evadna Mae Evans got all her baby clothes from Best's Liliputian Bazaar in New York, and I'm sick and tired of hearing about Evadna Mae Evans ''.
One of these days, I'm going to organize a gigantic exhibition that will span everything that's being painted these days, from extreme abstract expressionism to extreme photorealism, and then you'll be able to see at a glance how much artists have in common with each other.
" Pretty Little Picture " is frequently dropped from productions of the show, and one verse of " I'm Calm " is also frequently trimmed.
In the article published in the Journal, a line from " Floater " (" I'm not quite as cool or forgiving as I sound ") was traced to a line in the book, which said " I'm not as cool or forgiving as I might have sounded.
For example, from the statements " if I'm breathing, then I'm alive " and " if I'm alive, then I'm breathing ", it can be inferred that " I'm breathing if and only if I'm alive ".
Despite Edmund's respected intelligence and abilities, he has no personal fortune to speak of, apart from his frequently fluctuating wage packet from the Prince, as he says: " If I'm running short of cash, all I have to do is go upstairs and ask Prince Fat-head for a rise.
Bowie's song " I'm Afraid of Americans " from the Paul Verhoeven film Showgirls was re-recorded for the album, and remixed by Trent Reznor for a single release.
" In a recent interview, Mothersbaugh revealed a song title from the in-progress album: " Don't Shoot, I'm a Man ".
The album spawned hit singles from both Newton-John (" Magic ," No. 1 in the United States, and " Suddenly " with Cliff Richard ) and ELO (" I'm Alive ", which went gold, " All Over the World " and " Don't Walk Away ").
For example the words of " I'm a Man You Don't Meet Every Day " ( Roud 975 ) are known from a broadside in the Bodleian Library.
Carlotta amuses everyone with a tale of how her dramatic solo was cut from the Follies because the audience found it humorous, but somehow the number works when she sings it today (" I'm Still Here ").
Described as the " Maestro's spiritual testament ” by his biographer Tullio Kezich, excerpts culled from the conversations later served as the basis of their feature documentary, Fellini: I'm a Born Liar ( 2002 ) and the book, I'm a Born Liar: A Fellini Lexicon.
He subsequently wrote an article " I'm No Communist " in the March 1948 edition of Photoplay magazine in which he distanced himself from The Hollywood Ten to counter the negative publicity that resulted from his appearance.

I'm and more
I'm still not convinced, though, I'll have to see more of him before predicting that big year for him.
He said more loudly, `` I'm full, old Pop ''.
`` I'm eating more '', he would say.
The first substantially complete stereo Giselle ( and the only one of its scope since Feyer's four-sided LP edition of 1958 for Angel ), this set is, I'm afraid, likely to provide more horrid fascination than enjoyment.
I've heard 10 million mentioned often, but I'm more inclined to think there may be a total of some five to seven million families camping.
I'm sending you a couple of customers -- yeah -- just get them out of my hair and keep them out -- I don't give a damn what you tell them -- only don't believe a word they say -- they're out to make trouble for me and it is up to you to stop them -- I don't care how -- and one more thing -- Cate's Cafe closed at eleven like always last night and Rose and Clarence Corsi left for Quebec yesterday -- some shrine or other -- I think it was called Saint Simon's -- yeah, yesterday.
Dr. Fortman says if I exercise my leg more, maybe I can use a cane when I'm big ''.
`` One more and I'm coming out there ''!!
Besides that, I'm acquainted more or less with the defense hardware situation through my contacts in the Air Force.
Clint Black's album " Nothin ' but the Taillights " includes the song " Ode to Chet ," which includes the lines "' Cause I can win her over like Romeo did Juliet, if I can only show her I can almost pick that legato lick like Chet " and " It'll take more than Mel Bay 1, 2, & 3 if I'm ever gonna play like CGP.
: I'm tired of Love: I'm still more tired of Rhyme.
He gratefully accepted a plaque honoring the twenty-fifth anniversary of his MLB debut, but also commented, " I'm going to be tremendously more pleased and more proud when I look at that third base coaching line one day and see a black face managing in baseball.
But I'm really more of a Nazi.
In fact I'm becoming more and more of an atheist.
I'm much more interested in having people thinking about the ideas, rather than the person.
While the emphasis was decidedly on the commercial, there were occasional less commercial but more artistic and intellectual efforts like I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can, Atlantic City, Reds, Witness, Children of a Lesser God and The Accused.
Melson and Orbison followed it with the more complex " Blue Angel " which peaked at U. S. number 9 / UK number 11, a self-performed version of " Claudette ", and " I'm Hurtin '", which rose to number 27 but failed to chart in the UK.
" Crystal said, " I'm a little more optimistic than Harry.
He said: " I'm in regular contact with them, even Gaz, and it's looking more likely by the week.
The orchestral accompaniment for Donna Ribalda's opening aria, " Let's face it — I'm lost ", bears more than a passing resemblance to the " Rex tremendae majestatis " from Mozart's Requiem.
After years of relating more to Xander, he says, " Buffy was always the person that I was in that story because I'm not in every way.

I'm and traditional
The album's second single, " Now I'm Here ", a more traditional hard rock composition, was a number eleven hit in Britain, while the high speed rocker " Stone Cold Crazy " featuring May's uptempo riffs is a precursor to speed metal.
#" I'm a Soldier in the Army of the Lord " ( traditional, performed by Lyle Lovett ) – 3: 29
Much of the humour of the round came from the reactions of the two team captains: while Paul Merton was clearly familiar with the game and greatly enjoyed it, his opponent, Ian Hislop, admitted he'd never seen Play Your Cards Right and appeared mystified by the game's rules and etiquette ( when at one point Merton and the crowd shouted the traditional cry of " lower, lower ," to predict the next card in the hidden sequence, Hislop commented, " I'm not sure this program could get much lower!
With actor Pip Barnes, she tours with her three illustrated talks " America over the Water " ( about her field trip in the Southern States of America with Alan Lomax ), " A Most Sunshiny Day " ( about the traditional music of England and Sussex in particular ) and " I'm a Romany Rai " ( about the Gypsy singers and songs of Southern England ).
Janet tells her father that the boy he'd wanted her to marry turned out to be gay, prompting Harry to proclaim the virtues of traditional American masculinity ( Thank God I'm a Man ).
The summation of its opening statements (" I'm your only friend ; I'm not your only friend, but I'm a little glowing friend, but really I'm not actually your friend ; but I am ") reveals that while it is not really a friend in the traditional sense of the word, its job as a nocturnal protector of its owner ( the listener ) makes it their only friend while they sleep.
Hoyt says he has work to do and doesn't have time to talk, but the guidance counselor, acting as the " interventionist ", stops Hoyt from leaving, parodying Jeff VanVonderen's traditional intervention opening lines (" I'm here for these folks who really love you like crazy, and want you to hear them out, and then you can say what you want to say ").
The album featured new songs " Na vrhovima prstiju " (" On the Tops of Your Toes "), " Idem ( Kao da ne idem, a idem )" (" I'm Going ( Like I'm not Going, but I'm Going "), which is the first Bajaga i Instruktori song sung entirely by Milenković, and " Neka svemir čuje nemir ", which is a cover of a traditional Indian song, and acoustic studio versions of " Tamara " and " Tekila gerila ".
He says he cannot define himself as an athlete in the traditional sense because " in my opinion I'm a snowboarder and my own person.
Beginning with a sample of the pseudo-German nonsense phrase " Gunter glieben glauchen globen " from Def Leppard's song " Rock of Ages ," chanted as a replacement for the traditional " 1, 2, 3, 4 " to start the recording, the song ridicules a " wannabe gangsta " ( or " wangster ") who is immersed in hip-hop culture not because he truly loves or understands it, but because it is trendy, makes him feel tough (" friends say he's tryin ' too hard, and he's not quite hip / but in his own mind, he's the-he's the dopest trip ") and makes it seem that he can get all the girls (" and all the girls say I'm pretty fly-for a white guy ").
Well, that is not how traditional conservatives view the world, and I think most conservatives understand that individuals can't go it alone, that there is no such society that I'm aware of where we've had radical individualism and that it succeeds as a culture.
McGraw said in a 2001 South Florida newspaper interview that he never liked traditional one-on-one counseling, and that " I'm not the Hush-Puppies, pipe and ' Let's talk about your mother ' kind of psychologist.

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