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from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

I'm and sending
(' You, Legionnaires, you are soldiers in order to die, and I'm sending you to where one dies!
He commented in his diary " I'm also opposed to sending PW's to work as slaves in foreign lands ( in particular, to France ) where many will be starved to death.
He finds Kycilia's departing ship and salutes them (" Garma, I'm sending your sister to join you.
I'm sending a check to Linda's campaign fund this evening.
After the game Chaney admitted to " sending a message " and stated " I'm going to send in what we used to do years ago, send in the goons.
Now I'm sending them back.
At the start, producers and assignment editors would say, " I'm sending the ENG crew ", to distinguish from those still using film.
I'm also sending you a map that was found in your parents ' belongings.

I'm and you
`` I'm not advising you '', she said.
`` I'm telling you.
So I can hear you while I'm checkin' the car.
I'm sure you won't mind doing me a small favor ''.
`` So help me, Crouch, I'd like to kill you where you stand, but, before I do, I'm going to hear you admit killing him.
`` You might as well wait here while I'm gone, so you can use my shower if you'd like ''.
Curly hair, high cheekbones, wide gnomelike mouth, a pair of drummer's blocky hands, and a body that said well, maybe I can wrestle you for ten minutes -- but then I'm finished.
`` I vowed to take care of you -- and that's what I'm gonna do.
The young banker looked at him with a certain surprise, and then he said flatly: `` I'm afraid I can't tell you anything in particular about Kent House.
`` I don't know what I'm going to do with you ''.
`` I'm lucky that you were still living in Lublin ''.
`` And don't either of you forget that I'm not any man's property.
`` Can't you see I'm busy ''??
`` I was just sayin' to him that I'm all ready now for anything else you want done ''.
`` Oh, I'm so delighted to meet you '', she gushed.
`` I'm sorry, Mrs. Minks '', Arlene said in a tone so low you could hardly hear it.
So much for the tiresome facts, as familiar to you, I'm sure, as to the constables and state troopers who followed in your wake.
You don't believe that I'm going back to medical school and finish, do you ''??
I'm calling you, Mr. Nelson, at the request of Mr. Phillip Wycoff.
Pete turned around and said to Marty, `` I guess you think I'm a yellow-bellied hound.

I'm and couple
I have a couple of them I'm figuring on ; ;
I'm sure they were in the garage up until a couple of days ago.
If that picture gets around and I find out you had anything to do with it, I'm going to send a couple of my boys around to see you ''.
I'm not, by nature, a prose writer, but I'm literate, and I have a couple of people who are vetting it for me, whom I trust, who are excellent prose writers.
It has all the crazy stuff that I listen to, and my collections I've been making since the ' 70s for going on the road, when I'm sick ... Or the couple of times in my life that I have really been down, music is what always dances me out of bed.
On 15 March 2010, Liam defended his actions at the awards ceremony, saying " I'm sick of it all being about me and Noel, the last couple of months has pretty much been all about me and him so I thought it was only right to mention the other lads who played on the album and the best fans in the world.
That summer the band cut a couple tracks for a single, " I'm Your Witch Doctor " b / w " Telephone Blues " ( released in October ).
The album featured a couple of guest MCs, Bucwheed ( known then as Buckwheat, formerly of the alternative hip-hop group The Wascals ) on the tracks " On The DL " and " I'm That Type of Nigga ".
Scherrie performed Supremes ' classics like ' Stoned Love ' and ' My World Is Empty Without You ' as well as a couple of her own solo hits ' I'm Not In Love ' and ' Another Life From Now '.
This novel features the first such joke: aboard the Orange Bowl cruise, a tourist couple introduce themselves as a doctor and his wife ; a few minutes later, when his wife is bitten by a snake, the " doctor " does nothing, explaining that, " I'm just a radiologist!
Described by Tim Riley as " the echo of a left-behind affair that rebounds off a couple of self-aware curves (' I am not askin ' you to say words like ' yes ' or ' no ,' / ... I'm just breathin ' to myself, pretendin ' not that I don't know )," the song was soon covered by Joan Baez, as well as Judy Collins, who had a considerable amount of commercial success with it.
I'm sure he'd love to go a couple of rounds with these CAITI guys in a debate situation.
Republican administrations had enjoyed strong links with the Conservative governments, and the new Democratic President Bill Clinton said he intended to maintain the special relationship, avowing: ' I'm a great Anglophile ', but he and Prime Minister John Major were ' an odd couple ', who ' got off on the wrong foot '.
" He acquired publishing rights at no cost except the melody's rights kept by the authors, and, two years later, had a dinner in Florida with Frank Sinatra and " a couple of Mob guys " at which Sinatra said: " I'm quitting the business.
Sure, they've got a couple of fast bowlers, but really I don't think we're going to run into anything more sensational than Thomson and Lillee and so really I'm not all that worried about them.
He recounts the beginning of his career: " I'm a pretty good softball player and joined an entertainment league, and through that I was able to make some new friends and network my way into a couple of gigs.
( The album's cover photograph, which shows a young couple going to see a fictional movie, " Don't Shoot Me, I'm Only The Piano Player, starring Elton John ", also includes a movie poster of the Marx Brothers ' " Go West ", though whether this was an intentional subtle tribute to Groucho is uncertain ).
A couple of minutes later when that issue was going to be forgotten, DeSimone leaned over to Henry Hill and Jimmy Burke and said " I'm gonna kill that fuck.
It also includes the lyrics: " I'm a boozer / I'm a cruiser / Anarchist / Anarchist / An ' I kissed / A couple of local girls ", and " I've learnt two chords an ' I sing out of tune / If punk rock lasts I will make a fortune ".
I'm sure he'd love to go a couple of rounds with these CAITI guys in a debate situation.
Blagojevich told reporters: " They fear their leader, Mr. Madigan, and if Mike Madigan tells them to vote a certain way, they will tell you privately, and I've had these discussions with a couple of state reps, one of whom said, ' I'm afraid if I vote for the jobs bill I'll be fired from my job at Streets and Sanitations.
The score included the ballads, " He Makes Me Feel I'm Lovely " and " I Have My Own Way ", for Fagan and Lund, respectively, as well as " I Wouldn't Bet One Penny " and " Dee-lightful Is the Word " for the secondary couple, as well as a lively title song and the assertive " Sez I ," which framed the show at the top of the first act and the end of the second.

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