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I've and Said
* " I've Said My Last Farewell " Sischer
*" I've Never Said I Love You " -- Nina
Said Robert Romano, 10, who waited all day in the crush at Castle Park without getting to play, " It's the most awesome game I've ever seen in my life.
Lloyd Webber noted, regarding Paige's performance of one of the show's other prominent songs, " As If We Never Said Goodbye ", that it was " as good, if not the best, of anything I've ever heard of mine ".
Among his other hits were " In the Still of the Night " ( 1939 ), " There I Go " ( 1941 ), " There I've Said It Again " ( 1945 ), " Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow " ( 1946 ), " Ballerina " ( 1947 ), " Riders in the Sky " ( 1949 ), " Someday ( You'll Want Me To Want You )" ( 1949 ), " Sound Off " ( 1951 ), and " In the Middle of the House " ( 1956 ).
Said Fields: " I've waited all my life to say this ...
I've Said It Again " ( a # 1 hit in 1945 for Vaughn Monroe ) and " Mr. Lonely ".
I've Said It Again " is noteworthy for being the final U. S. Billboard number one single of the pre-Beatles era, deposed from the Hot 100's summit by " I Want to Hold Your Hand ".
The company holds the rights to the Goodson-Todman Productions library, which includes Beat the Clock, Blockbusters, Body Language, Branded, Call My Bluff, Card Sharks, Child's Play, Choose Up Sides, Concentration, Double Dare, Family Feud, Get the Message, He Said, She Said, It's News to Me, I've Got a Secret, Jefferson Drum, Make the Connection, Match Game, Mindreaders, Missing Links, Now You See It, Number Please, Password, Philip Marlowe, Play Your Hunch, Say When!
" ( There I've Said It )
Said Mitchell of the change: I've been thinking about going back to local television for a few years ...
* " How Could You Believe Me When I Said I Love You When You Know I've Been A Liar All My Life " has what is considered the longest title of any song in MGM musical history.

I've and Again
Comedian George Carlin, in a routine from his 1990 HBO special Doin ' It Again, remarked: " I've noticed that most of these feminists are white, middle class women.
One track, " I've Just Begun ( Again )," was first written when Keaggy was 17, and was updated for this album.
In 1992, he created and performed his second show, I've Killed Before, I'll Kill Again, which was also a popular touring show.
Other successful songs were " Dance Little Jean " ( 1983 ); " I Love Only You " ( 1984 ); " High Horse " ( 1985 ); " Home Again in My Heart ," " Partners, Brothers and Friends " and " Stand a Little Rain " ( 1986 ); " Fire in the Sky ," " Baby's Got a Hold on Me " and " Oh What a Love " ( 1987 ); " Workin ' Man ( Nowhere to Go )" and " I've Been Lookin '" ( 1988 ); and " Down That Road Tonight " and " When it's Gone " ( 1989 ).
She made four Columbia albums of popular music: I've Got a Right to Sing the Blues, Here I Go Again, This Fling Called Love and Together with Love.
* I've Got the Rock ' n ' Rolls Again ( 1981 )
Anderson hit the Top 20 with two from her I've Never Loved Anyone More album in 1975: " He Turns it into Love Again " and the title track.
This line-up recorded one album, I've Got the Rock ' n ' Rolls Again, which was released to little attention in 1981.
* " Soldier of Fortune ", a song by The Joe Perry Project from their 1981 album I've Got the Rock ' n ' Rolls Again
In the Family Guy episode " Play It Again, Brian ", Brian wins an award for an essay, and reads an excerpt that includes the lines: " Nothing from the first day I saw her, and no one that has happened to me since, has ever been as frightening and as confusing, for no person I've ever known has ever done more to make me feel more sure, more insecure, more important and less significant.
* Bee Gees-" You Win Again ", " I've Gotta Get a Message to You "

I've and ,"
" Archer retorted that " The old jokes are always the best ," for Anderson to reply " Yes, I've read your books!
In 1924, Auguste Lumiere recognized the merits of Marinescu's science films: " I've seen your scientific reports about the usage of the cinematograph in studies of nervous illnesses, when I was still receiving " La Semaine M├ędicale ," but back then I had other concerns, which left me no spare time to begin biological studies.
I've considered this matter enough and now I'm going to act ," in the full knowledge that I could have considered further, in the full knowledge that the eventualities may prove that I decided in error, but with the acceptance of responsibility in any case.
" The first two are " angry " and " hungry ," and if you've listened closely, you'll agree that I've already told you the third one.
" I've been working on a detective story that starts at the St Giles in the Fields church in London for the last two years ," she told NME adding that she " loved detective stories " having been a fan of Sherlock Holmes and US crime author Mickey Spillane as a girl.
He often said he was a fantasy writer, not a science fiction writer, and numerous times is quoted stating " The only science fiction I've written is Farenheit 451 ," elucidating " science fiction is the art of the possible.
" If I've ever had a magic moment in my life, it was popping that tape in ," said Jesperson, " I didn't even get through the first song before I thought my head was going to explode ".
Hillary Rodham Clinton's memoirs call Foster " one of the best lawyers I've ever known ," and compared him in style and substance to Gregory Peck's Atticus Finch role in the classic 1962 film To Kill a Mockingbird.
" Nothing I've done ," Doran says, " has held my interest like the cathedral.
" I've never known them to be anything but hard working, and I feel for them at this difficult time ," Mayor Daley said.
" I'm 36 years old and I've been lookin ' for a girl every Saturday night of my life ," he tells his best friend.
" Haring described the writing as " wonderful ," also saying that it " has got one of the most distinctive graphic looks I've seen in any game product " and that the " unusual drawings remind a little of Dr.
There's a fucking guy here telling me I've got a schedule, asshole ," Norton replied, " You're using dirty language, asshole ," ( The show itself was already profanity laden ).
Then, as Eleanor weeps softly in the stands, Gehrig addresses the fans: " People all say that I've had a bad break ," he says.
Lost creator and Star Trek director J. J. Abrams claimed the episode as his favorite, saying, " episode is a beautiful demonstration of the burden of adulthood, told in The Twilight Zone, which everyone thinks is a scary show, but it's actually a beautiful show ," and " The Twilight Zone at its best is better than anything else I've ever seen on television.
Along with these hits, his other " signature song " was " I've Been Everywhere ," in which he portrayed himself as a hitchhiker bragging about all the towns he'd been through.
Architect Frank Lloyd Wright, who visited Spearfish Canyon ( located between Spearfish and Deadwood ) in 1935, later called the area " unique and unparalleled elsewhere in our country ," and wondered " how is it that I've heard so little of this miracle and we, toward the Atlantic, have heard so much of the Grand Canyon when this is even more miraculous ".
" Martin Luther King, Jr., in his " I've Been to the Mountaintop " speech, described the Samaritan as " a man of another race ," while Sundee Tucker Frazier saw the Samaritan more specifically as an example of a mixed-race person.
The act left Motown for a better deal with Buddah Records in 1973, and achieved full-fledged success that year with hits such as the Grammy-winning " Midnight Train to Georgia " (# 1 on the pop and R & B chart ), " I've Got to Use My Imagination ," and " You're the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me ".
When asked by Spinner if there might ever be another proper GBV record Pollard said " I've thought about it sometimes but it's a very long shot ," he says.
Martin Luther King, Jr. said at the beginning of his last speech, " I've been to the mountain top ," that " Ralph David Abernathy is the best friend that I have in the world.
" I've pushed my last baby buggy ," an offended woman informed Goldman.
" If I say so myself I've saved a couple of sure flops ," he said.
It also contains a new recording " I've Got Two Legs ," which had previously only been released as part of live recordings, and the previously rare single version of " The Lumberjack Song.

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