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I and Said
Said: `` There are things I must tell you about this man you are marrying which he does not know himself ''.
Said Leatherneck Shoup: `` A year ago I took the grips of the plow in my hands.
* 1993 – Like I Said: Songs 1990 – 91
Said that I wouldn't last six months ".
: Said, " I am going to dine with some men.
Said Gaynor of her biggest hit in a 2012 interview " It feels great to have such a song like that because I get kids five and six years old telling me they like the song, and then people seventy-five and eighty.
Said correctly, I is.
Said Smith, " I didn't tell anybody about the injury, because I wanted to keep playing and didn't want anybody thinking they could run on me or take advantage of the injury.
* Because I Said So ( 2007 )
Said safety Rodney Harrison, " If I had to go through another year like that, I'd probably quit playing ".
Said Kilmer, " I wasn't sharp at all.
*( Said by Squadron Leader to Flight Officer Perkins ): " I want you to lay down your life, Perkins.
: Said, " I am going to dine with some men.
The They Might Be Giants song " Hey, Mr. DJ, I Thought You Said We Had a Deal " is another song about the practice.
The release hit the top 10 in the UK and also charted in the US, spawning four singles: Losing My Mind ; Don't Drop Bombs ; So Sorry, I Said ; and Love Pains.
Double entendres are very common in the titles and lyrics of pop songs, such as " If I Said You Had a Beautiful Body Would You Hold It Against Me " by The Bellamy Brothers, which is based on an old Groucho Marx quote, where the person being talked to is asked, by one interpretation if they would be offended, and by the other, if they would press their body against the person doing the talking.
Thing's I ’ ve Said but Probably Shouldn ’ t Have.
Their 1995 album produced the singles " She Ain't Your Ordinary Girl ," " In Pictures ," " It Works ," " Say I ," and " The Maker Said Take Her.
* 1964: It Must Have Been Something I Said!
Men Without Hats covered it on their 1991 album Sideways, listing the track as " I Am The Walrus (" No you're not ", Said Little Nicola )".
Episode 10: I, Said the Sparrow
The couple also spent time by the sea in Whitstable together, using the beach hut, which she uprooted and turned into art in 1999 with the title The Last Thing I Said to You is Don't Leave Me Here, and which was destroyed in the 2004 Momart warehouse fire.
Said Johnson, " I figured we could get better jobs with Chuck running the band.

I and Love
Yet there is the classic case of the Gershwins' `` The Man I Love ''.
That year, she also recorded a duet with singer Randy Stonehill for his Love Beyond Reason album, entitled " I Could Never Say Goodbye ", and recorded The Animals ' Christmas with Art Garfunkel.
Four other hits from the album made the Pop top 20: " Every Heartbeat " ( No. 2 ), " That's What Love Is For " ( No. 7 ), " Good For Me " ( No. 8 ), and " I Will Remember You " ( No. 20 ).
* " Love, I Hear " — Hero
* " I Love the New York Yankees " ( 1987 ), Paula Lindstrom
As music critic Tim Riley notes, " singing Love and Theft shifts artfully between humble and ironic ...' I'm not quite as cool or forgiving as I sound ,' he sings in ' Floater ,' which is either hilarious or horrifying, and probably a little of both.
In 1985, the trio joined up with Marc Almond to record a version of Donna Summer's " I Feel Love ".
" Run From Love " was subsequently released in a remix form on the Bronski Beat album Hundreds & Thousands, a collection of mostly remixes ( LP ) and b-sides ( as bonus tracks on the CD version ) as well as the hit " I Feel Love ".
Other key traditional pop and jazz ballads include: " Body and Soul " by Johnny Green ; " Misty " by Erroll Garner ; " The Man I Love " by George Gershwin ; " My Funny Valentine " by Rodgers and Hart, " God Bless the Child " by Billie Holiday, " Ev ' ry Time We Say Goodbye " by Cole Porter, the instrumental ballad " Naima " by John Coltrane, " In a Sentimental Mood " by Duke Ellington and " Always " by Irving Berlin.
Other notable examples include Nazareth's version of " Love Hurts " ( 1975 ), Foreigner's " I Want to Know What Love Is ( 1984 )", Scorpions " Still Loving You " ( 1984 ), Heart's " What About Love " ( 1985 ), and Whitesnake's " Is This Love " ( 1987 ).
Examples include Arsenic and Old Lace ( 1944 ), Monsieur Verdoux ( 1947 ), Kind Hearts and Coronets ( 1949 ), The Ladykillers ( 1955 ), Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb ( 1964 ), The Loved One ( 1965 ), MASH ( 1970 ), Monty Python's The Meaning of Life ( 1983 ), Brazil ( 1985 ), The War of the Roses ( 1989 ), Heathers ( 1989 ), Your Friends & Neighbors ( 1998 ), Keeping Mum ( 2005 ), and Burn After Reading ( 2008 ).
In 1989, Love taught herself to play guitar and moved to Los Angeles, where she placed an ad in Flipside, reading: " I want to start a band.
In an early 1999 interview, Love said about the Venus: " I wanted a guitar that sounded really warm and pop, but which required just one box to go dirty (...) And something that could also be your first band guitar.
Shortly after the record was released, Love told Kurt Loder on TRL: " I cannot exist as a solo artist.
According to Love, her main focus in the band from very early on was on lyrics: " For me, I was just about lyrics and performance.
In retrospect of those tours, Love said: " I was completely high on dope, I cannot remember much about it.
" Love claimed to have been sober as of 2007, and in May 2011, insisted her sobriety, saying: " That's not the way I live anymore.
This tango melody is also " No Other Love Have I " in the musical " Me and Juliet " and a popular hit for Perry Como during the 1950s.
* I Love Charlotte Bronte, Michelle Daly 2009
In 2009, Panettiere starred again as a cheerleader, this time as Beth Cooper in the film adaptation of the novel I Love You, Beth Cooper.

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