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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 839
from Brown Corpus
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I and am
`` I am.
Now, are you going to take me or am I supposed to walk ''??
I am with you, of course, Tomas ''.
And Hank Maguire added, `` So am I, Tom ''.
You must forgive me if I seem to dwell too much on her physical aspects but I am an artist, accustomed to studying the physical body.
If you tell him I made a pass at you he might think you misunderstood something I said or did, so instead of just telling him I made a pass, say I tried to date you and that you agreed so you could prove to him what a louse I really am.
Ballet dancer: Protests, tears, and `` take what you want, Nicolas, I am a dancer, you are a poet, it is all beautiful ''.
I don't suppose a wife should be grateful to her husband for saving her life, but I am.
`` I am an honest man '', the German said with fervor.
I am naive, they say, to make use of such words.
I am concerned here, however, with the Northern liberal's attitude toward the South.
I should like, by the way, to make it clear that I am not using the word `` Persians '' carelessly.
`` Now that Bruno Walter is virtually in retirement and my dear friend Dimitri Mitropoulos is no longer with us, I am probably the only one -- with the possible exception of Leonard Bernstein -- who has this special affinity for and champions the works of Bruckner and Mahler ''.
I am certainly not adequately trained to describe or enlarge on human fears, but there are certain features of the fears dispelled by scientific explanations that stand out quite clearly.
I am usually filled with an uneasiness that through some unwitting slip all hell may break loose.
I am not a philosopher.
`` What I am saying does not mean that there will henceforth be no form in art.
Both I and my feelings come up out of a chain of events that fan out into the past into sources that are ultimately very unlike the entity which I now am.

I and aware
Sometimes I was aware of people moving about in the darkness.
I'm well aware that you've got a pedigree as long as my leg, and that I don't amount to anything.
I was aware that when our eyes met we both quickly averted them.
And then I became aware that she, too, glanced at me surreptitiously.
Even as she was telling me about it I became aware of a give-away flush that suffused her neck and moved upwards to her cheeks, and subconsciously I realized that when she entered the store she did not switch on the lights.
I was aware of a humid look in her eyes that told me the time was opportune.
I will assume that we are all aware of the continuing struggle, with its limited and precarious success, toward conservatism.
But all this, I am well aware, is the bel canto of love, and although I have always liked to think that it was to the bel canto and to that alone that I listened, I know well enough that it was not.
At the same time, I am aware that my recoil could be interpreted by readers of the tea leaves at the bottom of my psyche as an incestuous sign, since theirs is a science of paradox: if one hates, they say it is because one loves ; ;
but I am so aware of an uninterrupted continuity of the persona or ego that I see only as absurd the tendency of some psychologists from Heraclitus to Pirandello and Proust to regard consciousness as no more than a flux amid which nothing remains unchanged.
and then I was adding my own voice to the crescendo of sound, hurling more vile language than I ever thought I knew, sobbing and shouting, and aware that if I had passed water before, it was not enough, for my pants were soaking wet.
No one could be more devoted than he to the American Congress as an institution and more aware of its historical significance in the political history of the world, and I shall never forget his moving talks, delivered in simple yet eloquent words, upon the meaning of our jobs as Representatives in the operation of representative government and their importance in the context of today's assault upon popular government.
Becoming aware that it was nearly lunchtime, I brought myself back to the tasks at hand.
If this attitude is seriously questioned in the Soviet Union, it does not necessarily follow that the majority of the society in which I live is too aware of the necessity for clarity on this ethical as well as aesthetic point of view.
He added `` I think that sometimes in this country we are not aware as we should be of the extraordinary work that is being done in this field ''.
I have also constantly engaged in scientific work and am fully aware of the value of opinions formed in science as well as in the religions in the world.

I and great
Although it was dark as usual I could see that the hall had only recently contained a great many people.
Though I had a great dread of the island and felt I would never leave it alive, I eagerly wrote down everything she told me about its women.
My great-grandmother, I have been told, made her garden her great pride ; ;
I shall continue to urge the American people, in the interests of their own security, prosperity and peace, to make sure that their own part of this great project be amply and cheerfully supported.
While I was sitting at one of the rewrite telephones with my derby and my great beard, Arthur Brisbane whizzed in with some editorial copy in his hand.
I managed to do this by the time the great A.B. returned to the place where he last had seen the fierce nihilist.
That would be a great help, I told him, thanking him for his thoughtfulness.
I am a great deal at the little children's Hospital.
I know you are very busy now, you are writing a great deal & your book is coming out, isn't it??
In describing it to Professor Baker after it had been chosen for production, he defended his great array of characters by declaring that he had included that many not because `` I didn't know how to save paint '', but because the play required them.
In his letter mentioning Shakespeare on January 24, 1597/8, Sturley asked Quiney especially that `` theare might ( be ) bi Sir Ed. Grev. some meanes made to the Knightes of the Parliament for an ease and discharge of such taxes and subsedies wherewith our towne is like to be charged, and I assure u I am in great feare and doubte bi no meanes hable to paie.
It reminded me of my other professor, Edward Kennard Rand, of whom I had been so fond when I was at Harvard, the great mediaevalist and classical scholar who had asked me to call him `` Ken '', saying, `` Age counts for nothing among those who have learned to know life sub specie aeternitatis ''.
At Lee Simonson's house, I had dined with Edith Hamilton, the nonogenarian rationalist and the charming scholar who had a great popular success with The Greek Way.
`` I leave this church with a feeling that a great weight has been lifted off my heart, I have left my grudge at the altar and forgiven my neighbor ''.
Lovingly, she accepted, and so great was my emotion that all I could think of saying was, `` You're amazing, you know ''??
I pay my personal tribute to Sam Rayburn, stalwart Texan and great American, not only because today he establishes a record of having served as Speaker of the House of Representatives more than twice as long as Henry Clay, but because of the contributions he has made to the welfare of the people of the Nation during his almost half century of service as a Member of Congress.
Mr. Speaker, I rise today to pay tribute to a great newspaper, the New York Times, on the occasion of a major change in its top executive command.
The people of the 17th District of New York, and I as their Representative in Congress, take great pride in the New York Times as one of the great and authoritative newspapers of the world.

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