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Page "adventure" ¶ 275
from Brown Corpus
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I and did
`` I think Montero did right '', Amy said firmly.
Such was my state of mind that I did not question the possibility of this ; ;
This light did not penetrate very far back into the hall, and my eyes were hindered rather than aided by the dim daylight entering through the fan vents when I tried to pick out whatever might be lying, or squatting, on the floor below.
I felt strongly attached to the hall, however, and hardly a day passed when I did not go to look at it from a distance.
I could not cling to my past nor did I wish to.
My future lay solely with the hall, yet what did I know about the hall at this point??
I wished to prepare myself but did not even know what sort of clothes I ought to be wearing.
I did not despair, however ; ;
For weeks I wandered about this neighborhood of warehouses and garages, truck terminals and taxi repair shops, gasoline pumps and longshoremen's lunch counters, yet never did I cease to feel myself a stranger there.
If I hadn't got Nate stopped when I did, my duds'd all be shot plumb to hell!!
`` No, I never did see his face.
Sometimes I wondered vaguely what he did about women for my Aunt, by blood, had died some years ago, but neither of us said anything.
True, she was my Aunt, married to an Uncle related to me only by marriage, but why she had married a man twice her age, and more, perhaps, I did not know or much care.
Even as she was telling me about it I became aware of a give-away flush that suffused her neck and moved upwards to her cheeks, and subconsciously I realized that when she entered the store she did not switch on the lights.
If you tell him I made a pass at you he might think you misunderstood something I said or did, so instead of just telling him I made a pass, say I tried to date you and that you agreed so you could prove to him what a louse I really am.

I and for
She said, `` I guess the Lord looks out for fools, drunkards, and innocents ''.
Still, I was disgusted with myself for agreeing with Montero's methods.
I saw the clergyman kneel for a moment by the twitching body of the man he had shot, then run back to his position.
Now under me I could see him for what he really was, a boy dressed up in streaks of paint.
He pointed out the switch to me and for a moment I foolishly believed that he would let deed follow words.
Now, here was something of obvious importance to me, yet when I reached for the tickets he snatched them away from my hand.
Having nothing else to do except wait for my forms to be processed, I gave myself over to speculations concerning the hall itself.
For although I had crossed a corner of the hall on my way to the toilet I still could not tell for sure how far to the rear the darkness extended.
I had for some time been hoping, in vain, for one of the dim figures to pass between the fan vents and myself.
It was, I felt, possible that they were men who, having received no tickets for that day, had remained in the hall, to sleep perhaps, in the corners farthest removed from the counter with its overhead light.
I was constantly searching for clues around the neighborhood of the hall.
I returned to the hall, despite my dislike for the clerk.
When I went for my interview with the director I saw why.
No one was behind it, but in the rear wall of the office I noticed, for the first time, a door which had been left partially open.
Was I sure, he asked, that I knew what I was applying for??
Though I doubted that he would understand me, I told the director my motives for applying.
He said in a studied voice, `` I didn't do it for you.
I was just doing my job, just following orders, and for that he's going to kill me.

I and valley
`` I loved this valley '', he whispered huskily.
Far up the valley I could see the Rees circling and reorganizing.
A people called the Akkadians invaded the valley under Sargon I and established their supremacy over the Sumerians, and extended their control into Syria as far as the coast.
You have had these plans of your university made by a great architect, native to our own American soil, who himself had the sense to adapt — not to copy in servile fashion — but to adapt the old Californian architecture to the new university uses, and so we have here a great institution of learning absolutely unique, even in its outward aspect, situated in this beautiful valley with the hills in the background, under this sky, with these buildings, and if this university does not turn out the right kind of citizenship and the right kind of scholarship, I shall be more than disappointed.
During World War I an aerodrome had been built on the downs just to the west of the circle and, in the dry valley at Stonehenge Bottom, a main road junction had been built, along with several cottages and a cafe.
* Corbulo marched to Artaxata crossing the Aras River, along the valley he is shadowed by tens of thousands of mounted Parthian archers led by king Tiridates I.
Motivating them with the 23rd Psalm (" Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death ").
The campaigns of kings Alphonse I and Fruela in the Duero valley were probably not very different from the raids that the Astures made in the same area in the pre-Roman era.
Part of its territory, the valley of Aegeri, was pledged by Rudolph in 1278 as security for a portion of the marriage gift he promised to Joanna, daughter of Edward I of England.
The Soča valley was the stage of major military operations including the twelve battles of the Isonzo on the Italian front in World War I between May 1915 and November 1917, in which over 600, 000 Austro-Hungarian and Italian soldiers lost their lives.
After the 1655 campaign, Thomas Francis returned to Turin where he died the following January ; the suggestion in Spanheim that he died at the siege of Pavia is not supported-malaria, a common problem in the marshes of the Po valley, carried him off, as it carried off his successor as allied commander-in-chief, Francesco I d ' Este.
After the 1655 campaign, Thomas returned to Turin where he died the following January ; the suggestion in Spanheim that he died at the siege of Pavia is not supported-malaria, a common problem in the marshes of the Po valley, carried him off, as it carried off his successor as allied commander-in-chief, Francesco I d ' Este.
The first settlement in the area of Zielona Góra was built in the valley near the Złota Łącza stream during the reign of Polish ruler Mieszko I.
When news reached him that king Rusas I of Urartu was moving against him, he turned back to Lake Urmia in forced marches and defeated a Urartian army in a steep valley of the Uaush ( probably the Sahend, east of Lake Urmia, or further to the south, in Mannaea country ), a steep mountain that reached the clouds and whose flanks were covered by snow.
After the war we retired to Wales ( I say we because my wife and I had driven ambulances and served in intelligence together ) where we lived for a while in a high Welsh-speaking valley ..." which confirms in first person at least the intelligence connection, as well as introducing his wife Mary ( Wicksteed ) Tolstoy as a co-worker and fellow intelligence operative.
Yes, and as I look into the future of this great valley I can see temples — I can see beautiful temples erected to the name of the living God where holy labors may be carried on in his name through generations to come.
At sunset I arrived, having much difficulty in finding the town for it was hid in a deep valley.
This valley, as it looked that day to me, a boy of 16, was the lovliest spot I had ever seen.
And they built the high places of the Ba ‘ al, which are in the valley of Ben-hinnom, to cause their sons and their daughters to pass through the fire l ' Molech ; which I did not command them, nor did it come into my mind that they should do this abomination, to cause Judah to sin.
Edlingham Castle is a small castle ruin, having Scheduled Ancient Monument and Grade I listed building status, in the care of English Heritage, in a valley to the west of Alnwick, Northumberland, England.
When he is in the middle of the valley amidst the gloom and terror he hears the words of the Twenty-third Psalm, spoken possibly by his friend Faithful: Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me ; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

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