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I and dismissed
In The Publick Spirit of the Whigs, it may be noted, Swift himself contemptuously dismissed Steele's reference to his friend at court: `` I suppose by the Style of old Friend, and the like, it must be some Body there of his own Level ; ;
I submit that it cannot be dismissed simply by saying we are not facing the facts of life.
I am not easily persuaded that a rule accepted by so many people for so many centuries can be so lightly dismissed.
When assured by Mersenne that it was, indeed, the product of the son not the father, Descartes dismissed it with a sniff: " I do not find it strange that he has offered demonstrations about conics more appropriate than those of the ancients ," adding, " but other matters related to this subject can be proposed that would scarcely occur to a sixteen-year-old child.
) Amestris has often been identified with Vashti, but this identification is problematic, as Amestris remained a powerful figure well into the reign of her son, Artaxerxes I, whereas Vashti is portrayed as dismissed in the early part of Xerxes's reign.
Krupp was also held in high esteem by the kaiser, who dismissed Julius von Verdy du Vernois and his successor Hans von Kaltenborn for rejecting Krupp's design of the C-96 field gun, quipping, “ I ’ ve canned three War Ministers because of Krupp, and still they don ’ t catch on !”
In " The Adventure of the Priory School ", Holmes rubs his hands with glee when the Duke of Holdernesse notes the 6, 000 pound sterling sum, which surprises even Watson, and then pats the cheque, saying, " I am a poor man ", an incident that could be dismissed as representative of Holmes's tendency toward sarcastic humour.
It is possible that he was dismissed from his command by the emperor Valentinian I after the loss of two of Theodosius ' legions to the Sarmatians in late 374.
* With much legal strife and the encouragement of Sir Francis Bacon, Chief Justice Edward Coke is dismissed from the King's Bench, and the royal prerogatives of King James I triumph over English common law.
However, according to close friend and student Manuel Rosenthal, he asked violinist Hélène Jourdan-Mourhange to marry him, although she dismissed him, saying ' No, Maurice, I'm extremely fond of you, as you know, but only as a friend, and I couldn't possibly consider marrying you.
In the 1920s, Raeder as one of the authors of the official history of the German Navy in World War I, he sided with Tirpitz against the Jeune École-inspired theories of Wegener, arguing that everything that his mentor Tirpitz did was correct, and dismissed the strategy of guerre de course as a “ dangerous delusion ”.
* In 1945 when the Japanese colonel in charge of the Hue garrison told Bảo Đại that he had ( in line with the orders of the Allied commander ) taken measures ensuring the security of the Imperial Palace and those within it against a possible Việt Minh coup, Bảo Đại dismissed the protection declaring " I do not wish a foreign army to spill the blood of my people.
Argyll and Towshend were dismissed as directors, as were surviving Tories Sir Richard Hoare and George Pitt, and King George I became Governor.
The case was promptly dismissed, with the New York Daily News summarizing the proceedings with the headline " I Forgotti!
Norman himself later dismissed this album in a Belgian press conference as " just a collection of tapes I had ... some were even recorded before the plane accident.
In order to meet Norman's hospital bills, in November 2002 Solid Rock Records began releasing the Essential Series on CD-R, a set of seven Norman albums, with 142 songs ( including 16 previously unreleased songs ), which comprised: Instigator, which included rough mix versions of two previously unreleased songs, " Butterfly " and " Kulderachna ", both removed from 1973's So Long Ago the Garden ; Agitator, which included three unreleased bonus tracks, " Sweet Silver Angels ", " God, Part 2 ", and " People In My Past "; Liberator, which included songs that were aimed at " liberating Christians who felt trapped inside the church and also providing a cultural doorway to allow those who felt dismissed and isolated by Christianity to find their way into fellowship with Christ regardless of the church's response toward them "; Collaborator, which featured songs representing " the combined efforts of Charles and Larry from lyrics and melodies to arrangements and production ", including three unreleased songs: " Perfect World ", " Don't Wanna Be Like You ", and " Jesus Is God ", recorded about 2000 ; Emancipator, included two unreleased songs of Norman singing with Randy Stonehill: a Christian version of the folk song " He Was a Friend of Mine ", which had been popularized by The Byrds and Bob Dylan, which was re-titled " He is a Friend of Mine ", and " I Love You ", the song Stonehill and Norman co-wrote in 1971 for Stonehill's Born Twice album ; Infiltrator, which sees love as " the most powerful infiltrator in the world ", is a collection of Norman's love songs, and includes two new releases: a cover of David Noble's " Waves of Grace ", and " Stranger, Won't You Change "; and Survivor, included the full 8-minute version of " Dark Passage ", an unreleased third verse of " Baby Out of Wedlock ", and " One Star Remains ", which is Judee Sill's " My Man On Love " from her 1971 eponymous debut album.
He is best known as the former presenter of the satirical panel game Have I Got News for You, a job from which he was dismissed in October 2002 after a second round of tabloid allegations about his personal life.
This was the last straw ; bowing to pressure and advice from Bacon, who had long been jealous of Coke, James I suspended Coke from the Privy Council, forbade him from going on circuit and, on 14 November, dismissed him from his post as Chief Justice of the King's Bench.
Richard I dismissed the sheriff and constable of York and imposed severe penalties on the city and arrested many of those who had taken part.
I dismissed her.
He was criticized for this move by families of those who fought in the Falklands War, which he simply dismissed, saying " I don't have a problem with other people criticising me for things I do, as long as people understand why I did them.

I and these
I went to the hall in the afternoons only, on these preliminary matters.
At these words of sympathy and understanding, Harmony said generously, `` I don't mind setting here along with Gran while you go out and join in the games ''.
I felt a queasiness in my own stomach but it wouldn't do to show these girls that we were afraid.
`` I'm gonna drop these into Blue Throat's lap '', he announced, `` and I'd like every gun to be firing into that barn while I get near enough to toss 'em through the window ''.
`` I might try it one of these days '', Jack said wonderingly, thinking of Miss Langford.
It is these other differences between North and South -- other, that is, than those which concern discrimination or social welfare -- which I chiefly discuss herein.
I have just asked these questions in the Pentagon, in the White House, in offices of key scientists across the country and aboard the submarines that prowl for months underwater, with neat rows of green launch tubes which contain Polaris missiles and which are affectionately known as `` Sherwood Forest ''.
In his Message of December 2, 1862, he put his purpose and his policy in these words -- which I would call the Lincoln Law of Liberty-and-Union: `` In giving freedom to the slave, we assure freedom to the free ''.
But it is the need to undertake these testaments that I would submit here as symptom of the common man's malaise.
It would be profitable, I believe, to read these realistic humorists alongside Faulkner's works, the thought being not that he necessarily read them and owed anything to them directly, but rather that they dealt a hundred years ago with a class of people and a type of life which have continued down to our time, to Faulkner's time.
today, these many years later, after all the temptations resisted or yielded to, the weasel satisfactions and the engulfing dissatisfactions since endured, I call it corrupting still.
I cannot express to you the depth of my conviction that, in our own and free world interest, we must co-operate with others to help these people achieve their legitimate ambitions, as expressed in their different multi-year plans.
Moreover, I have directed that steps be taken to program on a longer range basis our military assistance to these allies.
I think you are being unfair to take these things up now.
I am not aware of great attention by any of these authors or by the psychotherapeutic profession to the role of literary study in the development of conscience -- most of their attention is to a pre-literate period of life, or, for the theologians of course, to the influence of religion.
Along these lines, the particular point that sensitivity in literature leads to sensitivity in human relations would require more proof than I have seen.
I use this term to mean three things: a search for the human significance of an event or state of affairs, a tendency to look at wholes rather than parts, and a tendency to respond to these events and wholes with feeling.
I think these attributes cluster, but I have no evidence.
I want you to be grandfather to these orphaned poems, dear father-brother, now I am gone ; ;
but this -- yes, terrible step I am about to take is lightened with an inundating joy by the new-found hope that here, in these poems, is treasure -- or at least some measure of beauty, which I did not know of ''.

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