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Page "fiction" ¶ 294
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

I and know
`` I know '', Jones said dejectedly.
I don't know yet, it's crazy ; ;
`` I know him.
I don't know what goes on around here, and I don't care.
I don't know what makes you think you can get away with this kind of business, and I don't care about that, either.
My future lay solely with the hall, yet what did I know about the hall at this point??
I wished to prepare myself but did not even know what sort of clothes I ought to be wearing.
`` I know you've got a grudge against me, and maybe I can't blame you.
`` I don't know, Tom.
`` I don't know, Mr. Brenner '', he said haltingly, beginning to get an inkling of Brenner's plans.
I don't know what you're up to, but when Brenner '' --
`` I don't know nothin' about him ''.
I suppose you don't know anything about a piece of two-by-four, either ; ;
`` I know you ain't ''!!
I said, `` Do we know each other, Miss ''??
He caught up with me once and grabbed me, but I was all covered with zing -- it's very slippery, you know ''.
`` I didn't know.
`` How would I know??
True, she was my Aunt, married to an Uncle related to me only by marriage, but why she had married a man twice her age, and more, perhaps, I did not know or much care.
Why she married him I do not know.
`` I know.

I and myself
As I dug in behind one of the bales we were using as protection, I grudgingly found myself agreeing with Oso's logic, especially when I imagined what would have happened to Missy if Old Knife's large party of screeching warriors had overrun our company.
Still, I was disgusted with myself for agreeing with Montero's methods.
Having nothing else to do except wait for my forms to be processed, I gave myself over to speculations concerning the hall itself.
I had for some time been hoping, in vain, for one of the dim figures to pass between the fan vents and myself.
For weeks I wandered about this neighborhood of warehouses and garages, truck terminals and taxi repair shops, gasoline pumps and longshoremen's lunch counters, yet never did I cease to feel myself a stranger there.
If I could make myself feel the same way
I myself was fond of him but what a young woman half his age saw in him was a mystery to me.
Time's editor, Thomas Griffith, in his book, The Waist-High Culture, wrote: `` most of what was different about it ( the Deep South ) I found myself unsympathetic to.
The design is determined emotionally: `` I must reach into myself for the spring that will send me catapulting recklessly into the chaos of event with which the dance confronts me ''.
But I would never have thought of it myself ''.
Once, then -- for how many years or how few does not matter -- my world was bound round by fences, when I was too small to reach the apple tree bough, to twist my knee over it and pull myself up.
A dear, respected friend of mine, who like myself grew up in the South and has spent many years in New England, said to me not long ago: `` I can't forgive New England for rejecting all complicity ''.
Also, I am convinced that if my company were a sole proprietorship instead of a partnership, I would have been even abler to solve long-range problems for myself and my fellow-employees.
I had read the story many times without asking myself why it affected me or caring why it did.
Later Helion wrote of this phase: `` For years I built for myself a subtle instrument of relationships -- colors and forms without a name.
`` I arrived in the United States with the idea of establishing myself there more or less permanently and finding inspiration for new compositions ''.
Here Wright gave a slight sigh of weariness, and continued, `` It means more long years lived across the social grain of the life of our people, making shift to live in the face of popular disrespect and misunderstanding as I best can for myself and those dependent upon me ''.
Although his tender nights were not the ones I dreamed of, nor was it for yachts, sports cars, tall drinks, and swimming pools, nor yet for money or what money buys that I burned, I too was burning and watching myself burn.

I and felt
`` I never felt better in my life '', Fiske blustered.
I felt certain he was really a spineless little man.
It was, I felt, possible that they were men who, having received no tickets for that day, had remained in the hall, to sleep perhaps, in the corners farthest removed from the counter with its overhead light.
I felt certain it was self-appointed.
I felt strongly attached to the hall, however, and hardly a day passed when I did not go to look at it from a distance.
I had felt the draft they were making while mounting the stairs.
I felt certain that the director, like the afternoon clerk, seldom moved beyond the counter, that the hall, to them, was a jungle, a dark and unwelcome place.
Something clicked in this instance, but I treated her circumspectly and I felt that she knew it, for we both kept our distance.
I felt that her eyes were undressing me as if she were a painter and I a nude model.
`` I guess we both felt it ''.
I felt that he looked at me coldly and appraisingly and seemed to be uncertain what his attitude towards me should be, but he did not say one word which might indicate that he had been told of advances to his wife.
I felt a queasiness in my own stomach but it wouldn't do to show these girls that we were afraid.
Though I had a great dread of the island and felt I would never leave it alive, I eagerly wrote down everything she told me about its women.
`` I saw the boy Dandy at the Congo Square festivities and felt sorry for him.
Since he introduces so much modern music, I could not resist asking how he felt about it.
Our Northern brethren also I believe felt a little tender under those censures ; ;
If you had screamed right there in the street where we stood, I could not have felt more fear.
`` I felt that I must devote myself to the ' outside ' world ''.
Never until in this work of S-D organization have I realized and felt the attitude and experience of a Teacher.

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