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Page "adventure" ¶ 733
from Brown Corpus
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I and let
He pointed out the switch to me and for a moment I foolishly believed that he would let deed follow words.
She was still hugging the stained coat around her, so I said, `` Relax, let me take your things.
She stood up, pulled the coat from her shoulders and started to slide it off, then let out a high-pitched scream and I let out a low-pitched, wobbling sound like a muffler blowing out.
I suggested that one must let it in because it is the truth, but Beckett did not take to the word truth.
The family was Protestant, but for me it was only irksome and I let it go.
If I now risk some comparisons with Sons And Lovers let it be clear that I am not comparing the two works or judging their merits ; ;
I had long since begun to lose my general innocence when I lost my trust in you, but this special innocence I lost before ever I loved, through my discovery that one could tremble with desire and even experience a flaming delight that had nothing, nothing whatever to do with friendship or liking, let alone with love.
In any case I do not intend to let the present occasion pass without dealing more directly with the problem of implementing good intentions.
He never let me know that my visit was about to terminate until the actual morning I was to leave for Lymington.
Sturley on November 4 answered a letter from Quiney written on October 25 which imported, wrote Sturley, `` that our countriman Mr. Wm. Shak. would procure us monei: which I will like of as I shall heare when, wheare & howe: and I prai let not go that occasion if it mai sort to ani indifferent condicions.
I could never forget the gaiety with which, when he was both blind and deaf, he let me lead him around his rooms to look at some of the pictures ; ;
Those famous lines of the Greek Anthology with which a fading beauty dedicates her mirror at the shrine of a goddess reveal a wise attitude: `` Venus, take my votive glass, Since I am not what I was, What from this day I shall be, Venus, let me never see ''.
-- I just want to let you know how much I enjoyed your June 25 article on Liberace, and to thank you for it.

I and up
`` I get up early.
`` I made you so you could stand up.
Help me up, I feel kind of stiff ''.
We'll still have the rifle, and I might be able to round up some more.
Far up the valley I could see the Rees circling and reorganizing.
Now under me I could see him for what he really was, a boy dressed up in streaks of paint.
I figger it's probl'y a sixty-five-mile walk, and I c'n maybe get this spring patched up in a couple of hours ''.
I heard o' Texas cattlemen wrappin' a cow thief up in green hides and lettin' the sun shrink 'em and squeeze him to death.
I don't know what you're up to, but when Brenner '' --
`` A body would swear I floated right up here on a cloud ''!!
Besides, 'tain't no more'n right for me to follow with my black oxen, so's I can unhook and pull up fast if either of you get in a pinch ''.
Just as I straightened up with my duffel bag, I heard: `` Sahjunt Yoorick, meet Mrs. Major J. A. Roebuck ''.
He caught up with me once and grabbed me, but I was all covered with zing -- it's very slippery, you know ''.
I was waiting in front of it when she showed up and told me of my Uncle's indisposition.
I bent and kissed the still pink neck and suddenly she jumped up, and her two arms encircled me in a bear-like crush.
When I show up he will know you are a good wife to have told him about it ''.
A few minutes later I saw my Uncle's car drive up and a woman's figure emerge and walk to the corner.
I must say the figure was well made up.
Often, I heard my uncles and cousins speak of it when I was a small boy growing up in Rabaul.

I and on
I guess you'd better go on in the morning ''.
`` I've been mucking in a mine in the San Juan, but I used to work on a ranch.
I just can't take any chances on getting her pregnant, and if we were sleeping together ''
In the brief moment I had to talk to them before I took my post on the ring of defenses, I indicated I was sickened by the methods men employed to live and trade on the river.
`` That quirt -- I ought to use it on you, where it would do the most good.
I don't know what goes on around here, and I don't care.
I went to the hall in the afternoons only, on these preliminary matters.
When one of the men in the hall behind us spat on the floor and scraped his boot over the gob of spittle I noticed how the clerk winced.
) hung on a hook on the wall, and underneath it I could see his tie, knotted, ready to be slipped over his head, a black badge of frayed respectability that ought never to have left his neck.
Once, pressing him, I learned that his job was only part-time, in the afternoons when nothing went on in the hall.
They, and the two large fans which I could dimly see as daylight filtered through their vents, down at the far end of the hall, could be turned on by a master switch situated inside the office.
For although I had crossed a corner of the hall on my way to the toilet I still could not tell for sure how far to the rear the darkness extended.
This light did not penetrate very far back into the hall, and my eyes were hindered rather than aided by the dim daylight entering through the fan vents when I tried to pick out whatever might be lying, or squatting, on the floor below.
And I had hardly finished my business in the toilet on the aforementioned occasion when the lights in that place, like the hall lights controlled from the switch in the office, flicked off and on impatiently.

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