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Page "mystery" ¶ 84
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

I and turned
They, and the two large fans which I could dimly see as daylight filtered through their vents, down at the far end of the hall, could be turned on by a master switch situated inside the office.
I quickly turned around and began to drink.
I guided her to the divan, turned off the TV, faced her.
I turned to look at the lubra.
And I select this sentence as its pertinent summation: `` in essence the drama of his ( Eisenhower's ) Presidency can be described as the ordeal of a nation turned conservative and struggling -- thus far with but limited and precarious success -- to give effective voice and force to that conservatism ''.
But every time I suggested this to her, Mrs. Wright turned it down and demanded that I go out and punish Mr. Wright.
I turned around with the percolator in my hand.
The covers slid down his skinny neck so I saw his head, fuzzed like a dandelion gone to seed, but his face was turned to the wall -- there was the pale shadow of his nose on the plaster -- and I thought, Well you don't look much like a pig-drunk bully now.
From there I turned left along Cumhuriyet Cadesi past more hotels and a park on the left, Republic Gardens, and came in a few moments to Taksim Square, one of the hubs of the city, with the Monument of the Republic, erected in 1928, in its center.
Outside I walked past the entrance to St. Sophia, turned left at the end of it, and continued toward a gate in the wall ahead.
One day when he attended a war memorial ceremony in Westminster Abbey his view was obstructed by a stout man on his left, his attention turned to the irregular pattern of the rough slab flooring and someone, clasping him by the arm, whispered, `` I want a word with you, please ''.
`` I like to dance '', she said, then turned and walked away.
As the bus turned into the main highway and headed toward Hanover I settled back in my seat and closed my eyes, thinking over the events of the past two weeks, trying to put the pieces in order.
I turned on the electric bug, and the signal came in loud and clear.
I couldn't see him, but the electric bugging device gave steady beeps when it was straight ahead, short half beeps when the car I was following was to the left, and long drawn-out beeps when it turned to the right.
I turned on the device again, half fearful that I might find silence, but the buzzes came in loud and clear.
Pete turned around and said to Marty, `` I guess you think I'm a yellow-bellied hound.
I drove out of the Harbor, turned off into a dirt road among the scrub pine trees and stopped.
`` I'd just turned on the ignition when there was a big flash and I was lying on the driveway '', he said.

I and left
) hung on a hook on the wall, and underneath it I could see his tie, knotted, ready to be slipped over his head, a black badge of frayed respectability that ought never to have left his neck.
No one was behind it, but in the rear wall of the office I noticed, for the first time, a door which had been left partially open.
Everybody left and I stayed in the pool, then Lou came back alone and leaped into the pool too.
Two uniformed officers, a couple of plain-clothesmen I knew, and two other men stood on a gray cement area next to the pool on my left.
I left the party as soon as possible and got into a taxi.
I left behind me brave men, whom captivity had robbed of all hope.
`` But I have no permission to re-enter France, and I have just left '', I told him.
Every chance I got I left the hotel to visit Lilly.
`` I leave this church with a feeling that a great weight has been lifted off my heart, I have left my grudge at the altar and forgiven my neighbor ''.
I certainly hope this will be the impression left in the minds of readers, rather than the comment by Cleveland Amory in his first of the month column.
Remember what I said about going out to get anybody left behind??
I would have stood there and died there if left to myself, but Cousin Simmons grabbed my arm in his viselike grip and fairly plucked me out of there ; ;
I raised some kale by hocking the good clothes I had left over from my respectable uptown life, but when that was gone I didn't have a cent.
Before he left town Pat saw to it that I was fixed up with a job.
`` He was awake when I left ''.
`` This is moving day '', Winston reminded her, `` and I bet you left things every which way upstairs, your clothes all over the floor and the bed not made.
Within half an hour I jumped a six-point buck that hop-skipped through a rhododendron thicket, and I caught him just behind the left foreleg at 60 yards.
I started my tour of them at the Turkish Government Tourist Office, next to Pan American's office on the left as you enter the driveway that leads to the Hilton Hotel.

I and too
under the circumstances I was only too willing to confess all.
Suddenly and not a second too soon I thought of the coins in my pocket.
It was a disturbingly familiar face, too, but I couldn't remember where we had met.
My Uncle and I were not too close socially because of the difference in our ages.
You must forgive me if I seem to dwell too much on her physical aspects but I am an artist, accustomed to studying the physical body.
And then I became aware that she, too, glanced at me surreptitiously.
`` Or do you want to see if I can stand fever, too ''??
He said hesitantly, `` Hettie, I don't figure your things got wet too much.
I remembered, too, the jesting voice of a classmate, Bobby Pauson: `` But how do they reproduce, Dr. Griggs??
Ramey smiled but he thought to himself, I always see me too.
When Heidegger and Sartre speak of a contrast between being and existence, they may be right, I don't know, but their language is too philosophical for me.
Once, then -- for how many years or how few does not matter -- my world was bound round by fences, when I was too small to reach the apple tree bough, to twist my knee over it and pull myself up.
I think that my grandmother was not an impassioned gardener: she was too indulgent a lover of dogs and grandchildren.
Father Murray goes back to the Declaration of Independence, too, though I may add, with considerably more historical perception.
Although his tender nights were not the ones I dreamed of, nor was it for yachts, sports cars, tall drinks, and swimming pools, nor yet for money or what money buys that I burned, I too was burning and watching myself burn.
I had developed too foolproof a facade to be afraid of self-betrayal.
While my memory holds with relentless tenacity, as I cannot too often stress, to my wrongs, when it comes to my shames, it gestures and jokes and toys with chronology like a prestidigitator in the hope of distracting me from them.
I would say, too, that the study of literature tends to give a person what I shall call depth.
yet the tide is too strong against us, and I fear ( if the framer of hearts help not ) it will force me to little Patience, a little isle next to your Prudence ''.
The other reason ( and the one with which I am here concerned ) is that one thus becomes inclined to inquire of any opinion, or change of opinion, whether it represents the wisdom of experience or is only the result of the difference between youth and age which is as inevitable as the all too obvious physical differences.

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