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If and want
If you want to see '' --
If you want to get them aired ''
`` If you want to see something, he's back on the other side by the trunk of the car ''.
If we want respect from ourselves or others, we will have to earn it.
Defoe then commented, `` If they Could Draw that young Gentleman into Their Measures They would show themselves quickly, for they are not asham'd to Say They want only a head to Make a beginning ''.
If we want to preserve our sovereignty, this is the way to do it ; ;
If you want to fight, go down on the sidewalk ''.
If you file a Form 1040, you should indicate in the place provided that there is an overpayment of tax and the amount you want refunded and the amount you want credited against your estimated tax.
If you don't own a planer and don't want to buy one, it's well worth renting.
If you want credit for your employee services program, let your workers know what they're entitled to.
If people don't want to provide public education, should they be forced to do so??
If you want to raise feed or carry out some enterprise on a larger scale, you'll need more land.
If you have a planting of half an acre or more you may want to buy a small garden tractor ( available for $300 to $500 with attachments, 1960 prices ).
If you want to spend another day in the State Department -- another day -- you get in there and tell that captain what I told you ''.
If you want a picture get to the corner of Adams and Clark just as fast as you can.
If you want my advice, pack up and take the next train back to New York ''.
If I get a low M. R., I do so because I want it that way or my dark self does.
* If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes.
Shortly thereafter, he decided to follow the words of Jesus, who had said: " If you want to be perfect, go, sell what you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasures in heaven ; and come, follow Me.
If a player is one point away from winning a match, that player's opponent will always want to double as early as possible in order to catch up.
" To mollify Avedon, Chaplin assured the photographer of his authenticity and added the comment, " If you want to take my picture, you'd better do it now.
If somebody tries to associate a second engine with a given car, we want the DBMS to deny such a request and display an error message.
" If China had its way it would not want Taiwan on that.
If rule over the territory was to be transferred to the kingdom, it would only " replace Israeli military rule with Jordanian military rule ... and the Palestinians want their own state ".

If and best
If it is not one of his best books, it can only be considered unsatisfactory when compared with his own Garibaldi.
If it proclaims that the best is yet to be, it always arouses, at least in the young, either a suspicious question or perhaps the exclamation of the Negro youth who saw on a tombstone the inscription, `` I am not dead but sleeping ''.
If that's done, the house can be designed and oriented for best operation, and this can mean savings both in the size of equipment and in the cost of the house itself.
* If it is required to use a single number X as an estimate for the value of numbers, then the arithmetic mean does this best, in the sense of minimizing the sum of squares ( x < sub > i </ sub > − X )< sup > 2 </ sup > of the residuals.
We must take the offensive and beat Sinn Fein at its own tactics ... If a police barracks is burned or if the barracks already occupied is not suitable, then the best house in the locality is to be commandeered, the occupants thrown into the gutter.
If numerical iterative methods have to be employed, the aim is to iterate until full machine accuracy is obtained ( the best that is possible with a finite word length on the computer, and within the mathematical and / or physical approximations made ).
If a plan cannot be confirmed, the court may either convert the case to a liquidation under chapter 7, or, if in the best interests of the creditors and the estate, the case may be dismissed resulting in a return to the status quo before bankruptcy.
The best known example is the ring of quaternions H. If we allow only rational instead of real coefficients in the constructions of the quaternions, we obtain another division ring.
If the DNA is to be used after separation on the agarose gel, it is best to avoid exposure to UV light by using a blue light excitation source such as the XcitaBlue UV to blue light conversion screen from Bio-Rad or Dark Reader from Clare Chemicals.
If history has to single out one person from among the Mountain Men to receive the admiration of later generations, Carson is the best choice.
Anderson is best remembered as a film maker for his " Mick Travis trilogy ", all of which star Malcolm McDowell as the title character: If .... ( 1968 ), a satire on public schools ; O Lucky Man!
* If a player can play a straight or a flush or both, he should play whichever straight-or-better five-card hand makes the best two-card hand.
The band remained stable enough to record If I Should Fall from Grace with God in 1988 ( with its Christmas hit duet with Kirsty MacColl " Fairytale of New York ", which was voted " the best Christmas song ever " in VH1 UK polls in 2004 ) and 1989's Peace and Love.
An example of the intellectual confusion about what heritability is and is not, is the statement: " If all environments were to become equal for everyone, heritability would rise to 100 percent because all remaining differences in IQ would necessarily be genetic in origin ", which Gould said is misleading, at best, and false, at worst.
* If X does not play center opening move ( playing a corner is the best opening move ), take center, and then a side middle.
** If O takes center ( best move for him ), X should take the corner opposite the original, and proceed as detailed above.
: If we need to judge the value of these six realms, the Buddhists would say the best realm is the human realm.
* If a problem is not completely understood, it is probably best to provide no solution at all.
If no sturdy shelter is nearby, getting low in a ditch is the next best option.
' If this principle is violated, the very least that society can do is to see that the victims are compensated, as best they can be, by the perpetrators.
However, he afterwards considered this his best film performance, saying in an interview: " If I was to be judged by any one film performance, it would be my five minutes in Lawrence.
He performed the debut single from 24 Hours, " If He Should Ever Leave You ", which was named the 9th best song of 2008 by Spinner.
If the ear is dry and not infected, an air conduction aid could be tried ; if the ear is draining, a direct bone condition hearing aid is often the best solution.
If x and y are vectors, then the best linear approximation to the graph of f depends on how f changes in several directions at once.

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