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Page "editorial" ¶ 818
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

If and Nikita
If I didn't feel the same degree of involvement with Point of No Return that I did with Nikita it may be because the two movies are so similar in plot, look, and feel.

If and buys
If a knitter buys insufficient yarn of a single dye lot to complete a project, additional skeins of the same dye lot can sometimes be obtained from other yarn stores or online.
If, on the other hand, the spread between a future traded on an underlying asset and the spot price of the underlying asset was set to widen, possibly due to a rise in short-term interest rates, then an investor would be advised to sell the spread ( i. e. a calendar spread where the trader sells the near-dated instrument and simultaneously buys the future on the underlying ).
If inflation in the economy has been 10 % in the year, then the $ 110 in the account at the end of the year buys the same amount as the $ 100 did a year ago.
If one buys a CD, and makes a copy on a MP3 player to listen to it when outdoors, should the author be compensated once more for this copy?
If the market fairly prices a company's shares at $ 50 / share, and the company buys back 100 shares for $ 5, 000, it now has $ 5, 000 less cash but there are 100 fewer shares outstanding ; the net effect should be that the underlying value of each share is unchanged.
If a retailer buys a batch of a product that does not sell, then the producer can cease production without having to sustain huge losses.
It follows from repeated interaction: If one company sets their price slightly higher, then they will still get about the same amount of buys but more profit for each buy, so the other company will raise their price, and so on ( only in repeated games, otherwise the price dynamics are in the other direction ).
If someone buys something and pays the purchase price by installments, the system faces two conflicting interests: the buyer wants to have the purchased goods immediately, whereas the vendor wants to secure full payment of the purchase price.
If nobody buys the domain at auction, it will pass through the normal deletion process.
If Carl accepts, he buys the house instead of Bo.
If it buys already fermented wine in barrels or ' en-vrac '— basically in bulk containers, it may age the wine further, blend in other wines or simply bottle and sell it as is.
If one buys Gazeta Wyborcza ’ s weekend issue and pays the equivalent of $ 2. 50 extra, one can take home a Bollywood film with Polish subtitles.
If gasoline costs $ 197. 532 per gallon and one buys 10 gallons, then the " extra " 2 / 10 of a cent comes to ten times that: an " extra " two cents, so the cent in that case gets paid.
If a customer orders a car from Brabus, Brabus buys the particular car from Mercedes and then modifies it in-house according to the customer's requests.
If a person buys a spoon busk, they should make sure it is stainless steel and reinforce it with flat boning behind the busk.
If a rogue buys goods from a bona fide merchant, that merchant will not have to return the bills to the true owner.
If another trader A buys 2 futures contracts from trader B, then the open interest rises to 4.
If the player quickly shoots her after eliminating Ourumov, she will yell to Trevelyan that she is wounded and to wait up for her ; this buys the player more time to escape from the train.
If the exchange rate drifts too far below the desired rate, the government buys its own currency in the market using its reserves.
If the player buys or wins the token, it is flipped over, the player acts according to the revealed token as follows:
If the investor buys before the ex-dividend date, and sells on the ex-dividend date or after, the investor will receive the dividend payment.
If an adult buys alcohol on behalf of a person under 18 in a pub or from an off-licence, he can be prosecuted along with the vendor.
If the purchaser buys an additional share, all three parties participate in any increase in value.
If a retailer buys a shirt for $ 20 and sells it for $ 30, this tax would apply to the $ 10 difference between the two amounts.

If and small
If he had any worries, it was only the small ones, about Mother in New York, and his daughter Edwina and what she might be doing at this hour, with her Aunt Asia, in Philadelphia.
If it is decided to make a small shift which may be required from military aid or special assistance funds, in order to carry out the purposes of the Mutual Security Act through this new peaceful program, this will be a hopeful sign to the world.
If we stop thinking in terms of tremendous multimegaton nuclear weapons and consider employing much smaller nuclear weapons which may be more appropriate for most important military targets, it would seem that the B-52 or B-70 could carry a great many small nuclear weapons.
If we could use all the small airfields we have in this country, we could disperse our strategic aircraft by a factor of 10 or more.
If you would feel happier with full collision insurance, there is a small additional charge, again varying from country to country and depending on the term of such insurance.
If you wish to budget closely on transportation, saving your extra dollars to indulge in luxuries, one agency lists the small Fiat 500 at only $1.26 a day plus $.03 a kilometer and the Fiat 2100 Station Wagon, seating six, at just $1.10 a day and $.105 a kilometer.
If you have a planting of half an acre or more you may want to buy a small garden tractor ( available for $300 to $500 with attachments, 1960 prices ).
* If two small categories are weakly equivalent, then they are equivalent.
If ΔS and / or T are small, the condition ΔG < 0 may imply that ΔH < 0, which would indicate an exothermic reaction.
If a ) testimonies conflict one another, b ) there are a small number of witnesses, c ) the speaker has no integrity, d ) the speaker is overly hesitant or bold, or e ) the speaker is known to have motives for lying, then the epistemologist has reason to be skeptical of the speaker's claims.
If Acorn had thought to include this small modification in the original Electron design it is likely the machine would have had a much greater impact as it would have nearly doubled the amount of motion possible in games and saved modes 0 – 3 ( including the only 16 colour mode ) from being nearly useless due to contended memory timings.
If the angle u1 is very small, O ' 1 is the Gaussian image ; and O ' 1 O ' 2 is termed the longitudinal aberration, and O ' 1R the lateral aberration of the pencils with aperture u2.
If a small heater is available for the coldest nights, a slab or basement cistern can inexpensively provide the required thermal mass.
If a king held sway over a large kingdom, such as when the Mercians dominated the East Anglians, the relationship would have been more equal than in the case the Mercian dominance of the Hwicce, which was a comparatively small kingdom.
If we look at this situation from far above, so that we cannot see the supporters, we see the large balloon as a small object animated by erratic movement.
If a mutual is large, or is expected to grow if it can raise capital by a conversion, its managers derive more value from a conversion but do not suffer much loss of perks than if the bank were small.
If the column load is gradually increased, a condition is reached in which the straight form of equilibrium becomes so-called neutral equilibrium, and a small lateral force will produce a deflection that does not disappear and the column remains in this slightly bent form when the lateral force is removed.
If not " true " crannogs, small occupied islets ( often at least partially artificial in nature ) may be referred to as island duns, although rather confusingly, 22 islet-based sites are classified as ' proper ' crannogs due to the different interpretations of the inspectors or excavators who drew up field reports Canmore search for crannog in the Western Isles Hebridean island dwellings or crannogs were commonly built on both natural and artificial islets, usually reached by means of a stone causeway.
If a reaction results in a small energy release making way for more energy releases in an expanding chain, then the system will typically collapse explosively until much or all of the stored energy has been released.
If the width of the slits is small enough ( less than the wavelength of the laser light ), the slits diffract the light into cylindrical waves.
: If a planet crosses ( or transits ) in front of its parent star's disk, then the observed brightness of the star drops by a small amount.
If the cell is growing rapidly, each complex also needs to transport about 6 newly assembled large and small ribosomal subunits per minute from the nucleus to the cytosol, where they are used to synthesize proteins.
If we believe in this mental component and call it God, then we can say that we are small pieces of God's mental apparatus " ( p. 297 ).
If your home is too small and you are crammed in with noisy children, it will indeed make it more difficult for your business to work.

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