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If and ballet
If an article only relates to the music used for a ballet ( including the performance of that music and the involved musicians, but without details about the choreography ), please put that article in the " ballet music " subcategory.
If one looked at the culture of seventeenth-century France, one saw a reflection of an organized ballet that was choreographed beautifully, costumed appropriately, and performed with perfect precision.

If and dancer
If one dancer slaps another, the victim may do a pirouette, sit down, or offer his assailant a fork and spoon.
If a dancer is good, she suggests purely and superbly the fundamental mechanics of ancestry and progeny -- the continuum of mankind.
In 1951, he summed up his vision as follows: " If the camera is to make a contribution at all to dance, this must be the focal point of its contribution ; the fluid background, giving each spectator an undistorted and altogether similar view of dancer and background.
If permitted, during a lap dance the dancer grinds against the customer's crotch while he or she ( typically he ) remains clothed in an attempt to arouse or bring the recipient to climax.
If a DJ is present, he or she will emcee the rotation and typically announce the current dancer ( s ) on stage and possibly who to expect in future sets.
( Note: If the dancer closes, cuts or tombe ' e ( fall ) exchanging the from one leg to another through an open position such as second or fourth it is referenced as " tombe ' or tombe ' e.
If the front leg is the right, and the dancer is facing the front-right corner of the stage ( or dance studio ), he is in effacé ; or, if the front leg is the left and she is facing her front-left corner, she is in effacé.
If a dancer sickles the foot on pointe or demi-pointe, the ankle could collapse to the outside resulting in a sprained ankle.
If it is the working foot sickled, it will make the dancer look amateurish and untrained.
Technically exacting as it is, the role of Albrecht is not beyond the capabilities of any competent premier danseur, and Erik Bruhn is infinitely more than that ; he is probably the most completely equipped male dancer of the day, with the flawlessly clean technique that comes only through a combination of enormous talent allied to correct day-by-day training from childhood … If his dancing was magnificent, and it was, his partnering of and playing to Markova were no less so.
Some of his other movies include If I Had A Million ( 1932 ; an episodic ensemble film in which he plays a forger hiding from police, suddenly given a million dollars with no place to cash the check ), Bolero ( 1934 ; in a rare role as a dancer rather than a gangster ), Limehouse Blues ( 1934 ; with Anna May Wong ), a brutal and fast-paced adaptation of Dashiell Hammett's The Glass Key ( 1935 ; remade in 1942 with Alan Ladd in Raft's role as a result of the success of the remake of Hammett's The Maltese Falcon ), Souls at Sea ( 1937 ; with Gary Cooper ), Spawn of the North ( 1938 ; with Raft garnering top billing over Henry Fonda and John Barrymore ), two with Humphrey Bogart: Invisible Stripes ( 1939 ) and They Drive by Night ( 1940 ), with Bogart in supporting roles, Each Dawn I Die ( 1939 ; with James Cagney and Raft as convicts in prison ), and Manpower ( 1941 ; with Edward G. Robinson and Marlene Dietrich ).
If a DJ is present, he or she will emcee the rotation and typically announce the current dancer ( s ) on stage and possibly who to expect in future sets.
If a satellite stage is located in a premium access zone, access to the dancer could be considerably greater since the higher level of service can include a less restrictive policy than enforced on the main floor.
If a dancer looks into the mirrored eyes of the Heyókȟa, his or her dance is finished.
" If I didn't break away ," Lola told TV Guide, " I would always be known as the little dancer with Sammy Davis Jr. ...
If you do well in a certain area ( get a high enough Fanbase on a song ), then you will be recognized as a great dancer there.

If and starts
If, in a certain part of the range, it starts life 1 foot longer than do any of the other ( relatively large ) giants, and reaches maturity at, let us guess, 18 inches longer than the others, a quadrupling of the maturity length would result in a maximum of ( nearly ) 40 feet.
If sugars are heated so that all water of crystallisation is driven off, then caramelization starts, with the sugar undergoing thermal decomposition with the formation of carbon, and other breakdown products producing caramel.
If the shooter " hits " the point value again ( any value of the dice that sum to the point will do ; the shooter doesn't have to exactly repeat the value combination of the come-out roll ) before rolling a seven, the Pass line wins and a new round starts, usually with the dice staying with the current shooter.
If the missile starts to roll, the gyroscopic force of the disk drives the control surface into the airflow, cancelling the motion.
If the competitor starts the leap with any part of the foot past the foul line, the jump is declared a foul and no distance is recorded.
If some existing technology or company whose benefits are largely based on network effects starts to lose market share against a challenger such as a disruptive technology or open standards based competition, the benefits of network effects will reduce for the incumbent, and increase for the challenger.
If a child's top is tilted and spun rapidly, its rotation axis starts precessing rapidly about the vertical axis, so a point on the rotation axis appears to be executing a circular motion about the vertical axis.
If each player in a tournament starts with 5, 000 in chips and after 4 hours, the big blind is 10, 000 ( with a small blind of 5, 000 ), it will be very difficult for a player with only 15, 000 in chips to stay in the game.
:" If the pantheist starts with the belief that the one great reality, eternal and infinite, is God, he sees everything finite and temporal as but some part of God.
If the work done moving along a path which starts and ends in the same location is zero, then the force is said to be conservative and it is possible to define a numerical value of potential associated with every point in space.
If the demand starts at < tt > D2 </ tt >, and decreases to < tt > D1 </ tt >, the equilibrium price will decrease, and the equilibrium quantity will also decrease.
If the supply curve starts at < tt > S2 </ tt >, and shifts leftward to < tt > S1 </ tt >, the equilibrium price will increase and the equilibrium quantity will decrease as consumers move along the demand curve to the new higher price and associated lower quantity demanded.
If we suppose that each racer starts running at some constant speed ( one very fast and one very slow ), then after some finite time, Achilles will have run 100 metres, bringing him to the tortoise's starting point.
If unsuccessful, it starts the ConnectRetry timer and transitions to the " Active " state upon expiration.
If the system starts in a particular mode, vibrations in other modes do not develop.
If a system is to be built from existing system, this approach is more suitable as it starts from some existing modules.
If the medium becomes idle, the sender transmits a frame with a probability p. If the station chooses not to transmit ( the probability of this event is 1-p ), the sender waits until the next available time slot and transmits again with the same probability p. This process repeats until the frame is sent or some other sender starts transmitting.
If a different weapon is collected, it starts back on level 1 power, unless level 3 power was already attained previously.
Nevertheless as Bahrain Foreign Minister Sheikh Khaled bin Ahmed Al Khalifa said " If a war starts anything can happen.
If the arc starts to fail the current drops and the points close up again.
If a player oversteps one minute, he starts the following move in the second rather than the first byo-yomi period.
If a chemical synthesis starts from basic laboratory compounds and yields something new, it is a purely synthetic process.
If it starts from a product isolated from plants or animals and then proceeds to new compounds, the synthesis is described as a semisynthetic process.
If the leader starts with a pair, only pairs may be played on top of it.

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