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Page "religion" ¶ 273
from Brown Corpus
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If and man
If you were a man '' --
If love reflects the nature of man, as Ortega Y Gasset believes, if the person in love betrays decisively what he is by his behavior in love, then the writers of the beat generation are creating a new literary genre.
If the man on the sidewalk is surprised at this question, it has served as an exclamation.
If we were creating a wholly new society, we could insist that our social, political, economic and philosophic institutions foster rather than hamper man ; ;
If man is actually the product of his environment and if science can discover the laws of human nature and the ways in which environment determines what people do, then someone -- a someone probably standing outside traditional systems of values -- can turn around and develop completely efficient means for controlling people.
If this practice should take root and spread, the man who submits a manuscript to a publisher will find himself reviewed before he is accepted and publication will become a sort of post-mortem formality.
If so, I would lean to Sir Charles' conception of the man.
If a branch extended out too far, each man held it back for the next, and if they met a low overhang, each warned the other.
If Mr. Skyros had dreamed of all the trouble that young man would eventually cause --
If there had been, he would have found a loophole, because Arnold is one golfer who knows the code as thoroughly as the man who wrote the book.
There are some passages in the writings of Irenaeus where the image of God and the similitude are sharply distinguished, so most notably in the statement: `` If the ( Holy ) Spirit is absent from the soul, such a man is indeed of an animal nature ; ;
If this aspect of death as punishment is not distinguished from the idea of death as natural termination, the conclusion seems inevitable that temporal existence itself is a form of punishment rather than the state into which man is put by the will of the Creator.
The next traditional step then was to accept it as the authoritative textbook of the Christian faith just as one would accept a treatise on any earthly `` science '', and I submitted to its conditions according to Christ's invitation and promise that, `` If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself '' ( John 7: 17 ).
If then any man is in Christ, he is a new creature ( literally, `` He is a new creation ), the former things have passed away ; ;
If a man totally ignorant of America were to judge our land and its civilization based on Hollywood alone, what conclusions do you think he might come to??
If a man was good, if he was going to be governor, you felt it and you wanted him to go on forever.
According to adventurer André Malraux, in his La Condition Humaine ( 1933 ), " If a man is not ready to risk his life, where is his dignity ?".
If a man dies, shall he live again?
Immanuel Kant, writing in 1790, observes of a man " If he says that canary wine is agreeable he is quite content if someone else corrects his terms and reminds him to say instead: It is agreeable to me ," because " Everyone has his own ( sense of ) taste ".
If a man owed and he could not pay, he and his wife, children or servants were forced into " debt slavery ", until the creditor recouped losses via their physical labour.
If a rich man wants to help the poor, he should pay his taxes gladly, not dole out money at a whim.
" If psychiatry is the medical technique that aims to enable man no longer to be a stranger to his environment, I owe it to myself to affirm that the Arab, permanently an alien in his own country, lives in a state of absolute depersonalization .” ( 2 )
If the rich man is to be saved, all he must do is to follow the two commandments, and while material wealth is of no value to God, it can be used to alleviate the suffering of our neighbor.
If a man put out the eye of another man, his eye shall be put out.

If and lived
If Depew had told any academic psychologist that he had a weird feeling of having lived through that identical convention session at some time in the past, he would have been informed that he was a victim of deja vue.
* If the Venerable was not a martyr – all non-martyrs are " confessors " as they " confessed " or bore witness to their faith by how they lived their lives – it must be proven that a miracle has taken place by his or her intercession: that is, that God has shown a sign that the person is enjoying the Beatific Vision by God performing a miracle in response to the Blessed's prayers.
In an interview with The Times, Curbishley quipped, " I emailed back saying Keith now resides in Golders Green crematorium, having lived up to the Who's anthemic line ' I hope I die before I get old '... If they have a round table, some glasses and candles, we might contact him.
* If creatures similar to plesiosaurs lived in the waters of the Loch Ness, they would be seen very frequently as they would have to surface several times a day to breathe.
He said to a friend: " If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast.
If Fragment 58 is accepted as autobiographical, it indicates that she lived into old age.
If her connection to Rhodopis ( see below ) is accepted as historical, it indicates that she lived into the mid-6th century BC.
On his deathbed, he committed a manuscript to his chaplain, ordering him to consult with Libert Fromondus, a theology professor at Leuven, and Henri Calenus, a canon at the metropolitan church, and to publish the manuscript if they agreed it should be published, adding " If, however, the Holy See wishes any change, I am an obedient son, and I submit to that Church in which I have lived to my dying hour.
If she did not remarry, she lived on in her husband's house and, when the children had grown up, took a child's share in the division of his estate.
For example, " If Alexander had lived, his empire would have been greater than Rome ".
# If the parties were married outside of New York and have never lived together as husband and wife in the state and the grounds for divorce did not occur in New York then, one spouse must presently be a resident of New York and have resided continuously in the state for at least two years prior to filing an action for divorce.
If early tetrapods lived in freshwater, and if they lost the ability to produce urea and used ammonia only, they would have to evolve it from scratch again later.
Modern activists in Mexico frequently make reference to Zapata in their campaigns, his image is commonly seen on banners and many chants invoke his name: Si Zapata viviera con nosotros anduviera, " If Zapata lived, he would walk with us.
Others who were influenced by Norman include American CCM musician Steve Camp, who co-wrote " If I Were a Singer " with Norman, which appeared on Camp's 1978 debut album, Sayin ' It with Love, who describes Norman as his mentor, and with whom he lived for several months learning the craft of songwriting ; Canadian CCM musician Carolyn Arends.
" Concerning the author, the critic said, " If ever on earth there lived a man who kept the law of Christ, and could give proof of it, and be absolutely unconscious that he was giving it to them, it is this man whom the Mongols called ' our Gilmour.
If you lived in Tacoma or on the hill, the line was generally referred to as the Puyallup Hill Line.
If you lived in Puyallup it was affectionately called the Grapevine Line.
If indeed his birthplace was New York, no records that prove that he ever lived there have ever been uncovered.
" There was the adenoidal " If you haven't been to Manchester, you haven't lived ...."
If you'd beaten me, you'd have lived forever.
" If I may say so reverently ", he told the House of Commons, " I personally thank God that I have lived to see this day ".
In the interview, Selwart reflected: " If I died today, I could say only that I had lived a very beautiful and charmed life.
If you lived in the designated area, then you became a part of that community.
If a person lived to an advanced age, it was due to genetic factors and / or a relatively easy lifestyle, since diseases of old age could not be treated before the 20th century.

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