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If and similar
If the mechanics are similar, we can also infer that the thermodynamics will also be similar.
If this be true, the possibility exists that an occlusive lesion of the bronchial arteries might cause widespread degeneration of supportive tissue similar to that seen in generalized emphysema.
If an antibody is developed to stabilize a molecule that's similar to an unstable intermediate of another ( potentially unrelated ) reaction, the developed antibody will enzymatically bind to and stabilize the intermediate state, thus catalyzing the reaction.
If they decide to keep it, what about the growing list of other recently discovered similar bodies ( Sedna, Quaoar.
If he told others about it, her reputation would be ruined, as was his after a similar " indiscretion ," even though he was never prosecuted.
If chosen, the SysOp could then initiate a text-to-text chat with the caller ; similar to what commercial websites have used to sell and support products.
If all the brands are similar, they must all be similarly good.
If a similar ball is charged by the same glass rod, it is found to repel the first: the charge acts to force the two balls apart.
If one concept is defined by another, and the other is defined by the first, this is known as circular definition, somewhat similar to a circular reasoning: neither offers us any enlightenment about what we wanted to know.
If the galaxies are of similar size, the resultant galaxy will appear similar to neither of the two galaxies merging, but would instead be an elliptical galaxy.
In 1951, he summed up his vision as follows: " If the camera is to make a contribution at all to dance, this must be the focal point of its contribution ; the fluid background, giving each spectator an undistorted and altogether similar view of dancer and background.
If the physical material that will be used in production is derived from bones, dilute acid solutions are used to remove calcium and similar salts.
* If possessing the ball, players must dribble ( similar to a basketball dribble ), or can take up to three steps for up to three seconds at a time without dribbling.
If one builds a table T of all record numbers, using such a hash function, then similar records will end up in the same bucket, or in nearby buckets.
* Klal ufrat ukhlal, a generality, a particularity and a generality: If there is a particularity inserted between two generalities, we only add cases similar to the particularity.
* If creatures similar to plesiosaurs lived in the waters of the Loch Ness, they would be seen very frequently as they would have to surface several times a day to breathe.
If so, the equivocation would be similar to the Vedic sandhi representation of intervocalic retroflex-ḍ-as-ḷ -.
If the Mesolithic is more similar to the Paleolithic it is called the Epipaleolithic.
If a past storyline wherein a direct depictions of a then-current president or similar is referenced in a later era, it tends to become updated accordingly, sometimes with an " in-joke " acknowledgement.
" If filmed at the higher speed, Grieve concluded that the creature " walked with a gait pattern very similar in most respects to a man walking at high speed.
He asks why postmodernist intellectuals do not respond like people in other fields when asked, " what are the principles of their theories, on what evidence are they based, what do they explain that wasn't already obvious, etc ?... If requests can't be met, then I'd suggest recourse to Hume's advice in similar circumstances: to the flames.
If I have seen that from an ethical point of view I am just one person among the many in my society, and my interests are no more important, from the point of view of the whole, than the similar interests of others within my society, I am ready to see that, from a still larger point of view, my society is just one among other societies, and the interests of members of my society are no more important, from that larger perspective, than the similar interests of members of other societies ...

If and dispute
If, however, the court finds that the current dispute is fundamentally distinct from all previous cases ( called a " matter of first impression "), judges have the authority and duty to make law by creating precedent.
If a dispute arises as to the accuracy or completeness of the codification of an unenacted title, the courts will turn to the language in the United States Statutes at Large.
If Bell's inequalities are violated, either local realism or counterfactual definiteness must be incorrect ; but some physicists dispute that experiments have demonstrated Bell's violations, on the grounds that the sub-class of inhomogeneous Bell inequalities has not been tested or due to experimental limitations in the tests.
If Canada holds that the principle of natural prolongation applies to the Juan de Fuca Canyon on its Pacific Ocean coast, the assertion could undermine Canada's argument in the Gulf of Maine boundary dispute.
If a dispute arose, the judges dealt first with the contract.
If reconciliation succeeded, all parties considered the dispute to be honorably settled, and went home.
If the dispute arises because some aspect of the constitution is ambiguous or unclear, the ultimate resolution of the crisis often establishes a precedent for the future.
If the context of inheritance rights, it will be the heirs of the deceased person who are attempting to dispute or establish paternity.
If among monks or nuns occurs a quarrel or dispute or dissension, the young monk should ask forgiveness of the superior, and the superior of the young monk.
And If any dispute shall arise between the Parties the present Convention relating to its interpretation or application, the dispute shall, at the request of any one of the Parties to the dispute, be referred to the International Court of Justice ( Article 22 ).
If these efforts are ineffective, they may ask SEOM ( Senior Economic Officials Meetings ) to establish panel of independent arbitrators to review the dispute.
* Dispute resolution: If a dispute over an actual or proposed national rule cannot be resolved after a 30-day consultation, the matter may be referred to a panel comprising independent experts that the parties select.
If a dispute arises under both CAFTA-DR and the WTO Agreement, the complaining party may choose either forum.
If a BBB receives a consumer dispute, the BBB contacts the business in question and offers to mediate the dispute.
If a individual's right under the law is at stake, the dispute must be determined through a fair process.
" If schools or physicians differed over who should get an allotment of bodies, the dispute was to be settled by the mayor – a high-reaching conspiracy that resulted in a harvest of about 450 bodies per school year.
If a dispute erupted between two clients ( e. g. businessmen competing for a construction contract ) who are protected by rival racketeers, the two racketeers would have to fight each other to win the dispute for their respective clients.
If the president was unable to settle the dispute, then the player would be placed in the reserve list of the franchise and would be unavailable to play for any team in the NFL that year.
If both parties agreed on the same resolution, the dispute was resolved.
* Provide verification of the debt If a consumer sends a written dispute or request for verification within 30 days of receiving the § 1692g notice, then the debt collector must either mail the consumer the requested verification information or cease collection efforts altogether.

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