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Some Related Sentences

If and target
If the target can change its position significantly during the 30 minutes the missile is in the air on its way, the probability of the missile destroying the target is drastically reduced.
If the resulting four kilobyte table size is too large for a given target platform, the table lookup operation can be performed with a single 256-entry 32-bit ( i. e. 1 kilobyte ) table by the use of circular rotates.
In response to a neighbor's complaint that his target shooting endangered her children, he replied, " If that should ever happen, ma-da-me, we should ourselves be happy to get new ones with you " ( though he was not at all inclined to engage with females in the manner implied ).
If a player is about to drive and wants to know if there are players in the target area, they may shout " clear on hole 12?
If the parameter is the bull's-eye of a target, and the arrows are estimates, then a relatively high variance means the arrows are dispersed, and a relatively low variance means the arrows are clustered.
If the parameter is the bull's-eye of a target, and the arrows are estimates, then a relatively high absolute value for the bias means the average position of the arrows is off-target, and a relatively low absolute bias means the average position of the arrows is on target.
If f is an element of G ( x, y ) then x is called the source of f, written s ( f ), and y the target of f ( written t ( f )).
If the target is a hard and heavy object, or if it is resting on some sort of anvil, the head can travel only a very short distance d before stopping.
If all contracts awarded reach their stated target plateau production then this will increase Iraqi production from today's 2. 5 mb / d by 9. 4 mb / d to a total of 11. 9 mb / d, comparable to current Saudi declared capacity of 12. 5 mb / d.
If there is a crystallographic structure to the target, and especially in semiconductor substrates where the crystal structure is more open, particular crystallographic directions offer much lower stopping than other directions.
If the wavelength is much longer than the size of the target, the target may not be visible because of poor reflection.
If a non-probability survey conducted in the United States finds that 59 % percent of its respondents support a piece of legislation that is the only conclusion that can be drawn, no statement about the target population can be made.
If the target is thin on an atomic scale the collision cascade can reach the back side of the target and atoms can escape the surface binding energy ` in transmission '.
If the energy transfer is more efficient to one of the target components, and / or it is less strongly bound to the solid, it will sputter more efficiently than the other.
If the piece behind the target piece is also of the same color, it is also " zooped.
If the fuse was set correctly then the shell would break open, either in front or above the intended target, releasing its contents ( of musket balls ).
If jamming is used continually, it can be extremely difficult for a missile to acquire the target, locking on to the much larger return from the jammer, with the operator unlikely noticing the difference without a radar screen to see the return.
If successful, the fast ignition approach could dramatically lower the total amount of energy needed to be delivered to the target ; whereas NIF uses UV beams of 2 MJ, HiPER's driver is 200 kJ and heater 70 kJ, yet the predicted fusion gains are nevertheless even higher than on NIF.
If the target is not an HTML file, depending on the file type and on the browser and its plugins, another program may be activated to open the file.
If the source document is subsequently modified, then those text units that have not changed can be directly transferred to the new target version of the document without the need for any translator interaction.
If the armor is defeated, the heat and spalling ( particle spray ) generated by the penetrator going through the armor, and the pressure wave that would develop, would destroy the target.

If and opportunity
If we grasp this opportunity to build an age of productive partnership between the less fortunate nations and those that have already achieved a high state of economic advancement, we will make brighter the outlook for a world order based upon security and freedom.
If the first team misses twice, the other team is awarded the opportunity to place the jack anywhere they choose within the prescribed zone.
If there were no opportunity to increase pleasure or reduce pain, they would become inert.
If that judgment goes to appeal, the appellate court will have the opportunity to review both the precedent and the case under appeal, perhaps overruling the previous case law by setting a new precedent of higher authority.
If all players call the big blind, the big blind is then given an extra opportunity to raise.
If Berlin needed to re-establish itself on the world stage, then Potsdamer Platz was one of the key areas where the city had an opportunity to express itself.
If the set goes to a tie-break, players are given one additional opportunity to challenge the call.
If no party has an absolute majority, the leader of the largest party is given the first opportunity to form a coalition.
If they were given the opportunity, the Protestants would get an official answer to their grievance by the next Friday ( seeing as this was all taking place on the eve of Ascension Day and they all must observe the holy day ).
If there is opportunity for exceptional success or failure, it's called a " Stress " roll.
If an individual records one program while watching the other, the opportunity cost will be the time that the individual spends watching one program versus the other.
If the workers on a farm can produce either one million pounds of wheat or two million pounds of barley, then the opportunity cost of producing one pound of wheat is the two pounds of barley forgone ( assuming the production possibilities frontier is linear ).
If the federal government believed that the railroads were making too much profit, they might see this as an opportunity to force lowering of the railway tariff rates.
If any changes were made to the proposal during the APNIC meeting, this eight-week comment period gives the community the opportunity to comment on the modified proposal.
If the non-dealing player passes the upcard, the dealer is given the opportunity to take the upcard.
If his body casts a shadow over the pitch the shadow must not move until after the batsman has played ( or had the opportunity to play ) at the ball.
If all players pass on their opportunity to draw, there is one more round of betting, followed by a poker-style showdown.
In this paper Khayyám mentions his will to prepare a paper giving full solution to cubic equations: " If the opportunity arises and I can succeed, I shall give all these fourteen forms with all their branches and cases, and how to distinguish whatever is possible or impossible so that a paper, containing elements which are greatly useful in this art will be prepared.
If no one orders up the top card, each player is given the opportunity, in turn, to call a different suit as trump.
If enough registered voters sign the petition, the Speaker of the legislature announces before the House that the member has been recalled and a by-election follows as soon as possible, giving voters the opportunity to replace the politician in question.
Vélez once said: " If I had the opportunity to do so, I would have drawn her eyes Marlene Dietrich out ".
Baen had little opportunity to work with If, however, as financial problems at UPD combined with the increasing cost of paper ( a consequence of the rising price of oil ) led to a decision to combine If with Galaxy.
" If a business opportunity promises no risk, little effort, and big profits, it almost certainly is a scam.

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