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If and tile
If more than one player selects a tile in that row, then the player whose tile is in the leftmost column ( closest to 1 ) goes first.
If there is a tile in 5F, then placing either tile 4F or 5G would result in founding a new hotel chain.
If placing a tile causes three or four chains to merge, then the merger steps are handled between the largest and second-largest chain, then with the third-largest chain, and finally with the smallest chain.
If a Day or Teen tile is used with an eight, the pair is worth ten instead of the usual zero.
) If a Day or Teen tile is used with a nine, the hand is worth eleven instead of one.
If tile A were made into a hand with tile B both resulting hands would score zero.
If is the set of tiles in a tessellation, a set of shapes is called a set of prototiles if no two shapes in are congruent to each other, and every tile in is congruent to one of the shapes in.
If two players call out the SAME word simultaneously, those two players each turn a new tile face up, and the player whose letter is closest to " A " wins the word ( the " tie-breaker " tiles are flipped back over and remixed with the other face-down tiles ).
If we take such a tiling and enlarge it so that the formerly smallest tile now has the size of the square S we started out from, then we see that we obtain from this a tiling of the plane with integral squares, each having a different size.
If no triple is held the player with the highest single tile value plays it and scores its value without the 10 point bonus.
If the tile is placed such that it would touch two other tiles, then all of the adjacent numbers must match.
If one of the three can be placed the score is the value of the tile less the penalty ( may be a plus or minus sum ).
If a player is unable to place a tile when none remain to be drawn he loses 10 points.
If the round ends because no one can place a piece, then the player with the lowest tile total value gains the value in excess of his from each other player, but no bonus.
If a contestant gains control due to his / her opponent's first letter being revealed as a Stopper, the contestant keeps the remaining untested letter and chooses one additional tile.
If the person whose turn it is has a tile that fills that space, then they must play it.
If a tile played in any turn forms an adjacent space or spaces into which same coloured track enters from two edges, that same player must play a further tile into each such space so as to join up the same coloured track, be it white or red, as part of that turn.
" If a consumer used the alternative surface cleaner, tub and tile cleaner, laundry detergent, bar soap, shampoo and conditioner, facial cleanser and lotion, and toothpaste or she would potentially be exposed to at least 19 compounds: 2 parabens, 3 phthalates, MEA, DEA, 5 alkylphenols, and 7 fragrances.
If a player wins from a high-risk discard, the player who discards the winning tile often must suffer an additional scoring penalty.

If and is
If the circumstances are faced frankly it is not reasonable to expect this to be true.
If his dancers are sometimes made to look as if they might be creatures from Mars, this is consistent with his intention of placing them in the orbit of another world, a world in which they are freed of their pedestrian identities.
If a work is divided into several large segments, a last-minute drawing of random numbers may determine the order of the segments for any particular performance.
If they avoid the use of the pungent, outlawed four-letter word it is because it is taboo ; ;
If Wilhelm Reich is the Moses who has led them out of the Egypt of sexual slavery, Dylan Thomas is the poet who offers them the Dionysian dialectic of justification for their indulgence in liquor, marijuana, sex, and jazz.
If he is the child of nothingness, if he is the predestined victim of an age of atomic wars, then he will consult only his own organic needs and go beyond good and evil.
If it is an honest feeling, then why should she not yield to it??
If he thus achieves a lyrical, dreamlike, drugged intensity, he pays the price for his indulgence by producing work -- Allen Ginsberg's `` Howl '' is a striking example of this tendency -- that is disoriented, Dionysian but without depth and without Apollonian control.
If love reflects the nature of man, as Ortega Y Gasset believes, if the person in love betrays decisively what he is by his behavior in love, then the writers of the beat generation are creating a new literary genre.
If he is good, he may not be legal ; ;
If the man on the sidewalk is surprised at this question, it has served as an exclamation.
If the existent form is to be retained new factors that reinforce it must be introduced into the situation.
If we remove ourselves for a moment from our time and our infatuation with mental disease, isn't there something absurd about a hero in a novel who is defeated by his infantile neurosis??
If many of the characters in contemporary novels appear to be the bloodless relations of characters in a case history it is because the novelist is often forgetful today that those things that we call character manifest themselves in surface behavior, that the ego is still the executive agency of personality, and that all we know of personality must be discerned through the ego.
If he is a traditionalist, he is an eclectic traditionalist.
If our sincerity is granted, and it is granted, the discrepancy can only be explained by the fact that we have come to believe hearsay and legend about ourselves in preference to an understanding gained by earnest self-examination.
If to be innocent is to be helpless, then I had been -- as are we all -- helpless at the start.

If and placed
If, at any time during the assignment pass, the compiler finds that there are no more index words available for assignment, the warning message `` No More Index Words Available '' will be placed in the object program listing, the table will be altered to show that index words 1 through 96 are available, and the assignment will continue as before.
If the compiler finds that there are no more electronic switches available for assignment, the warning message `` No More Electronic Switches Available '' will be placed in the object program listing, the table will be altered to show that electronic switches 1 through 30 are available, and assignment will continue as before.
If elements in the sample space increase arithmetically, when placed in some order, then the median and arithmetic average are equal.
If a detector was placed at a distance of 1 m, the ion flight times would be X and Y ns.
* If the dealer's button is on, the table is in the point round where most casinos will allow a pass line bet to be placed.
If a non-working point number placed, bought or laid becomes the new point as the result of a come-out, the bet is usually refunded, or can be moved to another number for free.
If a person's hands are placed around the glass without touching it, the vanes will turn slowly or not at all, but if the glass is touched to warm it quickly, they will turn more noticeably.
If the index finger of the right hand is pointed forward, the middle finger bent inward at a right angle to it, and the thumb placed at a right angle to both, the three fingers indicate the relative directions of the x -, y -, and z-axes in a right-handed system.
If the third layer is placed so that its atoms are directly above those of the first layer, the stacking will be ABA — this is the hcp structure, and it continues ABABABAB.
If this issue is raised, evidence will be placed before the court, which will normally rule as a preliminary matter whether the plea is substantiated, and if it so finds, the projected trial will be prevented from proceeding.
If there is a direct object, the indirect object can be expressed by an object pronoun placed between the verb and the direct object.
If a story is found to be untrue, it is disqualified, but particularly amusing ones are placed in the urban legend section of the archives.
If the 5 were placed on the right, 5 would be written.
If the court finds that the respondent is " seriously mentally impaired ," he or she will be placed in a psychiatric hospital for further evaluation and possibly treatment.
If a first body of mass M < sub > A </ sub > is placed at a distance R from a second body of mass M < sub > B </ sub >, each body experiences an attractive force F < sub > g </ sub >
If placed, it can grow anywhere, with a few exceptions.
If a player is not sitting on a particular spot, the hand is still assigned, but then placed on the discard pile with the four unused cards.
If the Prime Minister dies in office, the Cabinet chooses an Interim Prime Minister, to run the government until a new government is placed in power.
If another operator is found before two operands are found, then the old operator is placed aside until this new operator is resolved.
If a person looks at a straight object, such as a pencil or straw, which is placed at a slant, partially in the water, the object appears to bend at the water's surface.
If the diaphragm is placed on the patient, body sounds vibrate the diaphragm, creating acoustic pressure waves which travel up the tubing to the listener's ears.
If the bell is placed on the patient, the vibrations of the skin directly produce acoustic pressure waves traveling up to the listener's ears.
# If alkaline transfer methods are used, the DNA gel is placed into an alkaline solution ( typically containing sodium hydroxide ) to denature the double-stranded DNA.
If the interceptors were placed in orbit, some of them could be positioned over the Soviet Union at all times.

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