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Page "fiction" ¶ 662
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

If and when
If, when this was all over, she found the words to tell him about it, she wondered if he would ever understand.
If I hadn't got Nate stopped when I did, my duds'd all be shot plumb to hell!!
`` If you can conveniently let me have twenty dollars '', he wrote one friend in 1791 when he was Secretary of the Treasury.
If `` Jack the Courtier '' is really to be taken as Swift, the following remark is obviously Steele's comment on Swift's change of parties and its effect on their friendship: `` I assure you, dear Jack, when I first found out such an Allay in you, as makes you of so malleable a Constitution, that you may be worked into any Form an Artificer pleases, I foresaw I should not enjoy your Favour much longer ''.
If it is not one of his best books, it can only be considered unsatisfactory when compared with his own Garibaldi.
If, as Reid says, `` nearly all his poetry was produced when he was not taking opium '', there may be some reason to doubt that he was under its influence in the period from 1896 to 1900 when he was writing the poems to Katie King and making plans for another book of verse.
If they give him advice when he asks it, or if they perform specified duties under his direction, the nature of the U. N. will not of necessity change.
Mr. Richard Preston, executive director of the New Hampshire State Planning and Development Commission, in his remarks to the Governors Conference on Industrial Development at Providence on October 8, 1960, warned against the fallacy of attempting to attract industry solely to reduce the tax rate or to underwrite municipal services such as schools when he said: `` If this is the fundamental reason for a community's interest or if this is the basic approach, success if any will be difficult to obtain ''.
If the world comes to this, wouldn't it be the very time when courage and American know-how would be needed to help survivors rebuild??
If Simms Purdew would turn to him and say: `` Adam, you know when I was a boy, it was a funny thing happened.
If you have a 6- to 8-inch drain pipe, you may easily wash out all the debris when the grate is out.
If you can't see your way clear to have summer cooling included when building, by all means make provision for its easy adding later.
If private brand competition hasn't been felt in your product field as yet, have you thought how you will cope with it if and when it does appear??
`` If you saw the drama called Rhinoceros '', I said, `` think of the effect it would have on an audience of rhinos when the actor on stage suddenly begins turning into a rhinoceros.
If we manage to keep track of a Bombus queen after she has left her feeding place, we may discover the snug little hideout which she has fixed up for herself when she woke up from her winter sleep.
If each text form is marked when matched with a dictionary form, the text forms not contained in the dictionary can be identified when all dictionary forms have been read.
If the patient can perceive figure kinesthetically when he cannot perceive it visually, then, it would seem, the sense of touch has immediate contact with the spatial aspects of things in independence of visual representations, at least in regard to two dimensions, and, as we shall see, even this much spatial awareness on the part of unaided touch is denied by the authors.
If you look at a reading meant for someone else, you will probably see that many of the items could be considered as applicable to you, even when you were not in the picture at all!!
If you are going to farm for extra cash income on a part-time basis you must keep in mind the needed machinery investments when you choose among farm enterprises.
Chief Moore said, `` If I don't see you when I return, see you for certain at my road block, Inspector ''.
If I could put your body in an imaginary atomic press and squeeze you down, squeeze these holes out of you in the way we squeeze the holes out of a sponge, you would get smaller and smaller until finally when the last hole was gone, you would be smaller than the smallest speck of dust that you could see on this piece of paper.
If elements in the sample space increase arithmetically, when placed in some order, then the median and arithmetic average are equal.

If and decided
If some future Khrushchev decided to rake up the misdeeds of his revered predecessor, would not the factory workers pass the same resolutions applauding his dispossession??
If it is decided to make a small shift which may be required from military aid or special assistance funds, in order to carry out the purposes of the Mutual Security Act through this new peaceful program, this will be a hopeful sign to the world.
If we have not thought and made a decision entirely in these terms, then we need to submit ourselves to the following `` simple test '': `` Have we decided how we are to kill the other members of our household in the event of our being less injured than they are ''??
Shortly thereafter, he decided to follow the words of Jesus, who had said: " If you want to be perfect, go, sell what you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasures in heaven ; and come, follow Me.
If the first letters are the same, then the second letters are compared, and so on, until the order is decided.
If dark decided to put a piece in the topmost location ( all choices are strategically equivalent at this time ), one piece gets turned over, so that the board appears thus:
If the opposing party is served with the papers and fails to respond within the time limit provided for his answer, he risks having the case decided against him by default.
If there is no score in the additional round the winner shall be decided by superiority as determined by the refereeing officials.
* Joel Spolsky ( for Apps Hungarian ): " If you read Simonyi's paper closely, what he was getting at was the same kind of naming convention as I used in my example above where we decided that meant " unsafe string " and meant " safe string.
If all the issues are decided between the parties they may agree to submit the papers to the court for approval ; this is known as an uncontested divorce.
If custody is not decided upon by consent ( with the court and a court appointed law guardian representing the child ) then a hearing takes place at which both parties present evidence to determine who should have custody in the best interests of the child ( or children ).
If playing with more than four players and more than one deck of cards, another opener will be decided by the players.
" While another biographer, David Pryce-Jones, added: " If you come from a ruck of children in a large family, you've got to do something to assert your individuality, and I think through the experience of trying to force her way forward among the sisters and in the family, she decided that she was going to form a personality against everything ".
If however the court decided the ejected citizen was in fact a metic, he would be sent down one further rung and sold into slavery.
Quinn decided to move If to a monthly schedule with the March 1954 issue, perhaps because the competition had increased readership.
The magazine published some well-received material and was profitable, but Guinn, the publisher and owner, decided in 1967 that it would be better to have Galaxy resume a monthly schedule ; both Worlds of Tomorrow and Galaxy were bimonthly at that time, while If was monthly.
If the question of war were decided by the people at large, I would not be so passionately averse to that great calamity.
If one of these halves is larger than the other as decided by the central placement of the head line or in this case the single transverse palmar crease it shows greater development of that aspect of the nature.
If it is decided to produce fringes in white light, then, since white light has a limited coherence length, on the order of microns, great care must be taken to equalize the optical paths or no fringes will be visible.
If this was impractical due to lack of sunlight or other reasons, he decided the flowers may be boiled.
Nobody was mentioned by name but Miodrag Mićić apparently thought it obvious that the article was alluding to him and his wife, so he decided to menace Kovačević over the phone by reportedly proclaiming: " If anything happens to my home, my wife or my child, the same will happen to your family and your kids ; you singled out my home and my family by writing this article ".
If someone got hurt stage-diving and decided to sue, it would be a little harder to go after their personal assets .”
The reason he decided to join the company was his thought that " If it was animation, I can be something interesting, too.
If a ship then decided to resist, the Jolly Roger was taken down and a red flag was flown, indicating that the pirates intended to take the ship by force and without mercy.

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