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Some Related Sentences

# and If
# If P, then Q.
# If isotherms are concave towards the " north-east " direction ( 45 °), then adiabats are concave towards the " east north-east " ( 31 °).
# If adiabats and isotherms are graphed severally at regular changes of entropy and temperature, respectively ( like altitude on a contour map ), then as the eye moves towards the axes ( towards the south-west ), it sees the density of isotherms stay constant, but it sees the density of adiabats grow.
# If morality is objective and absolute, God must exist.
# If the beat on the new record hits before the beat on the current record then the new record is too fast, reduce the pitch and manually slow the speed of the new record to bring the beats back in sync.
# If the beat on the new record hits after the beat on the current record then the new record is too slow, increase the pitch and manually increase the speed of the new record to bring the beats back in sync.
# It's Not Funny If I Have To Explain It — 2004 ; strips from 1997 to 2004, with more of Adams ' handwritten notes
# I Can't Remember If We're Cheap or Smart — 2012
# If equals are added to equals, then the wholes are equal.
# If equals are subtracted from equals, then the remainders are equal.
# If the remainder from dividing N by 6 is not 2 or 3 then the list is simply all even numbers followed by all odd numbers ≤ N
# If the remainder is 2, swap 1 and 3 in odd list and move 5 to the end ( i. e. 3, 1, 7, 5 )
# If the remainder is 3, move 2 to the end of even list and 1, 3 to the end of odd list ( i. e. 4, 6, 8, 2-5, 7, 9, 1, 3 )
# If the design is symmetrical in an axis parallel to the flag pole, obverse and reverse will be identical despite the mirror-reversal, such as the Indian Flag or Canadian Flag
# If not, the obverse and reverse will present two variants of the same design, one with the hoist on the left ( usually considered the obverse side, see flag illustrations ), the other with the hoist on the right ( usually considered the reverse side of the flag ).
# If two straight lines in a plane are crossed by another straight line ( called the transversal ), and the interior angles between the two lines and the transversal lying on one side of the transversal add up to less than two right angles, then on that side of the transversal, the two lines extended will intersect ( also called the parallel postulate ).
# Associativity: If a * b and b * c are defined, then ( a * b ) * c and a * ( b * c ) are defined and equal.
# Identity: If a * b is defined, then a * b * b < sup >− 1 </ sup >
# If it persists, " gather facts and seek help.
# If the noun is animate, natural gender tends to dictate grammatical gender.
# If the borrowed word happens to have a suffix that the borrowing language uses as a gender marker, the suffix tends to dictate gender.
# If the borrowed word rhymes with one or more native words, the latter tend to dictate gender.
# If a project's spending becomes too much for a committee to continue funding, it must take the issue to the Project Committee.
# Affordable premium: If the likelihood of an insured event is so high, or the cost of the event so large, that the resulting premium is large relative to the amount of protection offered, it is not likely that the insurance will be purchased, even if on offer.
# If the German Armed Forces ( Wehrmacht ) were not in a position to break the danger from the Eastern front, then Nazi Germany would fall to Bolshevism, and all of Europe would fall shortly afterward ;

# and coming
# The coming of Christ will be instantaneous and worldwide.
# The coming of Christ will be visible to all.
# The coming of Christ will be audible.
# In one single event, the saved who are alive at Christ's coming will be caught up together with the resurrected to meet the Lord in the air.
# The Old Testament, in which a line of kings was created by God through the prophecy of Jacob / Israel, who created his son Judah to be king and retain the sceptre until the coming of the Messiah, alongside the line of priests created in his other son, Levi.
# Retirement planning is the process of understanding how much it costs to live at retirement, and coming up with a plan to distribute assets to meet any income shortfall.
# Dukkha Samudaya-" arising ", " coming to existence "; the origination of Dukkha.
# Perch: coming from Nile, its skin is recognizable with its large, round and soft scales.
She was also featured in Google's Top 10 Women Searches of 2002 and 2003, coming in at # 8, and featured in UK Channel 4's 100 Greatest Sex Symbols in 2007, ranked at # 16.
There have been many incorrect depictions in comics of two-cylinder twin-hose aqualungs, showing one wide breathing tube coming directly out of each cylinder top with no regulator: see Diving regulator # Twin-hose without visible regulator valve ( fictional ).
# The coming of Christ will be instantaneous and worldwide.
# The coming of Christ will be visible to all.
# The coming of Christ will be audible.
# An omnipotent being, who knows every way in which an evil can come into existence, has the power to prevent that evil from coming into existence.
# A being who knows every way in which an evil can come into existence, who is able to prevent that evil from coming into existence, and who wants to do so, would prevent the existence of that evil.
# The Jewish Bible contains many predictions of the coming of Jesus as the Messiah ( or " Christ "), yet the Jews are blind to the meaning of their own Bible.
# Bhava coming to be-a couple engaged in intercourse, a standing, leaping, or reflective person
# By coming out, trans and intersex people disclose their gender identity and, if applicable, their decision to transition to the gender role with which they more closely identify.
# For some trans people who pass and are mistaken for being cisgender, coming out occults important parts of their full sense of identity or their complete gender history.
# Conversely, coming out can be viewed as inauthentic or as a self-betrayal for some trans and intersex people who have chosen to live in stealth because the disclosure is at odds with their true gender.
# Backlashes or other negative reactions to a transperson ’ s coming out are caused by transphobia and sexism, with additional homophobia and heterosexism in some cases.
In 1987, the residents formed a Citizen ’ s Advisory Planning Committee to deal with the changes coming because of the dismantling of Lock # 7.
# P < sub > a </ sub > wants to use N < sub > 2 </ sub >' s East output VC to reach N < sub > 3 </ sub > so it specifies that in the VC state, but this output VC is currently being used by some other packet, P < sub > b </ sub > coming from the North.

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