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Page "religion" ¶ 65
from Brown Corpus
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If and death
If life and death did not both present themselves to us, there would be no inscrutability.
If goodness and badness lie in attitudes only and hence are brought into being by them, those men who greeted death and misery with childishly merry laughter are taking the only sensible line.
If this aspect of death as punishment is not distinguished from the idea of death as natural termination, the conclusion seems inevitable that temporal existence itself is a form of punishment rather than the state into which man is put by the will of the Creator.
If the death of Epaminondas in 362 BC freed Athens from fear of Thebes, it appears at the same time to have exposed it to further aggression from Alexander of Pherae, who made a piratical raid on Tinos and other cities of the Cyclades, plundering them, and making slaves of the inhabitants.
If ADH production is excessive in heart failure, Na < sup >+</ sup > level in the plasma may fall ( hyponatremia ), and this is a sign of increased risk of death in heart failure patients.
If the individual is seeking death an alternate method is often suicide by cop.
If Time Out of Mind was his death album — it wasn't, but you know how people talk — this is his immortality album.
If proteins in a living cell are denatured, this results in disruption of cell activity and possibly cell death.
If there was no life after death, then the person would not be alive to suffer, fear or worry ; he would be non-existent in death.
If this is true, Eusebius ' birth must have been before Dionysius ' death in autumn 264 ; most modern scholars date the birth to some point in the five years between 260 and 265.
If Luke was only a sometime companion of Paul who idealized him long after his death, that could explain the differences between Acts and Paul's letter.
If severe or prolonged it could lead to cell death.
If he doesn't have any money to pay with, he will be put to death.
* If a builder builds a house, and that house collapses and kills the owner's son, the builder's son will be put to death.
* If a robber is caught breaking a hole into the house so that he can get in and steal, he will be put to death in front of that hole.
If severe, death may result.
If the death is found to be non-violent, an inquest is unnecessary.
" Similarly, after the death by dehydration of Verity Linn, whose body was found in a tent with little but a sleeping bag, her clothing, and one of Jasmuheen's books, Jasmuheen wrote " If you haven't found the light that will nourish you, you may have the intention to become a breatharian, but in fact you may be putting yourself through food deprivation.
If found, punishments ranged from death, to time in the pillory, to being ordered never to dress as a man again.
If true, this points to Johann Gutenberg about a decade after Coster's death.
The " diamond problem " ( sometimes referred to as the " deadly diamond of death ") is an ambiguity that arises when two classes B and C inherit from A, and class D inherits from both B and C. If D calls a method defined in A ( and does not override the method ), and B and C have overridden that method differently, then from which class does it inherit: B, or C?
If he attempted to return, the penalty was death.

If and receives
If the Onemen Bay is considered part of the river, it also receives the Velikaya River ( Chukotka ) from the south and the Kanchalan River from the north.
If the Commons carries the motion, the mover receives orders to go to the bar at the House of Lords and to impeach the accused " in the name of the House of Commons, and all the commons of the United Kingdom.
If the molecule can be rotated in space so that the directions of those four groups match those of the analog groups in-glyceraldehyde's C2, then the isomer receives the '-' prefix.
If the candidate receives less than 5 % of the vote, the government funds € 800, 000 to the party (€ 150, 000 paid in advance ) Advertising on TV is forbidden but official time is given to candidates on public TV.
If no candidate receives an absolute majority in the first round then the candidate ( s ) with the fewest number of votes is eliminated and excluded from further ballots.
If the player cannot reach the needed score — or if the timer runs out — the game ends, and the player receives a final score.
If the couple has divorced fewer than three times ( meaning it is not a final divorce ) the wife also receives spousal support for three menstrual cycles after the divorce, until it can be determined whether she is pregnant.
If no vice presidential candidate receives an Electoral College majority, then the Senate selects the Vice President, in accordance with the United States Constitution.
If the sender does not receive an acknowledgment before the timeout, it usually re-transmits the frame / packet until the sender receives an acknowledgment or exceeds a predefined number of re-transmissions.
If each ' rats out ' the other, each receives a three-month sentence.
If one twin receives less testosterone and the other more, this could result in different levels of brain masculinisation.
If a bet goes overnight, the bettor is charged a financing cost ( or receives it, if the bettor is shorting the stock ).
If all 10 or 11 cards in a player's hand fit into melds and thereby the player has no deadwood, he or she can choose to go Gin in which case the round ends and the player going Gin receives a Gin bonus of 25 points ( or another established amount ) plus any deadwood points in the opponent's hand.
If she, and the order, determine that she may have a vocation to the life, she receives the habit of the order ( usually with some modification, normally a white veil instead of a black, to distinguish her from professed nuns ) and undertakes the novitiate, a period ( that lasts one to two years ) of living the life of a nun without yet taking vows.
If she accepts, she is tonsured in a formal service during which she is given the outer robe ( Exorassa ) and veil ( Epanokamelavkion ) to wear, and ( because she is now dead to the world ) receives a new name.
If a batter receives three bad balls then a ' walk-on ' is called and all runners advance one base.
If the value of the currency relative to gold has decreased, then the person receives less than one ounce of gold.
If the value of the currency relative to gold has increased, the redeemer receives more than one ounce of gold.
If a woman receives her first exposure to toxoplasmosis while pregnant, the baby is at particular risk.
If a candidate receives less than a two-thirds majority, the cardinals send up black smoke — created by burning the ballots along with wet straw and chemical additives — it means that no successful election has yet occurred.
If the cord is clamped after 1 – 3 minutes, the infant receives increased amounts of haemoglobin in their first months of life, but may have an increased risk of needing phototherapy to treat jaundice.
If euchred while playing alone, the opposing team still only receives two points.
If no candidate receives an absolute majority, another election must be held at a later date.

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